Full Name Davey O'Connell
Portrayed By Jon Polito (Sorry, Jon, You're nowhere near as gross as Davey!)
Faction Union
Sex Male
Age Mid-40s
Place of Birth Boston
Date of Birth Apr 28
Profession Saloon Owner

Character Description

To say that Davey is an overweight man would be understatement. He's a tubby bag of lard, a stature gained by years of drinking his own special brew of Wildsnake and eating his own cooking. His impressive gut hangs over his ragged trousers and can be seen poking out from beneath his filthy vest.

If his body is bad, Davey's face is worse… He wears a perpetual scowl on his fat face, and when he talks, which is often, his flabby jowls and many chins quiver. When Davey opens his mouth the first thing you'd notice would be the blackened stumps of what must once have been teeth, but the revulsion of those is heavily overshadowed by his foul breath, which suggests that he's been drinking straight from the cesspit. Under Davey's fat shaven brow are his piggy little close-set eyes, he always looks suspiciously at everyone he meets, and can often be seen screwing up his face in concentration as he tries to understand a complicated insult when it's directed at him.

Character Background

One of the earliest residents to settle in Grimwood, Davey turned up like an unexpected bad smell shortly after the town's founding. He dismounted from his VERY tired horse, waddled into what passed for the local saloon and plonked his fat elbows on the bar. The morning after his arrival, the saloon owner was found drowned in the horsetrough outside. Inside was Davey, smiling horribly and with one hand on his shotgun 'Teresa'. The deeds to the place in suspiciously wet ink were pinned up behind the bar, with Davey's name under 'owner'. No-one has seen these deeds since. Davey had come to stay.

Davey doesn't talk about his past, but it is rumoured that his father was Flanagan 'The Boston Bastard' O'Connell - A man wanted for many crimes ranging from arson and assault to 'bothering a pig'. It is possible that the pig was Davey's mother.

RP Hooks

"Everyone knows the barkeep" - As owner of a saloon, Davey is known to most in town, and his bar is often the first place newcomers to the town find themselves.

"The barkeep knows everyone" - Davey makes it his business to know other people's, either by observation or gathering information. He may often surprise a character by revealing a snippet now and then.

Extra Info

Character Notes: Davey is played by Monster, resident code wiz and game owner.


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