1861/06/22 Grimwood's New Doctor
Scene Grimwood's New Doctor
Characters Yin, Kitty, Davey and Roy
Place On the Train to Grimwood
Date June 22, 1861 Evening

The desert and mountains and occasional forests and riverbeds slide by as the train rocks from side to side. Wooden benches facing each other line the inside of the car as the world goes past, with suitcases stuffed near the front of each car. Traveling in these finer cars is something of a to-do — men in startchced collars and women with feathers in their updos make up the majority of the passangers. But two passangers get more looks than the rest. A Chinaman and a young auburned-haired girl, dressed simply in a blue skirt with a white blouse and a navy jacket over it, her own hair done up in a simple but fashionable stle back east. She wears white gloves, and a suitcase sits beside her feet, with a very fine brown satchel beside it. She's staring out the window, thoughtfully, and may continue to do that forever … but then she speaks, turning her eyes to the Chinaman across from her. Her body shifts with every rock and sway of the traincar. "D'ya have a shop arranged in town already, Docta Yin?" She asks in her Southern Drawl.

Yin holds a bowler's hat over his lap, his eyes peering over the scenery by the window as if he hadn't seen anything like this before. The man frowns a bit as if trying to make sure he understood her accent perfectly, "Aye, I have arranged a barber surgeon shop that we can adjust, it isn't big, but it should suffice our immediate needs." He says, smiling briefly to the young woman, "Have you got your father's books with you?"

Kitty makes a bit of a face, wrinkling her nose just a touch. "Barber surgeon? Well that won't do. If there's a sign indicating it as such we'll have to tear it down." Yes, simple as that, Kitty, tearing down a sign. "This is going to be a reputable physician's office." Hear that, Yin? You're to be a reputable physician! The Southern Belle adjusts herself in her seat just a touch, calming herself a bit. "Yeyssah. I've a trunk full — of the most important ones, anyway. The ones with the charts and diagrams that might need to be referenced from time to time, even by the most learned of medical professionals."

"I wasn't planning on giving haircuts anyway." Yin smirks at the girl's face, seeming pleased by her faith on him as a promising physician, "Well, I believe the climate here is quite different from the coast, so we might expect different illnesses." He pauses briefly, watching over the window once again, "I imagine you'll send for home as soon we get to the station?"

"Nor I," Kitty agrees, turning to look back out the window with a comfortable straight back. She peers at a cactus that flies by. "Hmm?" She asks, his question distracting her from her curiosity at the man-sized shrub. "Send fer home? I brought most've my things, sold the rest. An' there's really no one left at home now, anyways. If that's what you mean. Doctor." She adds the last bit as a quick afterthought. "Will you? Write to yer home, I mean."

Yin nods slowly as the girl replies him, "I will try to reach out for them, I'm not sure if they ever received my mail because I've never got an answer from them…" He pauses, looking towards the hat on his lap and then back to Kitty, "But it doesn't matter, my father was always busy and I'm sure my siblings might be exploring the world on their own by now."

Kitty looks back to the Chinaman as they talk, the world continuing to wiz by as they quake on the car. She looks pensive, curious. And while others may look at the Chinaman in western clothes in a strange way, after weeks of travel, Kitty doesn't anymore. "I daresay your letters might travel a mite quicker from the west coast, going back to China. Just one teeny little ocean ta cross. Maybe that's why you've not heard anything of late. Or perhaps they didn't get yours … stranger things have happened, Lord knows. From the western coast it'll be easier, you'll see."

Yin grins, tapping a few times on the hat as if remembering a tune, "I think you would find that this ocean isn't so small… Or maybe it was just my ship that came through the slower route." He recalls, his mind going back to the days before his arrival, "I still find amusing how everyone here is able to follow the Lord, back in my home some people believed in many different wise men who all followed different gods and creatures."

"The Lord is my Shepard; I shall not want," Kitty responds, smiling almost girlishly. "With such a Lord as that, what could other ones offer?" She tilts her head slightly, one precariously placed curl falling from it's pin as she does so. "Are you a Godly man, Dr. Yin?"

Yin blushes slightly as she asks him about his beliefs, he tries his best to recollect what his tutor taught him back then and nods, "Whilst I was born a pagan, I have been enlightened by God in his almighty grace." He says, trying to sound respectful beforing making a confession, "I was never baptized, though."

