1861/12/29 When Padre comes to Town
Scene When Padre comes to Town
Characters Mercy Peter
Place Grimwood Church
Date Afternoon
Scene Theme <Song>

It's a bitterly cold mid-morning in late December. There's really no excuse to be traveling this time of year, but that hasn't stopped one Peter Clarke. The church says go, you go. So here he is, carrying a small case with his few possessions in one hand and his walking stick in the other. He's been making his way slowly but steadily down the street, counting the buildings as he goes. Finally, his walking stick clatters in the doorway of the church, but he still hesitates for a moment before pushing his way in. He lingers in the doorway, listening silently.

The sound of a broom passing over the floor can be heard, as well as the smell of a brewing stew and freash bread. Mercy finishes the last corner of the church, her daily sweeping and upkeep of the church almost done for the day as she turns at the sound of the door opening, turning and setting the broom aside while she takes in the form of a Priest. A young priest at that. "Father, welcome…" She says as she slowly moves twoards him, almost a releif, but how 'green' is the newly appointed Priest.

Peter gives a little smile as he notes the signs of habitation, and it only grows, looking a bit relieved as Mercy speaks. "Hello…" He steps inside and awkwardly pushes the door shut with an elbow. He looks a little chilled, with red nose and ears, but he doesn't say anything about that. Instead, he takes a deep breath, and comments, "Something smells nice. Can I assume I found the church?" He stays near the door for now, rather than venturing further in.

Mercy walks up to him and tilts her head, lifting the dark glasses that cover her own eyes, light a minor hinderance to her vision, peering at him she lowers the glasses. "You're blind." She says, though tall and from the direction her voice comes from, he young father could easly tell that she is abnormaly tall. "Yes, I have stew prepaired, I wasn't expecting you until this afternoon, I guess the train was early." She says as she moves to take his arm. "Come, let me show you around."

Peter opens his mouth, closes it again, and then smiles a little. "You're blunt," he replies, after a moment to gather his wits, and then chuckles a little, When she moves to take his arm, he makes things a bit more difficult by juggling his case into his other hand, then arranges his free hand to rest in her elbow. "Like that," he corrects, gently. "The train must have made good time, but it was a long enough trip for me." After a moment, he jumps in to add, "I won't need much help. Show me where everything is and then I'll be fine on my own."

Mercy nods and moves along wit hhim. "The alter is here, we have the cross of St. Joseph behind the alter, had to fight through Natives and Bandits to get it, but it's where it belongs." She says. 'There are ten rows of pews on eather side headding twoards the door." She says as she also points out the piano, and chior stand. She then leads him through a door into the Church's kitchen, where the smell of beef stew and bread is much stronger, as well as brewing tea. "This is the kitchen, I usualy do a small breakfast and lunch, dinner is abit bigger, and sometimes the townspeople will come and bring dinner for us as well, or offer their hospitality to us, especially those who can;t donate otherwise." She says as she leads him to a chair. "I'll get you a bowl Father, tell, me, do you like your tea bland, or with sugar and cream?"

Peter pauses when they reach the altar and sets his case down next to it, leaving him a free hand to feel his way around as she shows him the layout. He listens silently through all of it, until she helps him to a chair and he settles down easily. "Oh… bland is fine," he replies, quietly. "Thank you." He leans his walking stick against the side of his chair, where he can keep it balanced with the crook of his elbow without it getting in the way. "Are natives and bandits a common problem, then?" he wonders.

Mercy sets two bowls and two plates of bread on the table, and pours a cup of tea for the father, and then herself. "It's been a quiet winter thus far, though, during the last spring and summer, they got bold. The natives killed our former father at the onset of spring, when he decided to head to their 'camp' and try and persuade them to convert to god's will, honestly, my advice is to not go near them unless I'm with you, I don;t need a second headless priest in the graveyard. Also the bandits robbed the general store, and set off dynomite in the city, no real damage, but still the town was shaken for a few weeks.' She says softly as she works to put sugar and cream into her tea. "This place is dangerous, uncivilized, and is in desperate need of your guidance."

