Full Name <Name>
Portrayed By Jane Seymour
Faction Union
Org None
Sex Female
Age 23
Place of Birth Ohio
Date of Birth July 6, 1838
Profession Boarding House Caretaker

Character Description

At first glance, there is nothing truly remarkable about this woman. However, when she turns and looks to you, her true beauty can be seen. Her eyes seem to sparkle with life and perhaps a hint of mischief. She smiles easily, the upturned cheeks simply brightening her features. Typically, she keeps her long, light brown hair pulled back into a long braid that hangs down her back. Her skin has a tan hue, almost looking sun kissed.

Character Background

It is well known that Maggie has come from Ohio to help her Aunt. Her Aunt, Rose Hill is the much older sister to her father. Her years have made it much more difficult to maintain the Boarding House. So now Maggie has taken over the duties, despite the objections of her senile Aunt.

Character Personality

A literate man once compared Maggie to Pandora. She is a happy woman, but very curious about the world around her. She is always asking questions and doing new things.


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