Full Name Robert 'Rob' Aurelius Shelby
Portrayed By Karl Urban
Faction Confederacy
Org None
Sex Male
Age 34
Place of Birth Brazos Texas
Date of Birth Jan 28th
Profession Theatre Owner, Actor

Character Description

Barely topping off at five foot even is a gentleman that is in his early thirties, but looks younger, with short raven colored hair that is brushed to a fine shine and given a lot of care. His dark brown eyes are almost a rich purple adding a bit of a charming look to his face, only added to by the dimpled smile. His slightly tanned skin is blemish free.

Over a thin yet healthy body is a tan full length duster that flows dow nto his ankles and is left open. Under this he wears a black buttoned down shirt that is tucked into a pair of loose fitting tan denim pants with a leather belt at the waist. Those pants are tucked into a pair of black rider's boots boots with a pair of spurs. Resting on both hips are a pair of Ivory handled revolvers, six shooters. and Atop his head is a black wide brimmed hat.

Character Background

It was the last place you would expect a man to go with his young family, but it was also the best option he had. My father was Fortune Shelby, a Dublin man who married a bar maid and took himself across the Atlantic ocean, ending up in Boston, he felt that it was more of the same, so he moved further, and accepted a land grant on the Brazos river in 1821, right when Mexico earned it's independence. He had three children, My older sister Scarlet in the spring of 1822, Me in the late winter of 1827, and my younger brother Boyd in the fall of 1830. They raised cattle, and grew Corn ,and made a pretty penny, until the Mexican general Santa Anna decided that it was time to show Texas who was boss, boy did he make a damn mistake. My father joined the resistance, and so I did, I was the runner for one of General Houston's Officers, and taught to shoot a pistol and knife fight, though, what I enjoyed more, was the cards and dice they would play, I learned well all the tricks and tells, and would play the other boys for their rations, then I would sell the rations to other officers, it was a good time, though tiring. Little did I know that at the age of Nine, I would kill my first person…

It was on the river of San Jacinto, people were urging The general to fight, and when we caught the Mexicans taking a nap, we decided to attack. I was handed a pistol and told to 'shoot any messkin that makes fer the trees.' I did, one man shocked to see a youth had got him right in the neck. When the war was over, an when we were our own country. me and my father returned home to mother, she was happy, though, the life on the road called to me, I remember being whipped countless times for gambling, drinking and smoking, by both my parents and a few local nuns. But at the right age of eighteen, I had a brilliant Idea, I would join a traveling show, I played the fiddle, sang, and acted a fool, it made us money, and the stage mistress, well, she was my first, a beautiful woman from New Orleans, a southern belle of sorts, and I was smitten. Though, I had to leave my friends, because I got word father and mother had both taken ill, so, I made my way back to Brazos, to see my parents before they passed…

I returned to a Texas that was now part of the United states, but we got to keep our liberties, which was good. The farm was doing good, under the care of my younger brother, and when ma and pa finally passed, asleep and together, my brother made me an offer, he wanted to buy my part, because he knew that I was no farmer or rancher, I agreed, and we settled on the land for two hundred dollars, abit steep, but my brother knew it was a good investment for him. I took the money and went east again, stopping in towns and gambling, making that two hundred dollars into five thousand. I was happy at the thought, and remembered my days as an actor, I heard about this little town in Colorado, Grimwood or something like that, I sent a letter to my brother, telling him of my good fortune, and how cheap it was to start a theatre, I also sent letters to anyone with a bit of talent for the stage, People wanted to find gold… I was going to give them something to spend that gold on.

Character Personality

A showman and southern Gentleman, he is happy most of the time, even when he is drunk, and is know to be not only good on stage, but king of the poker table.


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Extra Info

Theme Song: The Gambler
Quote: Howdy and welcome to the Smoke and Mirrors!
Online Times: Most times.
Character Notes: Speaks with a thick Texan Drawl


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