Obedaiah Davison
Full Name Obedaiah Christopher Davison
Portrayed By Luke Ditella
Faction Outlaw
Sex Male
Age 35
Profession Criminal, Deserter

Character Description

His dark brown hair is parted on the right side, the long wavy locks arching well over a freckled forehead. Below the dark shine, contrasting with it, is tan skin; the tan of a man who labors outside all day, gets darker, but doesn't burn. His heavy-lidded eyes are light brown. Nothing spectacular in their color. No amber flecks, hints of blue or green. Only exceptional in the degree of almond-shaped that they are. He has a scar across the bridge of his nose. A small horizontal discoloration revealing the thick scar tissue of a deep, poorly stitched cut. His face is angular, his high cheekbones and the set of his eyes giving him vulpine facial features that would be undeniable were it not for the huge reddish-brown beard and mustache hiding the lower portion of his face. His fully visible lower lip is full and pale pink, so the top lip can't be very different. He has a lean , athletic build and stands at around five feet, four inches tall (163cm) tall. He looks to be in his early to mid-thirties, though the beard doesn't make it easy to determine his age in either direction.

He wears an off-white shirt with buttons from neck to sternum and a rounded, turndown collar beneath a dusty blue sack coat. A pair of brown, high-waisted trousers with suspender buttons - currently not in use - cover his legs and rest lightly on a pair of black leather ankle boots. Around his waist is a leather belt on which is securely attached a pistol holster avec pistol on his right side.. A leather sling is worn across his body from right to left and is adjusted to a man of a smaller stature, which is a characteristic that he possesses, with a snap swivel connect to the sling just above his left hip.

Character Background

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Obedaiah is new to the area and easily noticed for being a staggering 163cm (5'4"-ish) in height. He hasn't done or said much yet beyond drinking and buying odds 'n ends. He disappears randomly throughout the day or won't be seen for days at a time. Recently, he's been seen in the company of one and then two other fellows, both "upstanding citizen" types.

Character Personality

Smiles and laughter come easily to him, but there's always an undercurrent of ulterior motive or distraction behind his eyes. He's as quick to befriend someone as he is to forget the most frequent acquaintance. A carefree, ear-to-ear grinning clockwork doll that shakes with laughter when you wind it up with a number of gears, many unnoticed, moving within.


Josiah Cooke medium.jpg "Yep… Cooke is Cooke." His most recent and only acquaintance. Both new in town.

RP Hooks

Outlaw - He's an unknown in Grimwood, so far, but there's a trail leading west (or from East to West, really) of towns and groups looking for him. And not to pat him on the back either.

Extra Info


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