Full Name Eve Smith
Portrayed By Danielle Chuchran
Faction Native
Org Other
Sex Female
Age 19
Place of Birth Unknown
Date of Birth Dec
Profession None

Character Description

Eve Smith only stands around 5’ 4” tall but she is lean and far more athletic than the typical white woman. Her toned body has been tanned by the sun – the result of living with the Cheyenne for most of her life. Long blonde hair and clear blue eyes dispel any thoughts that she was born a Native American.

Eve’s clothing is rough and probably belonged to someone else beforehand. Dark colors and what are considered ‘male’ clothing – pants, vests, shirts. There is usually a bow and quiver slung over her back and a tomahawk in her belt.

Character Background

Eve Smith has long forgotten her real name but she does remember the major circumstances of her life. She remembers her family being massacred when she was only five years old. A Cheyenne war party taking offence to the small wagon train that traversed their land. Intrigued by the blonde, blue-eyed girl who stared up at them without fear despite being surrounded by her butchered family, she was taken in by the tribe – renamed ‘Calms the Thunder’ – and spent the next eleven years as a Cheyenne.

A couple of years ago there arrived in the tribe a preacher of the white men. They never listened to his sermons but he did take an interest in the white girl living among them. He told her about the world that she had been ripped from and intrigued by his words she has now decided to check out what 'civilization' has to offer.


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RP Hooks

Woman of Two Worlds - A white woman raised by the Cheyenne, she does not meet the expectations of either.

Warrior - She has learned how to use the bow, tomahawk and her fists though guns are currently beyond her.

Hunter - Eve can track and hunt with the best of them. And not just animals.

Extra Info

Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pCv7k_Hzvg
Quote: TBD
Online Times: US EST Friday and Saturday evenings is most common
Character Notes: TBD



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