1861/07/05 Family Ties
Scene Family Ties
Characters Davey John
Place Davey's Saloon
Date July 7th 1861, Afternoon

The saloon is pretty quiet this afternoon with most of the nighttime patrons still out at work. A few travelers litter the place, and only a handful of the regular girls are on duty up on the balcony. Davey stands behind the long bar, resting his flabby elbows on the bartop and occasionally slurping from a steaming tin mug. The day's harsh sunlight is tempered by the glass in the windows and the rays catch dust motes in the air.

The doors swing open and John walks in, back straight. His head inclines respectfully to whoever looks his way, making straight for the bar. "Afternoon." he greets Davey, "What's tha best whiskey y'all have?"

Davey's eyes flick to John as the man walks in, he straightens up and pushes his mug out of the way. "Preacher" he says in simple greeting, then jerks a thumb at the glass cabinets behind the bar. "Got some eight year old whiskey from back East. Not cheap though. Or there's Wildsnake, I brew it meself and it's the best damn moonshine in the state. Your pick" Davey reaches below the bar and grabs a semi-clean glass which he plonks on the bartop, waiting.

"How 'bout I try the Wildsnake? Reckon I outta save my money until after I pay tha Jones boy's medical bills." John sighs quietly, reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck. "Oh, pardon tha rudeness. John Bishop." He offers Davey a hand.

Davey nods, and grabs one of the bottles from the cabinet. He uncorks it with his teeth and spits the stopper to one side. "Good choice, John" he comments splashing a measure from the bottle into the glass. A ray of sunlight catches the yellowish drink, making it appear to glow slightly. "Medical bills, is it?" he asks. "From the new Doc? That nurse there stiched me arm up lovely after a knife accident" Davey proudly displays a neat row of stitches up his forearm.

"She seems awful competent, yeah." John nods, taking a swig of the yellowish liquor. "None too happy I had to defend myself in tha church though. Reckon that's why I'm stuck with tha bill." He takes a moment to look at the stitches with a slight nod. "This place seems real safe."

Chuckling, Davey shrugs. "Safe enough if you don't try to cheat or insult anyone. 'specially in here, no guns drawn in here" he tilts his head to the red lettering on the large mirror "Cause trouble and the law will get right onto you. Speaking of which.." Davey's eyes flick to the saloon entrance.
Through the double-doors comes the local Marshal, Slade Dallas. The lawman walks over to the bar, his head turning to inspect every patron as he moves, his spurs clinking with each footfall. "Bounties just came in" he says, putting a sheaf of papers on the bartop. Davey nods, and quickly pours a drink for the Marshal. He picks up the wanted posters. "Sure and I'll have these up in no time Mr Dallas"

"Evenin'." John greets Slade, offering a polite nod of his head. "Any high priority bounties?" he asks, attention shifting to the stack of posters.

The Marshal gulps down his drink in one and puts the glass back on the bar, he turns to John and looks him up and down with a steely gaze, as if trying to decide what the man is guilty of. He pointedly ignores the question and inclines his head to Davey. "See that you do" he says, curtly, then turns and strides from the bar toward the exit, spurs clinking all the way.
"Don't mind him" says Davey, winking at John. "Tough as old boots he is" the barblob shuffles through the posters, using his finger to help him read the more difficult words "Heh, this one won't be around long" he says, putting the poster on the bar, "Already sent a hunter on his trail" The poster shows a man of middle years with an unkempt beard and reads 'WANTED ALIVE: James Bishop'

John starts to take a swig of his drink when Davey shows him the poster, instead setting it down. "Aw hell, what'd he do this time?" the preacher sounds exasperated, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Can't leave that side of tha family unattended for five minutes without them running off and gettin' inta trouble."

"Family?" asks Davey, his eyebrows raising in surprise. "Huh. Bishop. I get it" he pokes a pudgy finger at the poster, "Robbery and arson is all it says here, but I knew him a bit back in Boston, and I know his taste for fire, mebbe burnt something down with the wrong person inside of it 'cause I know they want him alive so's they can give him a tight collar and a short drop"

"Well I'll be go to hell." John shakes his head, finishing off his drink. "Mind if I ask who ya sent on tha job?" He rests his calloused hands on the bar, letting out a quiet huff. "Figure I may have ta accompany him, unless you figure him ta be ah scrappy fella."

Davey frowns, "You want to see Jimmy dead?" he asks, confused. "Figure you'd be more interested in keeping him alive, mebbe helping him run?" he refills John's glass and pours one for himself in the Marshal's empty. "Now why would you be after helping put your family in the noose?"

"Before I got this fancy collar," John indicates the one in question, "I was ah bounty hunter. Probably threw ah couple of tha people here in jail a time or two. The law is tha law, and he's got ah habit ah breakin it. Seems ta be gettin' worse an' worse. Not sure I could live with myself ifin I ignored this an' let him carry on an' kill somebody."

Davey scratches his head, obviously suspicious. "Hmh, well now there's a thing right enough.." he shrugs, and takes a slurp of his drink. "I'll not tell you where I know Jimmy to be, but I will tell you who's on his trail. And as a favour I'll wait on puttin' this particular poster on show so's you'll have a head start over any competition." Davey leans over the bar, giving an unrivalled view of his quivering jowls and many chins. "But if you're playin' me false, collar or no collar you'll pay. If not by me then by the hunter already looking for Jimmy" the big man leans back, "You're looking for Cort, don't know his last name. Got a goatee and a busted nose. If he trusts you he'll tell you more"

"If nothing else, I'm ah man of my word." John says, pushing to his feet and digging out payment for Davey along with a tip. "I'll be lookin' for him then. You have a good'n."

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