Full Name Willa Webb
Portrayed By Katheryn Winnick
Faction Union
Org None
Sex Female
Age 29
Place of Birth Lamar, CO
Date of Birth November 1833
Profession Farmer
Theme Song "Going Across the Mountain" by Volume 5

Character Description

Willa is a blonde, blue-eyed farmer's daughter who appears to be in her mid- to late-twenties. Her skin is fair and, despite the usual dirt on her face, a dusting of freckles is apparent along her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Below, her lips are a Cupid's bow, almost always turned up in an earnest smile. Her hands are gentle, but rough from manual labor.

Most often, Willa wears a well-weathered linen dress, blue with brown accents, for working around the farm. On more special occasions or for errands around town, she sometimes indulges by donning a cream-and-rose-colored cotton dress. A pair of soft brown boots peeks out from underneath her skirts, and a golden locket always winks in the sunlight at her throat.

Character Background

Willa Webb grew up well and wild on her father's hundred acre farm, just north of the Arkansas River in the eastern plains of Colorado Territory. Old Man Webb did the best he could, considering the Mrs. had died in 1833 during a difficult childbirth. Damned if he knew anything about raising girls, but he resolved to figure things out as they went along. In between trout fishing and housekeeping and barefoot adventures with farmhands' children, little Willa followed her father in his daily labors, watching and learning the ins and outs of crops (corn, wheat, and potatoes) and livestock (hogs and chickens, mostly). When she grew older, Willa helped around the farm in earnest, picking up a few handy skills like fence building, horse riding, and winning the shirts off peoples' backs in a game of cribbage along the way. The farm— and Willa— thrived, and each year, the Webbs lived a little more comfortably than the year before.

Fate took a gruesome turn in spring of 1861, however, when a tornado ripped through the area, leaving Webb's farm irrevocably damaged. With crops ruined, fences gone, and more than half their livestock killed, Willa and her father took whatever they had left and moved north in search of farmland. Word of mouth led them to Grimwood, looking to buy at least fifty acres of farmland and start anew.

Character Personality

Bright, self-sufficient, and quick to smile.


Old Man Webb (NPC) Clint-Eastwood.jpg Willa's father and mentor.
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RP Hooks

Farmer: Are you a fellow farmer, or just someone looking to strike a good deal for some produce or livestock? Willa has a lot to say and sell/trade.
Old Maid: Willa's almost 30 and still single. Could be that's for a good reason, or maybe she just hasn't found anyone interesting yet.
Angler: Quite the fisherwoman, Willa would be more than happy to go fishin' with a friend, or perhaps teach someone how to fish.



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