Full Name Rory Keegan
Portrayed By Ben Van Dyken
Faction Union
Org None
Sex Male
Age 32
Place of Birth Colorado Mountains
Date of Birth August 5th, 1829
Profession Trapper


"Listen, par'ner. If y'er gonna pull a gun, wait till I finished my drink."

Character Description

Standing at a height of six feet and one inch and with fair skin lightly tanned under time in the sun, Rory looks to be taking his steps towards his middle ages.

Dark brown hair hanging down two or so inchs down past his ears rests under a cowboy hat of brown leather stiffened to its shape with a hawk feather, with hair pulled out from his face and tucked behind his ears out of the way. A moderate sized forehead with lines growing in rests above a pair of flat eyebrows, starting thick inwards and ending sharply outwards. Under those brows are a pair of almond shaped eyes, colored dark brown. Rory's nose is small and short, round and somewhat upturned- and along its bridge is the small scar of the tip of a claw.
Following that scar along his face, his right cheek and jaw is home to the continuation of the scar- three faded claw scars across his face and cutting through a short and trimmed beard of dark brown hair. Rory's lips are small, and there is nothing extraordinary about them. His jaw is somewhere unremarkably between square and angled, his chin round.

Rory's physique is fit, despite being shrouded by his clothes. He has a mesomorphic build, limbs neither long or smaller than most men. During his years of labor and frontier endurance, Rory has found himself a good bit of muscle- adding some stoic curvature to his body that's visible where and when appropriate for whatever clothes he wears.

Speaking of the clothes he wears… Aside from the leather hat upon his head, Rory wears a faded shirt underneath a black leather vest that looks from the tearing of the sleeves that it may have been part of something more. Wrapped across his torso diagonally, over his right shoulder and under his left arm, is a bandolier of unspent bullets held to his body. Held up by a black belt with a holster at his right hip, that's home to a revolver- Rory wears a pair of black canvas trousers, dirtied somewhat near the feet by travel- and home to the marks of sand. On his feet are a pair of simple black cowboy boots, home to spurs that rest on the heel- that jingle, jangle, and jingle with each step.

Occasionally, Rory can be seen with a rifle, depending on the occasion.

Character Background

Born in the wilderness of the Colorado mountains, Rory is the son of a trapper by the name of Billy Keegan and his wife by the name of Carla Daughtry. Billy raised Rory for the lifestyle of a trapper- and so from a young age Rory was instructed in the act of trapping and skinning various animals, and in general. Rory was taught the basics of firearms, and was instructed where to go from there- while his mother taught him how to read, write, and even the basics of cartography. Along with all this, his father taught him how to properly survive off the land. Rory was taught all of this for years up until he broke out on his own when he reached the age of seventeen. Rory made his way down mountain to Arizona, where he'd made his way east to eventually find himself as an intermediary smuggler for the illegal distribution of firearms, alcohol, and stolen luxuries to a particular gang of bandits lead by one Musky Mike.

The smuggling gig was a good one for Rory. On top of a good amount of money to live off of, Rory found himself with a dependable guarantee of protection from general thugs in the areas he passed through for his equally dependable work. Rory's work was dependable enough he was able to spend ten years doing it- outliving a good number of the Musky Mikes men. However, all good things must come to an end- and during a particularly important shipment of ransom funds Rory was attacked at the hand of a bear- the package pulled off and ravaged around beyond repair and recovery as the bear tore through it- all due to Rorys accidental distressing and walking into of the bears cubs. Left for dead, Rory barely managed to cling onto life before he was saved in time by a caravan headed west. Hauled up and treated sufficiently to be stabilized until he made it to the nearest town, Rory ended up travelling with this caravan headed to Grimwood in fear of whatever horrible punishments Musky Mike was to hand down upon him should he have tried going back. So now, Rory has arrived and plans to try and lay low from his past mistake and the enemy he has made- should all things go well.

Character Personality

A lover of women, booze, and all around pleasure is a good way to describe Rory. Born and raised in the mountains by a trapper, patience is something that manages to come to Rory from a bit of natural disposition and years of it being nailed into his head. It's also that same lifestyle of his youth that pushes him towards such luxuries of living. Friends, enemies, hunting and chased. Drunk, and sometimes even sober. That desire of pleasure pushes him towards making friends- and enemies when he deems fitting.


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RP Hooks

  • Trapper — Want something particular to eat tonight? Craving the soft touch of some hare fur? Need a hunting partner? Rory's your man.
  • Smuggler — Some folks need things brought in discreetly. Things they otherwise can't get on their own. Rory's capable of doing this sort of thing.
  • Pleasure Seeker — Whether it's the company of a cold drink that burns his throat, throwing fists, or a girl or two or maybe even another man- if you're out somewhere seeking fun out of life, Rory can't be too far away.
  • Cartographer — Gotta remember the way to something you hid? Need a hunting trail mapped out? Need a map of treasure looked at? Rory can probably help you out.
  • Gun-toter — Rory wouldn't have made it too far with the way he does things if he couldn't operate a six-shooter. Need lessons? Looking for gun advice? Rory may have a few things to say.
  • Leatherworker — Got some hide but need it made into leather? Want a new pair of boots? Maybe you need a new holster after a fight? Rory can whip something up for you.
  • Mountain man — While he wasn't in any fur companies, Rory was born and raised in the Colorado mountains. Need some tips on keeping you alive when you lost your supplies? Wanna know what leaves to wipe with and what ones not to? Rory might be a worth checking.



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