Benjamin Campbell
Full Name Benjamin Campbell
Portrayed By Ethan Hawke
Faction Confederacy
Org None
Sex Male
Age 36
Place of Birth El Paso, Texas
Date of Birth Dec 24, 1825
Profession Rancher

Character Description

Beneath a dark grey Stetson, of quality that seems to contradict the man before you, brown hair completely covers the back of his neck and partially over his ears; the occasional strand hanging down before his eyes. Those eyes; a greyish-blue in color and possessing a glance that seems hold within them a quiet confidence and timid suffering all at the same time. His face could be considered ruggedly handsome by most standards; a goatee that is starting to show signs of the slightest peppering of white.

Standing just below the six-foot mark, the man before you has a build that one could consider fit. He also appears to be a man who takes great pride in his appearance. A white shirt is covered by a grey vest, the vest covered by a matching coat of the same fabric and color. Upon his legs are a pair of pants of the same grey, leading down to a pair of brown boots that seem to contradict his clothing; they being weathered and worn.

It would appear that he wears no holster upon his hip, or makes any effort to hide any firearm; a Sharp's Rifle often seen in his possession.

Character Background

It was said that Benjamin Campbell was born on the back of a horse. Truth be told, he was born in a horse stable in El Paso, Texas in 1825. His father, Thomas, ran a small horse ranch along the Mexican border town. He was an only child as sadly his mother died bringing him into the world. Thomas was prominent in the area and well-respected. They had a fair amount of ranch-hands and a house-hold servant who was a kind and caring Senorita named Maria. It would be this young woman who would teach Benjamin Spanish from a very early age.

Their life was horses. It revolved around their care, breeding and selling of the animals. It was a life that Benjamin slid into easily and would remain doing in Texas until the war broke out. In 1846, when the Mexican-American war broke out, Benjamin's father thought it best to move his son and Maria (whom his father in time had come to love) northward to the Kansas Territory. He sold the ranch and then the horses who were purchased by the United States Military. With the money they resettled in the Kansas Territory and founded another small ranch.

When he was 22, Benjamin met Isabella. She was a beautiful Mexican girl who was serving the Mayor of the small town their ranch was affiliated with. The Mayor dealt with the Campbell ranch often as their horses had once again become well-known. As the days passed, their time together became more frequent. She felt at home with the young man who had all but been raised by a woman of her own heritage; her own family having sold her to settle a debt when she was 12.

They were eventually married, despite the disdain of them doing so and she was soon pregnant. They continued to live on the Campbell ranch, with Benjamin assisting his father. In 1851, Elena Campbell was born. Life would go on upon the ranch, a life that was fulfilling and all that Benjamin could ask for. He even had plans to move further west to a town named Grimwood with his small family; his father having obtained a land deed outside the fledgling town. That was until: The day. It was a warm August night in 1859. Benjamin had taken Elena to a neighboring town that day to fulfill a promise of a birthday gift. When they returned to the ranch they found it smoldering and all the horses gone. The ranch hands lay dead and among them, Benjamin's father with a rifle at his side.

Benjamin put the shocked Elena in the untouched stable and quickly searched for any survivors. Maria lay dead, apparently having been assaulted and then killed. However, laying in the dirt and still breathing was Isabella; she too showing signs of assault. She died in his arms, muttering one word. "Alcalde." (Mayor). It would go down as the Campbell Ranch Massacre in history; but Benjamin knew the truth.

Benjamin took Elena as far as he could away as he could, riding until he found himself in Grimwood with little but a land deed and two horses. It has been a long hard road over the past year or so, but Benjamin has established himself a small homestead and the beginnings of a flourishing ranch. What lies ahead for this Rancher and his daughter? Benjamin is optimistic to build a future so he can bury his past.

Character Personality

Benjamin is a perfect gentleman. It is said that not once has he uttered a curse word or spent time in a brothel. It is often quite rare that anyone has seen him angry; however those who have are quick to admit it is like a raging wildfire. A man of his word and not one to wrong anyone, Ben is also very loyal to those he feel are loyal to him. Above all else, he cares for his daughter Elena and would do anthing to make sure she is never in harms way or taken advantage of in any way possible.


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RP Hooks

  • Do you want to work on a horse ranch? Contact me and we can make it happen. Many positions open to do whatever you want with a lot of character development opportunities.
  • Are you from the Kanas Territory or Texas? Perhaps we ran into each other before?
  • Do you hate Mexicans? We may have a problem. His wife was and his daughter is half.
  • Anything else you can think of. Seriously. I am open minded to any RP plot or idea.

Extra Info

Theme Song: Coming soon!
Quote: "I have yet to find a horse fast enough to outrun the nightmares of my past." ~Benjamin Campbell
Online Times: Most evenings after 7pm Eastern.
Character Notes (Quirks):

Lost love: Benjamin lost his wife to a brutal attack on his ranch while he was away. This has effected him deeply and has caused his usual outgoing personality to become more reserved and stoic.

Single Father: Benjamin is the father to a 10 year old girl named Elena whose mother was Mexican. He adores her and would do anything for her to keep her safe and from harm.

Orderly: Ever since the tragic events where he lost his father, Maria and his wife (Isabella), Benjamin has become extremely orderly. He cannot explain why, but everything has a place and a lot of what he does borders on perfection.

Past Enemy: When Benjamin found his wife dying, the last word she murmured was "Alcade" the Spanish word for Mayor. He knows the Mayor of his town back in Kansas was responsible, and someday wishes to seek his revenge.



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