Full Name Yin Cheng
Played by Hiroyuki Sanada
Gender Male
Age 33
Birthplace Shanghai, Qing Empire
Birthday Jun 7, 1828
Primary Job Doctor

Character Description

Yin is a stocky man standing about 5'4" tall in height, his skin is of pale tone as if the man tries to avoid sunlight. His hair is of a raven black colour, going down to his small ear and being cut in a simple, practical fashion. He has strong cheekbones that shape his face in an inverted triangle shape, but probably the most noticeable trait about it are his slanted eyes. The man keeps a short beard, which is neatly trimmed.

His body is covered by a dark vest of iron buttons and a plain white shirt which seems to be very clean. His outfit is completed by a pair of black pants and polished brown shoes.

Character Background

Cheng Yin was born at Shangai, at the time ruled by the Qing Empire, in 1828. His father, Zhao, was a rather successful merchant, having three other sons and a daughter, who are all elder to Yin. Zhao's profession allowed Yin to see different parts of the city and meet different types of people from a young age.

As a young child, Yin was often sickly and wasn't much keen to practise outdoor activities, however his curiosity helped him to learn some skills from an early age. At the time, he showed great interest in becoming a Taoist priest, especially because their knowledge of the nature and alchemy.

As the city opened to foreign merchants, Yin grew curious of the western culture and their sciences. The young boy managed to become an assistant to a British doctor named Jonathan Pendleton, who often required the boy services as both a translator and apprentice.

However, the beginning of the First Boxer War led the Britishman to flee Shangai and leave the young Yin jobless and deluded. He felt as if the Qing Empire was preventing him from exploring the knowledge achieved by the West and saw no other alternative but fleeing to another country, which was still forbidden by Imperial laws.

Using his savings, Yin managed to pay for a passage to the United States, using one of the American merchant ships for that purpose. Although he did not expect much comfort in his voyage, he was explored during his time at the ship, being used for manual labour as a pretext for avoiding questions from customs officers in the ports they visited before reaching the East Coast.

Yin moved to Charlestown, where he worked as an assistant pharmacist for a while, during his time there he was subject to a great deal of racism, which was a reality check to his dreams and hopes of being accepted as an immigrant there. Nevertheless, he used his time to learn more, always buying new medicine books whenever it was possible and practising in his fellow immigrants who lived in the ghettos of Charlestown. During this time, Yin was a common figure at the library and most book merchants made sure to visit him as they passed by.

After living in the city for some time, he was approached by Katherine Morton, who offered him some money in return for her partnership and a venture out west. The idea seemed like a perfect fit for him, the area seemed open to new possibilities and she was the daughter of a famous local doctor, who probably had some experience herself. Thus they set towards the wild west.

Character Personality

Mildly shy, Yin is a creature of enourmous curiosity and diligence, he is focused on the task at hand and can get angry if someone is distracting him. The racism he suffered so far has left some scars, he is a more reserved person now, avoiding to be the centre of attention in most situations.


Kitty Morton kitty.jpg His nurse and "patron", an interesting girl with a notorious father in Yin's mind.

RP Hooks

  • Anything Medicine/Science Related
  • Music Stuff
  • Cultural shock

Extra Info

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Character Notes: I don't mind if you treat Yin with the historical racism he's due, so feel free to do so, if it fits your character!


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