Kitty Morton
Full Name Kitty Morton
Portrayed By Carey Mulligan
Faction Confederate
Org Doctor Yin's Office
Sex Female
Age 21
Place of Birth Charleston, SC
Date of Birth October 19
Profession Nurse


Kitty Morton was set in life to be something of a Southern Belle, born to a young doctor and his even younger wife in Charleston, South Carolina. But such an idyllic life was not to be, and despite the good Doctor's attempts, the mother died in childbirth even as Kitty thrived. The Doctor became immediately attached to Kitty, and had their maid (one of the two slaves owned by the wealthy family) set up a nursery in the back of his practice so she would always be near.

This trend continued throughout Kitty's life. While she had some formal schooling, once she was passed reading, writing, and ladylike talents, she spent the majority of her time assisting her father in his growing practice. As such, from a young age she has been schooled in medicine and surgery from a well-renowned surgeon of a large east-coast city. Indeed, as his nurse she received more training in medicine than most doctors do! And the Doctor had little desire to see his daughter out in society, where a husband might find her and take her away. No, he was much happier having her close, and teaching her, and loving her as only a father and daughter who have known loss together can love each other.

But all good things come to an end, and the Doctor contracted a cough during his rounds once day. It got worse and worse until there was nothing either he or Kitty could do for it, and he passed away in 1859. Kitty was beyond devastated. Living a sheltered existence, she had only a few friends and no additional relatives. In that way she was strangely naive for such an educated girl. Her last act in Charleston was to arrange for an elaborate funeral for her father in an attempt to demonstrate her love for him to the city, so they might not forget such a respected and successful man. It was one of her first real forays into the society of the city, and brought her to the attention of several families. Young, pretty, wealthy? If she wished, she could have married and lived out her days in comfort.

But she didn't wish that. Kitty could not come to terms with the fact that her father and his work could just disappear from the earth. She wanted to continue it, to grow it, and to keep some part of him alive. But how? She could be a nurse for another physician, and make a meager or even comfortable living that way in addition to her own money. Yet how could she find a physician worthy of her skills, skills that rivaled most doctors' abilities? And yet she could not open her own practice, either. A woman, so young? Unheard of in such a large city, where competition was fierce and the wagging of tongues could be enough to see a business go down in flames.

Enter Dr. Yin. A fully Westernized Chinaman, looking to open his own practice. He was going west, he said, where medical professionals were needed so badly that they might be willing to be treated by a foreigner. Or a woman. A pact was made. Kitty would provide some seed money for the venture, and serve as Dr. Yin's nurse. In that way, it might grant some legitimacy to a Chinaman's Western medical practice. And, as an investor, Kitty would be involved in the growth of the business and bring her talents in surgery to a Doctor who, otherwise, had little experience there. Some might call it a con. Others a business agreement. Most, when they saw the Chinese doctor and his young Belle of a nurse, just called it strange.


Kitty is an interesting mix of educated and naive. She has enough medical knowledge to be a doctor in her own right, however she lived a very sheltered existence with her father in Charleston. She is a sweet and caring girl, but with little knowledge or understanding on how to navigate the world around her. So she is prideful and headstrong in her abilities, but outside of surgery she can be lost and confused.

RP Hooks

  • Nurse Got a fever? Stomach bothering you? Or something a bit more serious, but you're not willing to let a Chinese sawbones get his hands on you? Kitty's the next best thing in town.
  • Tenderfoot Transplant Kitty's a sheltered girl from Charleston — did you know her there? What the hell is she doing all the way out here? How is she going to handle it? You can help (or hinder!) this big transition.
  • Superstitious Great scott! Is that a black cat crossing your path? Here, grab the salt. And best jump that broom while you're at it, since it's raining on your wedding day. Kitty is superstitious as all hell, maybe that's something we share.
  • Southern Class Kitty was raised in a wealthy southern home, so she's something of a belle. She likes to dance, be neat when she can, and has no idea how to do much more than boil tea.


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