Charles Weller
Full Name Charles Weller
Portrayed By Timothy Omundson
Faction Union
Org None
Sex Male
Age 47
Place of Birth Missouri
Date of Birth October 12, 1814
Profession Academic (aka: Fossil hunter)

Character Description

This tall, late middle aged man is rather over-dressed for the prairie in his single-breasted wide-lapeled charcoal grey frock coat, which is worn over a tan vest, matching trousers, and a linen shirt with a stiff turned-up collar held in place by a neatly knotted tie. The outfit is finished off by a pair of leather shoes, bowler hat, and a walking cane with an elaborately carved handle. The outfit would probably be more at home in an urban setting, but traces of dust and stains prove that he hasn't let his attire stop him from doing whatever work it is that he does. Signs of patching at the knees and elbows does suggest some type of feminine attention to his wardrobe.

His hair and beard are similarly ungroomed, forming a slightly bushy mane that is nonetheless neatly combed. It might once have been brown, but is so streaked with age that it's now more silver than any other color. It creates a rather striking look when he smiles, which is more often than not… And while a web of lines around his eyes matches the silver in his hair, there is nonetheless a childlike quality to the sparkle in his eyes.

Character Background

Charles Weller is an academic from Missouri, educated back east, who says he's come to the area to hunt fossils. It's very possible the outbreak of fighting in Missouri and general atmosphere of tension there had something to do with it.

Character Personality

So you've heard about people with old souls? Charles has a young one. Many people might think of him as naive, or even gullible, but he prefers to think of himself as trusting. Hopeful. An optimist. It has earned him both friends and enemies in his time, but it must be in his genes, because he seems incapable of changing. It's not that he doesn't see the bad things in the world… He just believes intensely in the basic goodness of people, and that goodness will eventually win the day, in the end.


Hilde Erikson Graham <Image A photographer from Missouri and a friend of Charles's daughter. Charles brought her along to document the excavation.
Sofie Weller <Image Charles's daughter, the apple of his eye, and quite a little spitfire.

RP Hooks

Dinosaur hunterCharles is in the area with the intention of hunting for fossils. (Actually, his intention is to find the /biggest fossil ever/ to show up his rapscallion arch-nemesis, Felix, but shhhh.)
Friend to the InjunsCharles met a couple of local tribe members shortly after his arrival in Grimwood, and is of the opinion that they are Good People and everyone should probably try really hard to be nice to them.
High-Falutin' EdumacationCharles was educated at a pricey university up in the Northeast.
Rich family back homeCharles's family made a fortune in shipping, and their company is still based in Missouri. You've probably heard of them.

Extra Info

Theme Song:
Quote: "You can do it! I super believe in you!"
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