Full Name Charlotte Wright
Portrayed By Alycia Debnam-Carey
Faction Union
Org None
Sex Female
Age 19
Place of Birth Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Date of Birth March 18, 1842
Profession School Teacher

Character Background

Charlotte Wright was born and died on March 18, 1842, in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, to John and Clara Wright. Complications during the childbirth saw her arrive with no pulse and not breathing. The doctor spent ten minutes trying to resuscitate Charlotte. Just as he was about to give up, thinking there was no point in further dismaying her parents, she decided to breathe. They called it a miracle of God. Even more of a miracle was that she survived her younger years, which were plagued with constant sickness and crying. Many believed it to be some kind of providence that she made it to her school years. Some could hardly fathom that she seemed to one day simply stop being sick. She played with the other children and went into school, as if she'd never had to fear for her life at all.

The daughter of a corn farmer and horse owner, Charlotte grew up on a small farm to Baptist, kind parents. Love was an important part of her life, because they had little else in the way of comforts. Her family was not wealthy, but they avoided destitution thanks to John's hard work in the fields. Clara had left school early to marry her father, but both she and John believed that their daughter should at least finish school. Any edge she could gain in life would be helpful to her, if not make her more desirable to a potential husband. The young Charlotte proved to be quite the learner, whether it be the important womanly skills her mother passed down to her in the form of sewing and cooking, the knowledge her father imparted to her about horses and how to ride them, the lessons taught by her schoolteacher — who was a woman of some means come from New York with her husband, a merchant in the business of shipping goods to the west by boat or caravan — or as a member of the church congregation.

Tragedy, however, was not through with her life. In 1855, Charlotte suffered the loss of her mother during Bloody Monday, as their family had made the trip to Louisville so that her father could vote. The riots that broke out in the city killed many, and it left a young Charlotte and her father in a fit of despair neither were sure they would recover from. But recover they did. John did, at least. In 1858, John married another woman by the name of Josephine. From the start, Josephine was determined to remove Charlotte from their lives, wanting a family of her own and seeing the girl as a hindrance in having John's sole attention. The woman was often cruel to her, either ridiculing her or telling outright lies in attempts to provoke her father's ire. The latter didn't succeed as Josephine hoped, but it was her latest plan that finally drove Charlotte from her home. As an attractive girl, she'd had a few admirers. Rather than letting things happen as they would, Josephine began trying to orchestrate marrying Charlotte off to the worst man that she could find.

Eventually, with the Civil War starting and her father being conscripted, nothing could stand in Josephine's way of getting what she wanted. It was thus with her father's blessing that Charlotte left west, leaving Kentucky to seek work as a teacher. With the number of men being recruited into service, teaching became a woman's field. And one of the few fields that was deemed appropriate for single women. This series of events led Charlotte to Grimwood, Colorado, a recently started town that would match her recently started life.

Character Personality

Always ready with a smile or a kind word, Charlotte is a woman who has not yet been trodden down into the Earth in spirit. She has an air of naivety about her that explains how she's sometimes easily excited. She's positive, too, perhaps to the point of annoyance. A sense of potential lurks somewhere within, if she could find the courage to be outwardly independent. As it is, she's carefully respectful, and approaches things with a reserved attitude until she gains some measure of the situation.


Mercy tumblr_oa8dt0TRDO1v457kvo1_100.png The very first member of the Grimwood community that Charlotte ever met, Sister Mercy honored the newly arrived school teacher with her inaugural town tour, and offered to help Charlotte in any way she can.
Adolph tumblr_oa8dt0TRDO1v457kvo2_100.png Adolph aided a freshly arrived Charlotte with getting around the town and even sold her the first good she bought from the general store. They shared a few laughs, and Adolph's upbeat attitude and kindness has given Charlotte a positive view of Grimwood.
Kitty tumblr_oac2pbbVH71v457kvo1_400.png Their first meeting was not an ideal sort, with Charlotte waking up in the doctor's office after the native raid on Grimwood. The nurse's words to her make Charlotte question whether or not she's meant for frontier life.
John tumblr_oaj9h5YdqN1v457kvo1_100.png Given all the violence around town, Charlotte is grateful for the presence of a spiritual leader to spread the good word on Sunday's. What she's not so sure about is a man of the cloth who is so crass as to suggest young women such as herself are easily confused for the working women of the Saloon.

RP Hooks

Never In My Life: For a girl who is a long way from home, there are a few important life lessons to learn. The biggest? There's no better protection than a thing that goes boom. Charlotte's never so much as touched a gun, much less fired one. When the time comes, a girl should know how to defend herself. Who will be the one to show her?

It's A Harsh World: Charlotte hasn't ever lived on the proverbial frontier. Home in Kentucky was rural, but there weren't large, open plains to get lost in, or the dangers of savages waiting for the right opportunity to strike a barely-there town for its resources. God forbid she ever be stranded somewhere in the wilderness. She's not likely to last a day. It wouldn't be a bad idea to learn some of that there survival from someone who knows about it first-hand.

More Important Things: Not everyone gets to grow up with an education or with a loving family. Reading and writing are valuable skills to have, though, and Charlotte can teach these well enough that someone decided she should get paid for it. It may surprise her to receive an unexpected student, but an exchange of services or the promise of goods could go a long way towards picking up a skill someone missed out on the first time around.

Extra Info

Quote: "I find it funny that we tend to forget God until we need Him most."
Online Times: Daytime, Eastern Standard Timezone


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