Full Name Kaedin Anderson
Portrayed By Gordon Ramsay
Faction None (UK native)
Org None
Sex Male
Age 38
Place of Birth Scotland
Date of Birth May 1st
Profession Chef

Character Description

Standing at 6'1 is a man with a lean build. He has blonde hair that is left short and combed back, with a handsome face with the deepest blue eyes that look to weigh and measure the world. A strong jaw and a noble nose complete his face with a clean shaven face.

Over his lean body he wears a white longsleeve button up chef's coat. The coat is left to hang over a belted pair of black trousers, which flow down over the tops of a pair of black, daily shined walking boots. And apron is tied around his waist, made of black fabric, and a loose towel hangs over his belt. Also tucked into his coat is a pocket watch, as well as cooking knife.

Character Background

A Chef with a foul mouth who has run and owned countless big city restaurants, now in the small town of Grimwood.

Character Personality

Loves food and Loves seeing people enjoy his food. Hates Liars and people who have no passion for their work. Has a dirty mouth and no filter.


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