Full Name Jack Finch
Portrayed By Christian Bale
Faction N/A
Org Civilian
Sex Male
Age 18
Place of Birth New York, New York
Date of Birth September 25, 1843
Profession TBD

Character Description

Dark brown hair may be a bit long, falling into green eyes, and his clothes may be a bit shabby and worn, but this young man's verve hasn't diminished. Standing at about six feet tall, his frame is lithe and maybe a little skinnier than it really should be, but his movements are quick and purposeful. There's a slightly lean look to his high-cheekbones and angular features that are just beginning to lose the roundness of youth as he steps into adulthood. Those green eyes seem to hold a perpetual twinkle of mischief and there's almost always a wry little smirk to his mouth as if there is always a joke just waiting to happen.

His clothes aren't of a local style but are more indicative of life spent in the East, most likely in one of the larger cities. For those who might recognize it, he has a distinct New York accent when he speaks.%r

Character Background

James Hamilton Havens was born November 23, 1843, to the New York Havens, a wealthy Society family. The youngest, he had two older sisters and as his birth was difficult on his mother, there were no more children after him. As the only son and heir, he was told from a very young age, and quite often, that the family's wealth and station would be his one day and that he needed to uphold the family reputation.

The thing was, James didn't want that.

A rebellious, active child, he gave his nannies, tutors, and even his parents trouble as he was far more interested in getting out into the city or riding his horse than he was in lessons. The one exception was playing the piano, but his parents would indulge that interest only up to a point because being a Musician was not a proper avocation for a man of wealth and stature.

By the time James was sixteen, and considered 'incorrigible' by the tutors, his parents set out to send him to Military School in order to tame his wild ways. Before he was to be shipped out, however, he ran away.

New York is a large, metropolitan sprawl and it didn't take long for a friendly and gregarious James, now calling himself 'Jack', to make friends with some of the newspaper hawkers…boys his own age. He joined them, choosing to suffer in near-poverty in order to have his freedom. He hawked papers in the rain and snow and heat, choosing to stay far away from the wealthier areas of Manhattan so that he wouldn't run across anyone who might recognize him. He learned the ways of the streets, how to pickpocket for change when sales were low, and how to throw a punch or two. He changed his accent to be even less recognizable and relaxed the mannerisms drummed into him since birth.

He did, however, keep up with the music. Some. He befriended a music hall performer and would play for her on occasion and she would allow him to play the piano during the theater's off-hours and even to sleep there when the weather got cold.

After over a year of this life and Private Investigators coming a little too close for comfort in finding him, he decided to make his way out West. The goal was to get to California as it was burgeoning due to the Gold Rush a little over a decade earlier. He was able to scrounge enough money to get him on a train to Chicago, but that's where the money ran out. Seeing as he became quite resourceful due to his brief life on the streets, he managed to steal a bit more money, but ended up hopping trains to try and get to his end goal.

That is, until the Conductor caught him just as they were pulling into Grimwood.

Character Personality

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RP Hooks

New York — Are you from New York? You might recognize his accent.

Musician — Jack plays the piano at the Saloon.

Extra Info

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