1861/06/21 Barber Surgeon
Scene Barber Surgeon
Characters Yin and Kitty
Place Barber-Surgeon
Date June 25, 1861, Afternoon

Yin might be surprised at the little Southern Belle that has become his nurse. From the first moment in the shop, she set to work. She took out her crioline and petticoats, so her skirt is fairly flat. It's a dark rosey skirt, that thing, with a white blouse that is cut high at the throat and has long sleeves. She's on a ladder in front of the barber shop with a hammer, her cute round face slightly smeared with dirt. The hammer claw is stuck between the barber's pole and is yanking. Yank. Yank. Yank. Finally it breaks free and Kitty gasps in surprise as the thing falls to the ground, smacking hard and kicking up dust. There!

Yin does look startled at the sight of the hardworking nurse, but he's also ready to work. Dressed in lighter clothes and missing the hat, he examines the building and rushes to help Kitty with the barber's pole. "Careful, now." He says, "I don't want one of us to be our first patient." The Chinaman quickly adds, a slight smirk on his face.

"I daresay that wouldn't be good publicity for our services, in the town. That the nurse can't keep herself healthy but for a day," Kitty says in that outhern drawl of hers, slowly making her way back down the ladder. Her hair is pulled up into a pile of curls, but with the work some of them have fallen away, framing her face and brushing the back of her neck. "Still, I promised ya, Docta Yin, I'd tear down any sign of a barber shop if there was any. And now I've done. Now, maybe, we can get some sorta sign that says Docta. Or Physician … what do ya think sounds more respenctable?" She asks. Once she's got her feet on the ground she looks up and over teh shop consideringly, hands on her hips.

"Any man that dedicates himself to the study of a special field might become a doctor someday," Yin muses, placing a hand on his chin as he considers the structure of the building, "However, it takes a special set of skills to make a physician. Let's use it, then." The man adds with a broad smile on his face, "Did you check for rooms that could be used for both clinical and surgical aspects? It's best if we keep it balanced, all objects behaving according to the harmony, wind and water."

"Yessir. I spoze physican is better, myself. Sounds more serious, more cosmp'litan. Daddy always called himself a physician." That seems to be the end of it; if Daddy did it and so too shall they. The auburned-haired young woman turns her head to look over the doctor, nodding appreciatively at his question. "There's a small back room for a surgery. But … well it ain't got as much in the way of windows. For surgery ya need light. Mayhaps we can curtain off a section in the front of the room, before the mirror that's in there from the barber, that'll throw light. Leave the rest of the room open for clinical patients."

Yin nods to the idea, "Seems like a good way to get things sorted out." He says, moving closer to the front wall and knocking it in several places as if to gauge how solid the building stands, "Well, at least it's a fairly recent building, we won't have problems with rotting wood soon enough… But I'd like to turn it to a brick building if we get the resources at a later date. What do you think? Too expensive?"

"I should hope we should be that successful," Kitty says, taking the ladder and setting it on the side of the building. "But that may be a long time from now. And I wonder how expensive it is to ship proper bricks all this way." Kitty bites softly on her lower lip, looking over the building thoughtfully. "To start .. we need someone who can paint a sign. I've a steady hand for surgery and sewing … but not much experience with paint."

"I guess how we are successful depends much on the success of the city itself," Yin suggests, turning back to the girl, "Should it keep a steady source of immigrants, we'll have to treat them from time to time and they can also bring resources." The Chinaman nods to the painting bit, "My sister knows how to paint well, but I am clueless to that art, maybe some of the other business owners might know someone."

"Surely there's someone in town with a hand for the business. We don't requre art, just a simple sign," Kitty says. She looks around, then steps a half-step closer to Yin, speaking softly but urgently. "We cannot limit ourselves to the immigrant community, Docta Yin. It's going to be difficult enough as it is being a Chinaman an a woman as we are. We gotta paint ourselves as good as the white menfolk here. Better. So they see comin' to us as somethin special. Somethin' to trust. We gotta be like them."

Yin seeems to have found just another language barrier, "Oh, I meant the newcomers to the city, I know their trust will be hard earnt, but we can achieve it." He says, smiling once again to the Southern Belle as he takes some measuring tools from the inside of his coat and starts taking some mental notes, "We could place the sign right here, so it would be seen by any passerby."