Kitty seems thoroughly satisfied by his answer, and nods approvingly, smiling a touch, though enough to bring out her dimples. "Well, I daresay you won't be the only one on the frontiner in need of baptizin'. There'll be a priest, or a missionary, or some such, and we can see it done that you may join Him and all his Children in everlastin' life." She nods once more, looking out the window for a few more thoughtful moments. "We'll be there soon. Do ya know anythin' about … acommodations? Where we might be sleepin' tonight? Some of the towns we've passed don't even deserve the name. Had people sleeping in tents."

Yin seems quite pleased to see the dimpled smile of the Southern Belle, but is caught offset by the question, "Umm… I haven't really checked the local inns, but I reckon they might have something, the city was pointed as a thriving place. In the worst scenario, we can arrange something in the barber surgeon shop, whilst searching for a place that can give us some proper accomodation." The thought of sleeping on the floor of some barber shop doesn't seem to bother him, though.

"Well, one of us can can arrange something in the barber shop," Kitty corrects, with a flush to those dimples. "Either way, we'll have to find accomodations for the other." She glances down, almost sheepishly at her gloved hands, then clears her throat, and decides to look out the window again. She's quiet for a few breaths. "I hope … all this works out. This scheme of ours. Enoguh that … well I'd like to have a house in town, I think. Someday."

Yin blushes even more now, but nods along as the girl comments on her plan, "I think that could be easily arranged, a respectable work should provide a respectable reward for those who are diligent." The Chinaman comments, maybe trying to show some wisdom, "I'd be comfortable with a nice room where I can place all my belongings… And maybe a piano, I've been deeply interested on this instrument since I've heard it for the first time."

"Hmm, well you might have to go back east a ways to get one. I imagine ordering one and bringing it out here'll be the most expensive thing you could wish for," Kitty points out. "Do they have pianos in China? I suppose I never reckoned those to be something Chinamen had, or would like," the young girl muses. "Did you bring a lot of belongings from China, or from Charleston?" No doubt they boarded the train seperately. And no doubt Kitty brought more than her fair share of luggage.

Yin shakes his head, "The closest instrument I can think of is the guzheng," He says, pronouncing the name slowly so she can understand it better, "It is played like a piano, but it doesn't look like one." The man shakes his head once again to the other question, "I've brought some books from Charleston and the only thing that survived my voyage here was my tea set, which I intend to put to use as soon as we get to the town."

"I have to wonder about a thing that is played like a piano but don't look like one. Seems like a riddle to me," Kitty points out as the train begins to lurch itself toward a stop. She sits up straight then and puts her face to the window, trying to look foward, to see what she can see. "Station must be outside of town…" she muses. "I can't hardly see anything!" She sounds frustrated by that.

Yin rises a bit on his seat as if trying to make something out of the city by the window, "We'll be spending a lot of time here, so I guess we don't need to rush to discover all of the town yet." He smirks, adjusting himself back to the seat, "My younger sister can play it, it looks like one these… guitars, I guess that's the name. Maybe that clue will help with your riddle."

Kitty is still a young woman, and excitable. So she's risen from her seat and is peering against the window, trying terribly hard to see what her potential new home may look like. "I suppose it does, but a guitar and a piano ain't at all played the same," the young woman points out, looking at Yin with a touch of confusion on her face. But the train lurches again and she lets out a little sound, catching her hand on the overhead suitcase rack to keep herself from falling.

"Maybe someday I'll be able to order the plans for one and a local carpenter can make a model of it." Yin suggests, holding himself back on his seat as the train seems to be coming at a full stop, "We'll be needing to face our new hosts soon enough, I don't remember feeling this nervous as I got off the boat."

"I dobut a carpenter could make a piano. It involves quite a bit of very specialized training, the kind unlikely to make a living out here," Kitty says as she rights herself, adjusting her hair to make sure it's just so. "And I daresay people weren't staring at you as their new doctor, when you got off the boat. Now this? This will be different." She heaves a little sigh and picks up the satchel near her feet, dusting it off. "Shall we?"

Kitty's words seem to give him some confidence as she mentions him as a 'doctor' in his own right, "Very well, let's meet them." Yin says, adjusting the hat back on his head and rising from his seat, "Do you need some time to get your luggage? I will ask around for directions meanwhile."

Davey has arrived.

Roy has arrived.

Roy is leaning against the wall of the train stop watching the approaching train. As the train slowly rolls forward and eventually stops at the train stop Roy ceases leaning against the wall of the train stop and straightens his back. He intends on calculating every odd person that leaves the train with his eyes just to be sure they are not a possible threat in the future. Texan devils or worse. Roy fought against them at a battle once. Any Texan is a suspicious Texan.

