Sister Mercy Graves
Full Name Sister Mercy Graves
Portrayed By Eva LaRue
Faction Union
Org Catholic Church
Sex Female
Age 31
Place of Birth Kentucky
Date of Birth OCT 16th
Profession Catholic Sister/Bounty Hunter

Character Description

A woman standing at six foot five inches with her beautiful long Red hair done into an intricate stylish bun, leaving two tendrils of her bangs to frame her face while the rest is hidden inside a Nun's cap. Light blue eyes are the centerpiece of a very beautiful face with a slight exotic look to her facial structure, giving her a very slight native american look. Her full lips are painted a natural darker red.

A long lithe neck covered by the long neck covering collar of a white and black nun's dress sports a rosary necklace, the rosary made of tigerwood with a bronze platelet in the center. The sleeves of the dress flow down her shoulders to her lower arms, where they vanish into a pair of black leather armbands. Her fingers sport inch long nails, a deer signet ring is worn on her right hand. The dress itself is form fitting, accenting her athletic body which is generous at the bust and hips.

Around her waist is a black leather belt with a iron belt buckle that has a cross adornment. From that belt, her black skirt flares out from her waist, moving down her long legs and ending in black leather heels that raise her two inches taller, to a total height of six foot seven. Hanging from her belt is a double barren shotgun with etched prayers and a cross along the barrel.

Character Background

She has one, though, most people aren't too keen on asking her, probably has something to do with the shotgun she carries with her.

Character Personality

Pious, and Stoic


1861 George Daw Double Barrel 156310_c20efc099c46efd931c4e2aa7e34809a.jpg A twelve gauge double barrel shotgun with religion etching on the barrel, fitted for Mercy's hand.
Pistol Gripped sawed off winchester shotgun. 61b3cf3f61d8c93e4c67ef0c62a94541.jpg A twelve gauge single barrel shotgun that mercy wears like a pistol under her skirt, fitted for Mercy's off-hand.


Davey O'Connel polito.jpg A horrible pig of a man, while the lord says we should respect all living things, we may have the devil in the fleash within our quiet town.
Kitty Morton kitty.jpg A very propper woman who is also a nurse with a good hand. It's refreashhing to find someone of her callibur within Grimwood.
Charlotte Wright tumblr_oa8an9s2Un1v457kvo1_400.png A well learned school teacher who has good intentions for the young'uns, but might be overwhelmed at the reality of Grimwood.

RP Hooks

Church based scenes and bounties.

Extra Info

Theme Song: The Lone Wanderer
Quote: Just doing the lord's work.
Online Times: Random
Character Notes: Fell free to page for RP.


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1861/09/15 Confessions - - 22 Nov 2016 11:05

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1861/10/18 A Sister's Visit - - 19 Oct 2016 17:46

1861/07/18 Too Darn Stubborn - - 18 Jul 2016 22:51

1861/07/13 Apache Attack - - 14 Jul 2016 14:27

1861/07/12 Welcome to Grimwood - - 12 Jul 2016 16:20

1861/07/09 A Stitch in Faith - - 12 Jul 2016 13:17

1861/05/21 - Grimwood Church - - 07 Jun 2016 03:17


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