Lily Davis
Full Name Lily Elisabeth Davis
Portrayed By Nina Dobrev
Faction Union
Org None
Sex Female
Age 18
Place of Birth Texas
Date of Birth June 23
Profession Merchant/Baker

Character Description

Claiming five feet and three inches of height, it is accompanied by a proportionate figure. Petite, dainty and feminine, her movements are graceful, soft of step.
Her ovular face is framed by chocolate colored hair that falls in wavy rivulets over shoulders and almost to her waist. Dark eyes are wide and fringed with long, dark lashes.
Slender shoulders and a defined collarbone are left bare by the cut of her gown, with tiny purple cap sleeves that cover no more than an inch or two of her upper arms while the bodice hugs the length of her frame and is a form fitting affair, amplifying the slight swell of her hips and the rise of her bosom with intricate workings of embroidery gracing the hem of the dress. Over it all is a white apron, when she's working in the bakery, it ties snugly around her slender waist and covers the entire front of the dress.

Character Background

Born in Texas, her family moved west and ended up in Grimwood, Colorado in February when the cold got too much to go on. Her parents own the bakery, but Lily and her mother Emma work it while the men work on outlaying ranches and farms.

Character Personality

A proper lady, Miss Davis helps the bakery, sews, cooks, quilts, tends the garden, sings, dances, writes poetry and generally stays out of the rumor mill. She attends the local church and she's kind to everyone, inquisitive, a touch impulsive and has a ready smile.


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RP Hooks

  • From Texas originally, were you?
  • Lily has three brothers, all could be appable if interested, but all work on ranches or farms in the area. Do any of them work for you?
  • Lily has been working in her parents bakery for about 6 months, since the family moved to the town, so she may be a familiar face to most.
  • Attending the local church, she's there every single Sunday.
  • Adept at quilting, she's been looking to form a quilting circle, or to join one.

Extra Info

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