Full Name Andrew Silverton, Viscount Airthrey
Portrayed By Heath Ledger
Faction Confederate
Org None
Sex Male
Age 31
Place of Birth Stirling, Scotland
Date of Birth 14 April 1830
Profession Owner of the Black Star Saloon

Character Description

Andrew stands 1.85 metres tall and is reasonably well muscled though not quite as imposing a figure as he was in his cavalry days. He has hazel coloured eyes and blond hair and facial hair, he looks he could probably use a trip to the barber. He wears a grey cotton shirt covered by bright red corduroy jacket, the same shade of red as his old uniform, topped with a black bowler hat. He carries a cavalry sabre and colt dragoon pistol. On his bad days he carries a cane as well.

Character Background

Andrew Silverton was born on 14 April 1830 at Airthrey Castle in Stirling, Scotland. As the first and only child of the 3rd Earl of Stirling, from birth Andrew had the courtesy title of Viscount Airthrey. It was a chaotic time for the Silverton family. Andrew's grandfather the 2nd Earl died the year before and it was around about that time that Andrew's mother and father married or at least that is what was claimed. The relationship did not last long past Andrew's birth and while all the documentation supported his legitimacy and his father did not contest, Andrew never had much of a relationship with his father.

In spite of the family drama, Andrew had a comfortable upbringing with his mother in the nearby town of Bridge of Allan. His life was fairly free of noteworthy moments before he left for Oxford University in 1848. Though he was very scholarly he could not maintain attention in any one academic path reading history, law, modern languages, and philosophy in his time there. He might have stayed there indefinitely but the outbreak of the Crimean War changed his plans.

Leaving Oxford in 1853 he purchased a Cornet's commission in 2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys) hoping to prove himself a true aristocratic gentleman and by 1854 he was part of the Heavy Brigade participating in support of the Siege of Sevastopol. Andrew was heavily involved in the Battle of Balaclava on 25 October 1854. Though he was not part of the famous Charge of the Light Brigade, witnessing the futility of his fellow cavalry men being cut down in such folly began to make Andrew question what he thought about the army. Nevertheless he purchased a Lieutenant's commission from a wounded regimental comrade after the battle.

Andrew's subsequent service in the war did not prove very notable as the war continue. Watching the absolute horror of this modern warfare gave Andrew plenty of time to think about what he thought of the army which became increasingly negative. Finally he was liberated from the conflict shortly before it ended in 1856 when an artillery shell exploding nearby knocked him off his horse. With his left leg badly broken among other lesser wounds he found himself back to Edinburgh a few months before his comrades.

It was during his convalescence that Andrew met Rosalee MacPherson, the younger sister of another officer in his regiment. Rosalee visited him with great frequency as he recovered. They were both quite fond of each other, but given the age difference between them Andrew attempted to drive a wedge between them. Finally when his health improved enough he sold his commission, he had no interest in returning to the army anyhow, and moved elsewhere in the city without leaving Rosalee his new address. Nevertheless she quickly found him and his having left the army did not diminish her interest at all. Finally Andrew returned to Bridge of Allan only to find that Rosalee had some how convinced her parents to rent a house in the town.

Finally Andrew decided he need to really make a break for it! He would go to the Americas and settle in Oregon and leave all of his problems an ocean and a continent behind. It was not until the ship took off that Andrew found that his cabin had been rebooked by Viscountess Airthrey for two. In his cabin waited Rosalee who had managed to pay for her own ticket, bring her own luggage, and presenting herself with a wedding ring claiming to be Andrew's wife.

After a difficult crossing Andrew and Rosalee came to an understanding when they finally reached the Americas. And they left Charleston for the west as Mister and Missus Silverton. With plenty of time before spring they took a leisurely stage coach route westward with stops in Atlanta, Montgomery, and New Orleans. In New Orleans they took a ship up the Mississippi to Saint Louis before finally taking another stage coach to Independence. In Independence they bought a wagon and stock and goods and set off to Oregon in April with a sizeable wagon train. It was an arduous trip but they both adapted to it fairly well. Andrew in particular found he had a particular talent for making good trades along the trail and through clever dealing managed to increase their livestock holdings considerably on the way.

In Oregon the Silvertons started a horse ranch. While they were not without their successes they never took well to be set in one place nor did Andrew find raising horses to be near as fun as horse trading. Within less than two years they decided to pick up and move on, taking a number of horses and rambling vaguely eastward trading. Among other destinations they ended up passing through Grimwood not long after it was found in 1860.

By summer of 1861, they had found themselves in Indian Territory at the same time as Albert Pike was concluding treaties with various tribes on behalf of the Confederacy. The terms of these treaties left open the possibility of eventual Confederate statehood for the Indians, offered the protections the Union had previously provided the tribes but had since abandoned, and in general provided terms more favourable in character than those the tribes had enjoyed with the Union. This in addition to their own experiences in the south led the Silvertons to believe the Confederate cause to be just as it was predicated on regional autonomy and they ultimately felt the Confederacy would make a worthy ally of Britain should it win the war.

Though eager to do his part in this great conflict Andrew had no wish to go further east and fight in another great war. His leg likely would not have allowed him to carry on too well for the long conflict he expect to occur. But with a war on travelling the continent was no longer very safe, they would need to settle somewhere. Ultimately Andrew and Rosalee decided to travel back westward hoping to find a community they could plant their roots and lay the groundwork for future Confederate expansion. Eventually they found there way back to Grimwood.

Character Personality

He is an aristocrat by birth but has suffered through circumstances that have kept him estranged from that part of his life. It has given him a great appreciation for the plights of others. While he will always act as a man of wealth and authority be default he can easily shift between to role of nobleman to that as townfolk, the latter of which he spends more time portraying himself as. He is a man of great learning and great courage and will not hesitate to volunteer himself for whatever worthy tasks his talents may be applied toward.


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RP Hooks

Aristocrat: Are you a member of the aristocracy? Andrew is the Viscount Airthrey.

Crimean War: Did you fight in the Crimean War? Andrew was a Lieutenant with the Scots Greys.

Confederate: Looking to lend support to Southern Independence? Andrew is looking to stir up some Confederate Shenanigans.

Drink: Need a drink? Andrew owns a bar.

Linguist: Need someone to translate for you? Need someone to practice speaking in another language with? Andrew is fluent Cherokee, English, French, Gaelic, German, and Spanish.

Oregon: Did you travel the Oregon Trail? Andrew did in 1858 and was settled there for two years.

Scotland: Are you from Scotland? Andrew is from Stirling.

Extra Info

Theme Song: Spencer Davis Group - I'm A Man
Quote: Can I get you a drink?
Online Times: Eastern Time, Weekend Day Afternoons primarily, Evenings and Weekends occasionally.
Character Notes: I am here to add some wealth to Grimwood and stir up Confederate shenanigans.



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