Full Name Hiamovi
Portrayed By Michael Spears
Faction Native
Org Cheyenne
Sex Male
Age 19
Place of Birth Cheyenne Territory Colorado
Date of Birth November 11th
Profession Hunter/Diplomat

Character Description

A male at five foot two inches tall with black hair that is brushed to a silky shine and left to hang down to his waist. His brown eyes hold a bit of flirty mischief, and accent his tan skin well. His facial features place him as someone who is obviously of native birth and blessed to look as close to angelic as possible, having angular cheek bones, and a thin jawline which is left clean shaven. Below his jawline is a thin, swan like neck that holds a few beaded necklaces.

Lithe, sun kissed shoulders are covered by a tasseled buckskin sleeveless tunic that is left open, still showing more of that unblemished skin. From his shoulders, it is easy to tapper down to his chest, bare and well defined, yet still lithe due to his years as a runner. From his shoulders his arms tapper down, showing more of the defined muscle, yet not showing any real bulk. Arms tapper down to well coordinated wrists that are covered by a pair of leather arm bands with the mark of the winds on them. From his wrists, his hands have long fingers that are not calloused with well kept nails. His lithe waist sports a set of well defined abs, and only add to the compact lithe look of this brave.

About his waist, just below his defined abs, is a vibrant green sash that holds up a pair of black leather leggings which have green bead work along the sides. The pants are loose enough to not hinder his movements while hunting. The sash is tied off at his right side and the ends hang down to just below his knees, sporting a well crafted Tomahawk on each side, as well as a personal Field Pouch. The pants are tucked into a pair of soft leather high topped Moccasins with more green bead work and a knife sheathed on his left boot. They are laced up to his mid calf with silky green lace.

Sling over his shoulder is a wooden longbow and quiver, as well as a small rolled up toolkit that rests at the small of his back.

Character Background

Hiamovi of the Cheyenne Tribe was born the son of Chief Little Rock, and was named the whirlwind during his coming of age. He was to be trained as a warrior, and how to hunt and provide for a family, to show his strength, because how can he lead a tribe, if he cant lead his own family?

He was taught all the skills by many of the braves in his tribe, and went with his father on a hunting party when he was ten, and managed to fell a deer on his own, this was a good sign, and he still has the deer pelt, made into a quiver. This was also when he took his coming of age, and was sent into the wilderness with just a flint knife after a strong dose of peyote, he realized the coming 'white tide' would do in most of his people, and spoke with his ancestors and spirit animals and realized that if there was to be anything that remained of his culture, he would have to play nice with the white men who were coming onto his land, his father had agreed when he had returned, and named him the envoy, since his son had studies and learned the languages of both the white man, and the long knives (Mexicans).

Now Hiamovi, the whirlwind, comes with Hena'e twoards Grimwood to start trade talks, and maybe act as a mediator between them and the Navajo, hopefully.

Character Personality

Calm and soft spoken with a very gentle grace about himself. Though he is known to be an avid hunter, as well as become very protective of those he is responsible for.


Hena'e iAFVeAY.gif She was sent as his Aide to Grimwood, and he feels that he can trust her with his life and thoughts, part of him thinks he is falling in love with her.

RP Hooks

  • Interested in Talking to a Native, here he is.
  • Need someone to help as a Trail Guide?
  • Hate the sight of an 'Injun' and wanna see if he can fight?

Extra Info

Theme Song:
Quote: I am not a savage, you just misunderstand my people's way of life.
Online Times: Varies
Character Notes: Hiamovi is not stupid in any way, and is quite literate and well spoken.


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