Apparently this issue is something that concerns Kitty, for she watches the man for a moment longer. But finally she nods. "I daresay that's as good a spot as any, Docta," she murmers in agreement. "We'll need some beds. Reckon there's a local carpenter who can knock some us for us. Will ah…" Kitty looks around again, and then back to the doctor. "Will you take quarters, above the shop?"

"That would be wise," Yin says after a long nod, as if himself hadn't considered the issue before, "In case we have any patient in the odd hours or emergencies. Besides people will always know where to find me." He seems quite enthusiastic with the prospect, "Have you arranged quarters elsewhere, though?"

"Naw sir. They had a room with a cot set aside in a side storage room for travelers. Spent a night there. Spoze I'll find a spot tonight, once we're done here, if I can." The prospect is a bit off-putting for her, clearly, but her resillience shines through as much as her trepidation. "Best for a doctor to be there looking after his shop." She sounds just a bit bitter, or perhaps jealous, and turns to move for the door to step in. "Ought to set up the clinic, first, an then the surgery. Don't reckon we'll hvae many strangers coming in for a surgery, right immediately."

Yin shakes his head, seeming amused by the conditions the lady had to pass through, "I feel for you, that's no way to spend the night after a long travel like ours." He says, nodding once again as she mentions surgery, "They won't trust us enought to put themselves under my knife, however, I reckon that the lastest rumors are kinda worrying, we might need to prepare the basic minimum for an emergency."

"No, t'werent no place for a lady long-term, but I reckon ladies finer'n me have slept in worse, sometimes. At least it didn't move underneath me, as that train did." Kitty steps through the doorway into the barber and pauses, kicking the sawdust on the floor disapprovingly. "We'll have to sweep all this. Sand or sawdust on the floor is fine in the surgery, but no point in having it in the clinic. Ain't appropriate. Ain't neat," she says, disapprovingly. She crosses her arms as she looks around the place. But something he syas causes her to turn, to look at him with slender brows raised. "What rumors? I ain't heard nothing, but I ain't hardly spoken to no one either."

Yin follows Kitty through the doorway, touching some of the objects himself and cleaning the dust off others, "I agree, maybe we could put some signs with health tips on the walls, that should show our willingness to the pople." He suggests, face turning into a more serious expressions as she inquires about the rumors, "Well, last night I heard that the local priest has been missing for a while now, some people say he ran off with a whore, but others mention something more darker, indians."

"A priest and a whore? Surely you jest! Indians, perhaps, that makes sense at least. But a godly man and a fallen woman … I can't believe it." And Kitty shakes her head in a fashion to show that disbelief, walking over to the mirror and using her sleeve to polish a small section. "Where did you hear such things?"

"I just told you what I heard, but I think the indian hypothesis is more sound!" Yin raises his eyebrows seeming quite worried about the prospect, "I don't even know what they might look like… Red skins, in my country red is supposed to bring you good luck, but here it seems like a warning." He sighs, looking outside the building through the windows, "At the Saloon, it isn't much farther from here. It's owned by that chap that we met at the railroad station… But they don't serve tea there, I might have to find someplace else."

"No, red is a color of blood. Of the devil. All very bad signs, those things," Kitty says solemnly. She watches the Chinamen looking out the window for a moment, then seems to recover herself from her thoughts. "I'd best go and seke some accomdations, before it's too dark, Doctor." She pauses, as though worried he might dislike or disapprove. But then she continues. "I'll be back in the morning to start unpacking everything from my father's shop."

Yin raises an eyebrow to that, trying to understand the connection between red and the devil, but he stays silent on the subject for now as the girl calls him a 'doctor'. "Very well, I will clean the sawdust from here and place it in a box, so we can use it during the surgery." He says, waving to the girl, "If you need anything, just come here for me."

"I shall. Good evening to you, then," And Kitty picks up her little wristlet purse from where she's hung it from the mirror on the wall, slipping it over her hand to her wrist. She nods once more to the man and moves for the door, slipping out in to the street.

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