Full Name Samantha Annabelle Rivers
Portrayed By Sienna Guillory
Class Host
Faction Union
Org None
Sex Female
Age 25
Place of Birth Missouri
Date of Birth November 25th, 1837
Profession works at the General Goods Store

Character Description

Standing tall at 5'6", Samantha is a woman in her mid-twenties. Long strawberry blonde hair spills over her shoulders and back, reaching far beyond the shoulder blades, with a few tiny braids starting from the temples joined at the back of her head. A stormy grey-green is the color of her eyes, expressive brows curving above them. Her lips are rosy and full, in a pale face of high cheekbones and a frail sort of beauty. The woman is in her mid-twenties, and she is clad in a plain long-sleeved dress of modest cut and light green color, her feet in soft leather shoes visible below the lower hemline. The fabric clings to her waist, hips and curvature of cleavage, the gown all orderly and clean, which goes for its wearer as well.

Character Background

Sammie has arrived in Grimwood some months ago, an educated woman stranded in town, who has found work at the General Goods Store. She mentions having worked as a teacher in Springfield, Missouri. Her personality is friendly, and in regards to guests, naive. A bait, in a way, even if her interactions do vary indeed. She tries most often to speak an educated English. A pleasant, beautiful woman, not adverse to flirting.

Character Personality

A gentle creature with a history.


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RP Hooks

  • General Goods Store - This is where Samantha can be most often found as she works there. She has gotten the job soon after her arrival a few months ago, and the proprietor seems to be content with her skills of selling and also book-keeping. He also gave her lodgings in the upper floor of the building, a small and rather modest chamber which fits her modest needs.

Extra Info

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