Full Name Adolph Schneider
Portrayed By Tait Hughes Geijer
Faction Union
Org Merchant
Sex Male
Age 18
Place of Birth Philadelphia, PA
Date of Birth October 23
Profession Tailor

Character Description

Adolph is middling-to-tall in height, but with a slight frame, a smooth chin, wheat-blonde hair that's streaked with brighter platinum strands, bleached in the heat of the sun. His features are delicate, pretty, almost feminine, well-shaped lips and gentle hazel eyes, a smattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks bespeaking a complexion not built for the onslaught of the sun. His fingers and nimble and quick, bis hands softer than a miner's but with the little callouses of someone who works with them plenty, if possibly not at the most arduous of tasks.

He's dressed in a high-waisted pair of tan breeches tucked into sturdy boots which rise halfway to the knee. A pair of black suspenders hold them up over top of a white linen shirt which buttons tidily down the front.

Character Background

Adolph arrived in Grimwood not too long after the town was founded. Destitute and homeless, owning little but a skill and a ten cent piece to invest in needles and thread, he began to work for pennies patching clothing for the single miners inhabiting the place. He became well known for his honesty, humility and patience, and after the general store was established and began to thrive, he rented some workspace from them and began to craft a few pieces on commission. Having proven his credentials, the general store took him on as an employee, and now the store offers tailoring, repairs and even custom made pieces as a sideline, taking the profits and paying Adolph a salary on which he can actually live, as well as a room above the shop in which to live.

Character Personality

Adolph is friendly, but quiet, sometimes shy, sometimes funny. He holds himself very humbly, always asking permission for things others might take for granted. Women leave him somewhat tongue-tied— especially pretty ones. He can be skittish about money and usually saves whatever he can— being broke was not a pleasant experience for him and he would rather not chance it again.


Roy <Image I've known Roy for about as long as I've known anyone here in Grimwood. I spent last winter up near his camp and he was kind to me, even then. I'm grateful for his custom and will always keep him in mind, if there is any good I may do for him in turn. His mind works most mysteriously.
Sister Mercy tumblr_oa8dt0TRDO1v457kvo1_100.png My mother would frown if she knew how I give coin of tithing to Papist coffers. But Sister Mercy, strange woman though she be, I'm pretty sure she doesn't send our goodwill money directly to the Whore of Babylon; she does good works here and can wield a shotgun in defense of the people, which is no small added boon.
Miss Morton tumblr_oac2pbbVH71v457kvo1_400.png Our town's nurse; I've had more opportunity to speak to her of recent than ever I cared to, given the circumstances of our discussion largely involved the removal of a native arrowhead from my side. But she has been very accommodating as to my ability to pay what I owe and is allowing me credit over a period of some weeks. I suppose she can afford to, given the beautiful clothing I've seen her wear of a Sunday.
Miss Wright tumblr_oa8an9s2Un1v457kvo1_400.png I met Miss Wright quite nearly just fresh from the depot. A blessing for our town in the form of a teacher who can tend to the young and educate them in letters and figures. She is under the protection of Sister Mercy, but has no Papist leanings herself, as far as I can tell. My own education is the best thing I have, and I am glad that every child even as far into the wild as Grimwood will have the same opportunity.

RP Hooks

  • Tailor: Adolph earns a wage from the general store; he has a little corner of the shop set aside for him where he mends, patches and alters clothing, mainly, but does also take orders for custom-made clothing. The most obvious hook for any RP with him.
  • Innocent: Adolph is a church-goer, drinks like a bird, steers clear of saloon girls and generally thinks to do good for the town. Maybe he'll help you organize a charity event. Maybe you know him from church. Maybe you want to see what would happen if you got him in over his head in the drink. Maybe you think his halo could use a little tarnish. I dunno, make up your mind!
  • City Boy: This is not a fellow made for the great outdoors, and his skills, while useful, are hardly rugged. Maybe you could teach him the right way to hold a gun or how to ride a horse without just clinging on for dear life. Maybe you could teach him to keep his fists up in a fight. Maybe you could save his sorry behind from a bear or something. Maybe you just want to mock him. He takes teasing well enough, and doesn't seem to let it get to him. But you could see whether you can find any buttons you can press.

Extra Info

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