1861/10/15 Gifts for Spider's Children
Scene Gifts for Spider's Children
Characters Hena'e Hiamovi
Place Northeastern Plains
Date October 15, Morning
Scene Theme <Song>

Hena'e is minding the campsite since they've come down from the mountains and trees, letting the Whirlwind leave from the place and hunt while she protects the place in its exposed location. She might prefer some cover, but she has to admit that with the onset of the cold fall winds the sun and blue sky are her kind companions. She's keeping the fire alive, but at only a low ember, easy to flare back to life but at present mostly resting, and she rests on her knees nearby, stretching out a hide, in turns scraping any remnants of flesh from the skin with a curved blade of flint and treating it with a bowlful of herb-infused water which she sprinkles on with a thatch of dried grasses, hitting the damp stems against the hide with a thak, thak, thak sound which carries over the plains. She sees the Whirlwind en route with a stag to match yesterday's doe, and she nods in approval while he's still far off. "And you've brought company," she points out when he announces his return. "That'll be great, we can add another skin to our gift for Spider's people."

Hiamovi nods and looks around abit, nodding att the state of the camp. he smiles and removes his vest, before he gets to work cleaning the buck corpse. "Hopefully we can get a good relationship, the runners told me about the recent navajo attacks on the spider people… Father said if we take that route, there could be war, and our bows are no match for their guns." He says softly as he continues his work. "I think one more hide caught tomorrow will be good for us to make a peace offering." He says as he looks over to her and gives a soft smile. "The morning light does you good, you look beautiful."

Hena'e dampens her dried grasses and twigs once more in the earthenware pot. She brings her arm before her, supple shoulder and bicep flexing before she switches the hide again, and again, and again, beating it and working in the curing liquid. "We can tell them the stories of the navajo attacks on our own people. Hopefully they will see that we aren't them, and a common good can arise from a common evil." She herself lost her parents and brother in one such attack; she survived, and was adopted into the chief's own family, and if she has any left over anger, well, she takes it out on that pelt, which will no doubt be buttery soft when completed, beaten to perfection by the orphaned Gosling. "The hides, yes, and those antlers, as a trophy," she considers the gift, drawing her upper lip into her mouth in sober consideration. "They won't want any arrowheads or axeheads. What about baskets? Surely they'll have use for baskets. I can weave a fine, wide one with a nice design to present the hides upon."

Hiamovi blinks and looks up. "A basket would be good, but I wanted to present the antlers to our shaman." He says, the antlers possibly being just enough, along with the rest of his accomplishments, for both his father and the shaman to allow him to ask a woman of the tribe for her hand. Dusting his hands off, re takes the newly removed buck skin and sets it over a small rack, then he starts to gut and carve out the deer meat. "I'm also curious about maybe getting a knife from them, we rarely get a chance to have somthing made of steel." He says with a smile.

Hena'e lifts both brows when the Whirlwind declares his intent to take the trophy home again, but she inclines her head— it's up to him. THAK. THAK. The switch of twigs on skin is the only answer for a long while, and then it ceases, and she looks over, pressing heel to the ground and pivoting her other toes to press the soil and push her into a stance. "I made you a knife. Is it dull? I can sharpen it, or make you another." She's an excellent little knapper-of-flint.

Hiamovi blinks and tilts his head. "Not for me, a gift." he says, he does like the knife she made him, and he wears it with him always, unless he is bathing in the river. Laying out the freashly carved meat, and making sure everything is in order, he smiles ans stands up to strech. "You seem lost in thought Hena, what's the matter?" he asks as he picks up the line of fish and lays them out.

Hena'e folds her arms, dewy twigs sticking out beside her and backward as she takes the stance, shifting her weight onto one foot and staring flatly off toward that raised road with the hatched track where Spider's children go to and fro on the train. "It's an important time, Whirlwind. An important mission. Whether Spider's children accept our friendship or not could be the life or death of all our people. It's stressful. Aren't you worried?"

Hiamovi looks up at her. "Yes I'm worried, but it's better to leave that in the back of your mind. Besides, if I look worried, The spider people will smell it, they are like wolves, and like wolves, they could possibly go from curious, to deadly, and so, as long as we dont pose a threat, dont give them any pause for alarm, we should be fine." he says as he places the fish meat on a rock slab before standing up. he moves over to her and places a hand on her shoulder. "It will be fine, we know the land well, he see the land, so if anything hapens we can be swift." He says with a smile, the five days ride back to his father's camp might be a hard one, but Hiamovi isn't going to let his people die without a fight.

Hena'e shrugs her shoulder, not exactly shying away from the touch, but growing faintly tense beneath it, eyes drawn along that gleaming strand of iron marring the land like the scars across her cheek. "We can be swift, but what good will that do for the rest?" she points out dimly. "We'll have to gain peace from them," she tips her chin up in a show of determination, "And not go home without it. Even if they think to kill us, it will be better to stay than to go home having failed. Everything depends on us," she sniffs once, clearing her nasal passages and then turning to place her twigs back into the pot of tanning water, then fireside to squat and rile up the fire with some new kindling. "I'll cook the fish," she announces her intention.

Hiamovi lets out a sigh and watches her move about and work. He moves to the fire and takes out his quiver before he starts to make a few arrows to replace what he lost today. "it will be fine Hena, we will talk to them and I'm sure they will welcome the peace, then we can get father to agree to speace talks with the navajo, they stay on their side of the plains, and we stay on ours, and the spider people are the divide."

Hena'e looks up at the sky while kindling the flames and building them higher, watching the way the air moves the narrow column of smoke this way and that, as though trying to read the intentions of the great blue sky who might be using this nice bright day to tell her what the future holds. Of course, it isn't, but her mind likes to wander into such flights of religious fancy. She spreads the fire in the pit to keep it from growing too high, and a rack of still-green reed she sets over the top of the pit to hold the fish in the smoke. "They will have to yield to peace if Spider's children are with us. They can't fight both of us at once." Though they've been doing a good job of it so far.

Hiamovi finishes his arrows and places them in the quiver, before looking over at her. "I heard they killed one of the spider people's shamans, and then they got the apache.." The amount of distaste in his mouth at the mention of that tribe is clearly seen. "To attack their wooden spirit lodge… they were all felled by a single woman, they say she has the strength of a bear, and the cunning of the wolf." he says as he shivers. "I really hope we dont get on her bad side."

"We can't get on anyone's bad side, Whirlwind," answers Goose, making certain the flames aren't licking too close to the reeds and then letting the fish smoke for the time being, settling herself onto the ground and toying with one of the rocks from around the fire pit with her fingertips, feeling its many contours. "But if they have a woman like that we can be assured of a good ally if they do ally themselves with us," she remarks, looking at the stone instead of up or at Hia.

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