Full Name Virgil Lorenzo
Portrayed By Cillian Murphy
Faction Mormons
Org Justice
Sex Male
Age 31
Place of Birth Salt Lake, Utah
Date of Birth May 24
Profession Marshal

Character Description

A mound of light brown hair sits on the top of his head. The sides shaved to the skin. His facial features are sharp, hinting at a Spanish heritage with light skin turn bronze with dirt and the sun. He wears a neatly groomed mustache on the top of his lip. Full and proud on his face.

His clothing is kept neat, as neat as someone used to scuffles at the local bar. He is a gentleman in appearance. Boots, suit pants, suit jacket, and jewelry. A bandolier hangs off his waist with his pistol's holster always at his side and a Marshal's star on his chest.

Character Background

Father was a Mexican officer turn Mormon and his mother a born-Mormon. He left home with his sister when he was young when his family's ranch was attacked by outlaws (or Indians) and joined a wandering marshal that taught him all he knows.

Character Personality

Cool and well-read with a jester's response to everything.

RP Hooks

*Lawman: Virgil is a lawman from Utah, he's come to Colorado with the disposition to put on a badge.

*Mormon: His family is from Salt Lake, Utah. Although only his sister survived his ranch's attack, he has uncles, aunts, and grandparents in Utah who are practicing Mormons.


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