Full Name Edwin Atwater
Portrayed By Michael Chandler
Faction Union
Org None
Sex Male
Age 30
Place of Birth New York City, NY
Date of Birth September 28
Profession Ranch Hand

Character Description

Standing 5'8, and weighing 155 pounds, this man appears to be in his early thirties. His face is dominated by a bold nose, offset in such a way as to suggest a past break. It is balanced out by a small mouth, set in a square jaw lined with dark stubble. His eyes are deep brown and turn down at their outside corners, giving him a slightly sleepy look, even when wide awake. He takes good care of his hair. Dark brown, it is carefully cut short and worn parted to one side.

Ned is wearing an off-white shirt buttoned to the neck beneath a brown cotton vest. It is tucked into a dark brown pair of range trousers made from duck cotton. Though they have clearly seen some wear, they are holding up well, and not yet patched. A pair of battered leather boots encase his feet.

Character Background

Ned is a new arrival in Grimwood, though his accent betrays him as being a Yankee and a New Yorker to boot. He's made his way here looking for work on a cattle ranch, and claims to have experience and references from employers as far away as St. Louis, MO and Charlotte, NC.

Character Personality

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