Full Name Hena'e
Portrayed By Devery Jacobs
Faction Native
Org Cheyenne
Sex Female
Age 19
Place of Birth Colorado
Date of Birth Goose
Profession Flintknapper, Basketweaver

Character Description

She's long of leg and wiry, with a boyish frame, few curves, all lean and ready to move, jump, run, swim. Her face blends the masculine with the feminine, a jawline a little too square and eyebrows flat and severe lending a harsh edge to a button nose, a full lower lip and wide black eyes. Two short scars run parallel across her cheek, pointing toward her ear below her right eye. Her hair is long, parted down the middle of her head and plaited into two tight, utilitarian braids, tied off with thin leather straps.

She's dressed simply. A hide dress with sleeves parted into uneven fringe below the elbows allows her arms ample freedom of motion. It's largely undecorated, only held in place with a breastband of woven porcupine quills. The rest of the dress falls in loose folds down to her knees, and dyed in black stain among the moving fabric is a sigil of Goose. Knee-high hide boots are laced up with sinew, they offer protection while allowing her to move quietly through the brush.

Character Background

Born under the mid-winter Goose Moon for which she was named, Hena'e proved, as she grew, to have the Goose spirit; capable and sturdy, resourceful and cunning with an undercurrent of cool wintertime practicality. She had a large family, four brothers and a sister, with whom she would run and swim; she was fleet of foot and well-coordinated, but most of all she was quick-witted and almost wise beyond her years. She soaked up stories about the spirits of the woods, of the mountains and the plains, and she learned how to navigate their haunts, leaving appropriate offerings in order to find the materials she needed in her gathering; reeds for baskets, flint for knapping, clay for pottery, berries, root vegetables. Her stockpiling nature she attributes to Goose, who covets rich winter stores. At home mother taught her and her sister to weave baskets, to prepare the hides the men brought home from the hunt, to shape pottery and leave it to dry, even to knap flint for scrapers, knives, arrowheads and axeheads. Cheyenne women sometimes take place in hunts, as well, though in a subordinate role, and Hena'e, being swift and athletic, always enjoyed harrying the herds into the arrows of her brothers. They taught her to shoot, and learning from them is one of her fondest memories. The hostile Navajo attacks on her tribe hit her family hard; her father and three of her brothers died; another of her brothers was captured, her mother fell ill and passed away after seeming to recover from her injuries. Her sister ran off into the woods in grief and hasn't been seen since. And Hena'e, orphaned, was taken in as a ward of the chief, a sister, almost, to his own children. When Whirlwind was sent as ambassador to the Spider People, she was sent along to be his aid on the journey.

Character Personality

Hena'e is a contradiction in terms. At once eminently practical and sublimely spiritual, she has her head in the clouds and her feet on the ground in the truest sense. She looks to the world around her with the eyes of a shaman, seeking messages and warnings from the spirits all around her, and appeases them as she goes with a strict set of superstitions, but she also looks to what is needful and good in the present situation, and, much like Goose, can come across somewhat cool in her pragmatic point of view.


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