Characters of Grimwood!


Law Enforcement

Marshal Slade Dallas (NPC)
Virgil - Marshal


Adolph - Tailor, General Store employee.
Andrew - Owner of the Black Star Saloon
Bill - Carpenter
Davey - Owner of Davey's Saloon
Lily - Owner, Baker's Dozen
Maggie - Owner of Grimwood's boarding house
Patrick - Farrier
Robert 'Rob' Shelby - Owner of Smoke and Mirrors Theatre.
Willa - Farmer
Yin - Local Doc

Grimwood Church

Pastor John Quincy Bishop - Pastor
Sister Mercy Graves - Shotgun Nun


Charles - Academic
Jack - Piano player
Ned - Out of work ranch hand
Kaedin Anderson - Chef


Cooke - Wanted man and gang leader.
Obedaiah - One of Cooke's merry band

Ranchers and Farmers

Native Tribes


Eve - White girl raised by the tribe


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