"No, I'm alright. I'll have the porter bring everything out." Lord above if Kitty's going to carry her own luggage! With her satchel draped over her shoulder she moves to step behind Yin toward the doors of the train, where she'll pause to wait for him to offer her hand so she can get down. A Chinaman helping a young white girl off the train — that'll get some stares.

The bi-weekly train has arrived to much anticipation. Always it brings new faces, cargoes and news, and for one man in particular today a case of premium quality special reserve brandy. Yummy. Davey heard the train coming from miles away, and felt it as it closed on the town. Half of Grimwood still shakes when it pulls into the town's meagre station.

The Big Barman walks into the station to await unloading, moving in his usual rolling gait. Lots of new faces today, it seems, and one familiar one. Davey sidles up to Roy, "Soldier" he says in greeting, then nods toward the locomotive. "Taking a journey?"

Yin moves in front of the girl, getting off the train first, then offering his hand to help her descent, "At last! Here we are." He says, showing some signs of excitation and gazing around to see if he can spot anything of interested at a first glance and lingering for a while at the other pair.

Roy looks a Davey with cold and calculating eyes. "No, not today, not as long as my claim might still have some gold nuggets in it." Roy then looks toward the chinaman and the white young woman with an auburn hair. Roy then says to Davey "Odd pair, don't you think? The woman could be a witch, you know? Odd companion, unique color of hair and who knows what else?"

Once Kitty has her feet on the ground and is entirely off the train, she lifts her head to look around. She's a prim, slender young woman wearing a blue dress, white gloves, a brown satchel, and her hair is simply but stylishly done up. Stylish for the east coast, anyway. Her eyes flitter around. "Saints preserve us," she says to her Chinese companion. "Well … it's better than some of the other towns we'd passed through, I reckon." She speaks with a fine lady's southern drawl. She looks back to Yin. "Do you know the way to the shop, from here? I'd like to see it straight away, as soon as we can tell the porter where the bags ought to go."

Davey scratches his bald head, which is freely sweating in the day's heat. He frowns at the couple, "Couldn't say" he comments, shrugging. "Best leave that kind of judgement to The Lord, eh? That or the Shotgun Sister" The large man grins as if he's just made the funniest joke ever, showing off his blackened tombstone-teeth. He eyes the cargo wagon to the rear of the train, eagerly awaiting his special delivery.

Yin scratches his left temple, contemplating the road in front of them for a while, "The mail mentioned it being somewhere around the Main Street, so it must been just over there." He suggests, taking a few steps towards the cargo wagon, "I guess maybe the porter himself knows it better than we do and I need to check if my tea set survived."

Roy chuckles darkly "Need to keep an eye out for anything unusual or supernatural, at least we know where to look for the cause of it first." Roy says to Davey. "Are you expecting something or someone special yourself?" Roy asks from Davey.

"Well, if he's got a cart we can just ride along with him, I daresay," Kitty points out. She pauses in her steps beside Yin to glance at some of those loitering by the train, particularly Roy and Davey. But there's no flash or recognition or anything, and she looks back to Yin again. She doesn't really need to look up to look at him, as they stand about shoulder-to-shoulder. Poor short Chinaman. "Perhaps it might be wise if you asked after a boarding house or a hotel from one of the locals." SHE certainly can't do it!

Smiling, Davey nods "Best brandy" he replies happily "20 years old. Cost me a small fortune to buy and it'll cost my customers even more to drink. Not that those rogues will appreciate it, to be sure" His piggy little eyes continue to watch hawkishly for any sign of his delivery, occasionally flitting to the odd couple and back. "If you stop by the saloon later I might be persuaded to let you try a glass, might be we can get a dice game started to go with it"

"May-Maybe." Suddenly Yin seems quite nervous once again, he doesn't seem much fond of the idea of talking with complete strangers, especially since he's the newcomer once again, "They must have something somewhere." He comments, turning towards the nearest locals who just happen to be Roy and Davey, "Ex-excuse me, sirs, me and my companion have just arrived in town and we are in need of some information."

Roy nods at Davey affirmately "Perhaps someday." Roy then gives the chinaman a once over look as he approaches Roy and Davey "Welcome to Grimwood. What information might you desire? I won't tell you the exact location of my claim that much is clear."

Davey chuckles, "Sure and it'll be a taste you won't forget in a hurry" he notices a box being offloaded with the stencil of Buckfast Abbey on the side. "This looks like mine" he says, pulling a sheaf of paper from the front of his shirt. "Mind how you go, Soldier" He nods to the Chinaman "Mister" he says in simple greeting, then waddles over to the porters, "That for O'Connell?" he says, waving his papers.

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