Full Name Fionn Patrick Burke
Portrayed By Anson Mount
Faction Law Enforcement
Org Union
Sex Male
Age 25
Place of Birth Gilberton Pa.
Date of Birth Febuary 12, 1835
Profession Sheriff

Character Description

One of those guys you don't want to see in a dark alley coming at you or worse behind you. Standing at about six foot in height and built with a bit of bulk that is solid but not bulging with muscles. There is abroad brim confidence about him that age has mellowed into subtle nothing to prove demeanor. His face is chiseled having a strong jaw with just that hint of not shaved in two days scruff. His nose having a slight deviation that speaks of having been broken a time or two and a small scar just to the side of his right eye faded with the passage of many years. In his mid twenties perhaps early thirty's , lines just starting to appear subtly about his mouth and eyes from a time when smiling came much easier to the man. Brown hair that just brushes the collar of his shirt.
Today he is dressed in serviceable if dark clothing. A tan shirt, heavy denim trousers. He wears an oil skin duster that shows the wear of much use, the browns faded now, several patches. He wears his pistol slung in a left hand rig, covered by the duster, his knife hanging from the opposite hip. A battered broad brimmed hat is settled upon his head, it's only adornment a simple silver buckled band. He normally carries a good pair of leather gloves, either on his hands, or tucked into his belt.

Character Background

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Character Personality

No nonsense tough as nails, Finn is unpolished working class, he is honest and forthright. He can be direct to the point of seeming rude.


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RP Hooks

Law and Order, Justice, Keeping the peace, Hunting, Injuns, Lawmen, Out laws, The Rail Road, Mother church

Extra Info

Theme Song: Whiskey River, Willie Nelson
Quote: A man is only as good as his word.
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