John Bishop
Full Name John Quincy Bishop
Portrayed By Dominic Cooper
Faction Union
Org Grimwood Church (Baptist)
Sex Male
Age 34
Place of Birth Macon, Georgia
Date of Birth November 19, 1827
Profession Pastor

Character Background

John was born and raised in Macon to a Baptist preacher-man who just wanted the best for his son. However the best John wanted was drinking and chasing outlaws all over God's creation. Those things take a toll on a man, make him ornery and mean. If his father hadn't of died John probably would have, however he turned his life around and decided to spread the good word. However nobody at home wanted to hear it from him, so he packed up and headed out West, where nobody should know his name.

Character Personality

This pastor is not a man to be pushed, or he may just push back. He'll drink you under the table, and maybe beat you at cards. Just don't try and cheat him, or he'll teach you what a bunny stuck in a trap sounds like.


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RP Hooks

Preacher-Man: Is your heart heavy with sin? Somebody you love die? Maybe there's a sickness the doctor's are having a problem healing? Well look no further, John can erase your sins and pray with you. Or offer a funeral service.

Former Bounty Hunter: Maybe you've heard of him, or maybe he put your sorry ass in jail. That's good for spreading rumors or seeking revenge.

Extra Info

Theme Song: The Beast In Me, Johnny Cash
Quote: Whatever you're thinking about doing, you might want to rethink it.
Online Times: Most of the time.
Character Notes: Always open for a scene, just page me.


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