Full Name Levi Montgomery
Portrayed By Chris Pratt
Faction Outlaw
Sex Male
Age 29
Place of Birth Somewhere…
Date of Birth October 18
Profession Wild Card / Gunslinger

"Wanna' see a magic trick?"

Character Description

The brown 'Gambler' style hat is likely the most obvious thing about this man. Dirty brown hair and a rugged beard help to frame his expressionist's face. He could be considered handsome or roguish considering his line of work. It's almost obvious from the constant glint in his brown eyes that he's a man that's been through a lot and is ready to go through more.

He's built fit enough and carries himself with a general swagger that shows and proves that he's been around the frontier a few times. He rocks a dirty white shirt and a brown vest. The shirt's sleeves have been rolled up as if to prove that there's nothing up either of them. A brown bandana is often tied around his neck. Pants are of a lighter brown and are home to a gun belt sporting a pair of holsters: one on his right side and another across his waist. Both of which are holding his signature pistols. As per drifter regulation he's also wearing a pair of worn dark brown boots.

Character Background

Levi Montgomery is the only thing Monty knows of his past. His name. He doesn't remember his parents being alive. He does remember them being pretty dead though. He remembers being raised in a brothel by a collection of prostitutes that seemed to have a thing for his mother. This is where he got the affectionate nickname 'Monty'. He was taught the wicked ways of the con by the women there and the mistress that watched over all of them. Eventually, he took off on his own, though, wanting to make a bit of a name for his own self.

Monty fell in with a group of drifters and vagabonds, serving as a bit of mouthy distraction for their criminal dealings. He worked with them for a few years, pulling cons, riding in and out of towns and making a general ruckus. When the group started to turn on each other, Monty hightailed it to being on his own. He shifted his focus to taking care of number one, himself, and worked the various saloons, swindling every gun under the sun out of money and getting on as many bad sides as humanly possible. Oops?

Finally, Monty's travels brought him towards Grimwood. Here's to hoping that his reputation doesn't precede him this time. He'd like to actually make some money before he's shot at…

Character Personality

Soon 'nuff.


  • Ambidextrous:
  • Compulsive Gambler:
  • Sasshole:
  • Women Addiction:


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RP Hooks

  • Wanted:
  • Gambler:
  • Gunslinger:
  • Prostitute Protector:
  • Frontierwise:
  • Debts:



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