Full Name Shiloh Haywood
Portrayed By Michael Fassbender
Faction Confederacy
Role Rancher
Sex Male
Age 27
Place of Birth Beaufort, South Carolina
Date of Birth Jul 10, 1834
Profession Cowboy

Character Description

A rather tall man, standing about 6'0" feet tall. He carries a short light brown hair on his face, which is opposed by a red stubble growing on his face and demark the contour of his his square jaw. His eyes are of a pale blue colour and a cigar is often found on the corner of his thin lips.

His body has an average look about him, not too strong, but not exactly fat or even chubby. He wears a traditional cowboy attire, keeping a hat to protect him from the Sun in his daily activities, a white shirt which is protected by a dark brown duster and a beige neck scarf for the wind.

Character Background

Shiloh was born into a impoverished family from Beaufort, South Carolina. The youngest of family, but the first son of Tyrell and Savannah, he was expected to grow as a farmhand into their small corn property. However, Shiloh was taken into more devious behaviour as he grew into a teenager, often finding himself drunk or getting into fights, it was easy to push his buttons and get a reaction from him.

His erractic behaviour caused many disagreements with his father, he wasn't proving to be an heir worthy of the small farm and, after getting into a fight against one of the biggest landowners of the city, Tyrell decided it was for the best to shun him out of the house, with the promise to take him back should he prove that he could become a good father and abid by God's laws.

Shiloh wasn't keen into listening to his father advice and set out for the West. Not being interested into a pennance of any kind, he lived his first months as a drifter, sometimes escorting people from one city to the other for money, sometimes begging or doing odd jobs for food and his newly found tobacco addiction.

After a while out in the west, Shiloh came into the town of Grimwood, claiming to be a drifter and escort. His farming skills granted him some more respectable place in town as he begun to live as a rancher. Since then, he tries to contact his family back in Beaufort, so far with no success.

Character Personality

Shiloh seems to enjoy the life at the frontier very much, having the attitude of facing their problems head on and not backing down from challenges, he is diligent and often charitable, performing work for the church whenever possible.

Though often calm and easygoing, Shiloh is really protective about his past, insisting on questioning him about it will probably render you a few bruises, if you're lucky.


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RP Hooks

  • Ranch Life - Shiloh knows a thing or two about raising animals and treating them right, if you're having a problem with your cow or horses, he's the man you wanna call.
  • Pious - Shiloh is devoted to the church and believes he must do God's work if he's to be granted absolution.

Extra Info

Theme Song: Dead Sea - The Lumineers
Quote:"There's more to life than just surviving"
Online Times: (All times GMT 0) Online from 18 PM up to 22 PM, then from 2 am to 5 am most of the days.



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