Bill Sherman
Full Name Bill Sherman
Portrayed By Josh Hutcherson
Faction Union
Sex Male
Age 24
Place of Birth St. Louis, MO
Date of Birth June 1, 1837
Profession Carpenter

Character Description

Medium height, light skin, dark brown hair, square jaw, callused hands. Bill is dressed in a light blue short sleeve shirt, together with light brown pants and a vest.

Character Background

Bill was raised in St. Louis, Missouri, his parents immigrating from Ireland when he was a small child. Always better with his muscles than his brains - not that he was a fool, mind, just average in that regard - he worked as a carpenter there for a few years.

Calling him successful would have been a stretch, though. He was skilled enough, but so were plenty of others; and while the city was growing, the war was already hurting it. It was bad enough seeing some of his friends affected; what if he'd had a brother or sister to risk getting hurt, or what if things got desperate enough that they needed to draft him? He moved to Grimwood to put some more distance between himself and all that, promising to arrange the same for his parents once he got established.

Character Personality

Curious, talkative, friendly. Sheltered, perhaps, and so what? Tries to be a bit fancy with his words. Hopefully he'll find a wife at some point.

He believes that slavery ought to be abolished, but also that the government ought to offer more assistance with the financial transition; letting a plantation fail helps neither the owners nor the workers.


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RP Hooks

Carpenter: Need a building built or repaired?
Yankee: Want something to argue about?
Newcomer: Moved to Grimwood in September 1861.
Irish: By birth, at least. Not exactly steeped in the culture.

Extra Info

Theme Song: We've Only Just Begun
Quote: "'Mister Sherman' is my father."
Online Times: Evenings and weekends, Pacific time



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