Josiah Cooke
Full Name Josiah 'Jed' Cooke
Portrayed By Pete Postlethwaite
Faction Outlaw
Sex Male
Age Mid-30's
Profession Theft. Arson. Murder. Jaywalking

Character Description

Swarthy, broad, grizzled.. Pungent. All these words fit Josiah Cooke. Those and more.. A lifetime outdoors has given this six-footer a ruddy complexion, his face weathered by years of sunburn and exposure to the elements. His bald head is usually covered by a wide-brim hat, his chin shaven, his scowl; well-practised. About his body Jed wears patched and mismatched clothing, a shirt, trousers, covered by a long brown duster. The duster has a custom made sheath on the back into which his Spencer rifle fits snugly, the butt of the long weapon protruding from over his shoulder. A pair of large and steel-shod boots completes the motley ensemble of this rather cruel-looking man.

Character Background

Jed Cooke and his outlaw group are new to the Grimwood area. Having come across country he didn't even realise he was near a town, at first. His criminal activities having driven him farther and farther west throughout his career. He is wanted in various places, and he will do what it takes to stay free.

Character Personality

Though with a fierce sense of loyalty to his fellows, Jed is quick to anger and often explosively violent when his temper frays. He can be sociable, and even kind when he thinks it might profit him in the long term.

RP Hooks

WANTED - Cooke has a price on his head - Though only out East of the Territory of Colorado at the moment.
Career Criminal - Cooke has had many dealings with other shady characters in the past. Some of them might even still be breathing.
Leader of the pack - Cooke has a gang, membership has a high turnover due to their line of work..

Extra Info

Character Notes: Jed Cooke is played by Monster, game owner and Idler General.


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