Peter reaches to find the bowl and plate as it's set on the table, and then the cup. He starts with the tea, warming his hands on the cup without drinking just yet. He nods rather solemnly as she explains, and then takes a small sip of tea as he processes all that. "Well, I don't think you have to worry about me wandering to the native camp on my own. At least not for a while," he chuckles, with a soft smile. "But it does sound as though I'm in for an adventure, doesn't it?"

Mercy smiles. "I thought this was going to be a boring mining and farming town, I was wrong. Not only is there trouble with crinimals and the natives, but the war has almost reached us here, with both a confederate camp, as well as a union camp within fifty miles of the city." She says with a sigh as she takes a bite of her stew, swallowing before speaking again. "Also, even though you are blind, you may want to learn how to fight, at least to defend yourself. I might not always be around to protect you." She says, knowing that most of the people in the town wouldent hurt the priest, but there are some who just have no sense of morality.

Peter takes a healthier drink of the tea. It could be the odd jiggling of his eyes gets a bit more noticeable, but if so, it's a subtle thing. He smiles again, and pushes the tea slightly away and to the right, and pulls the bowl of soup a little closer. "Are you suggesting that I should engage in the violence?" he wonders, and pauses to take a small bite of the soup, taking great care with it.

Mercy smiles. "Did the lord not say 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.' Besides, I'm not saying we should go out and activly start hitting people, Im just saying a drunkard who wants to fight would be easy to deal with if you knew how to subdue them." She says simply as she takes a bite of bread and watches him, noting how well he manages his meal even without his eyesight.

Peter raises an eyebrow, but looks more amused than offended. "I think you'll find that Jesus repudiated that in the new testament. The verse about turning the other cheek." He takes a bite of his stew, savoring it for a moment and swallowing before commenting, "So is the church often beset by drunkards? Along with the natives and bandits? Or am I encountering these drunkards on my visits to the local saloon?"

Mercy blinks for abit and leans forward. "Like I said, this place is dangerous, and turning the other cheek for a minor slight is one thing, protecting yourself from being beaten to a pulp is another thing Father." She says as she finishes her meal and leans back in her chair. "Andif you are going to a saloon, I'd suggest avoiding Davey's.. it's a horrible place, it breeds evil and corrughption, there is not a greater hive of villiany in colorado."

Peter gives a little nose that is half snort and half snerk, probably a result of trying to hold in a laugh, and ducks his head a little, which doesn't do much to hide a crooked grin. "I don't intend to be going to any saloons. I'm sorry, I was joking. I suppose it wasn't very funny…" He clears his throat and grows a bit more solemn, then. "To be frank… It's all well and good to follow the lord's teachings when it's easy. The true test is if you can continue to follow them when it's difficult."

Mercy smiles. "Oh, you will find an abundance of difficult here Father, trust me, if it's not difficult, then there is somthing wrong." She says as she clears the table, granted, if the father has finished his meal. She places the dishes in the wash basin and begins to clean them. "some days it's lazy and hot, other days it's more hectic then a kicked pile of ants, anyway, I have shopping to do, allow me to show you to your cell before I go." she says, knowing she needs to get more food stuffs, as well as a few more blankets since it's only going to get colder.

Peter nods a little, and takes a deep breath. "Well, I certainly didn't expect it to be easy," he offers. His smile might be a bit more strained than before, but in any case, he lets her take the dishes away and sits back. "I would appreciate that. While you're away I can take some time learning the church a bit better." He gathers his walking stick and pushes to his feet, then tentatively holds a hand out toward her, presumably in search of an elbow to grasp.

Mercy offers him her elbow and leads him twoards a side hall, the very back of the church, passing two doors. "The first door is mine, or well, the other sisters should we get any, since there are only two rooms here, the other is yours, here." She says as she opens the wooden door. "The room has a freashly made bed, I put a wool blanket and clean linens on it, there is a set of drawers for your clothing, and a desk should you need it." She says as she smiles softly. "Also let me know if you need letters penned for you, I can diliver tem to the post office for you as well." She says as she steps back. "As for me, I'll be heading ot the general store… oh, and mind the cats, we have six of them, they are mousers, and well behaved."

Peter allows the back of his hand to trace the wall as they go, locating the doors she's talking about. "Thank you. I might have you do that. The alternatives are a bit clumsy, I'm afraid." He smiles, faintly, but it fades when cats are mentioned, to be replaced by a displeased wince that seems rather out of place on his otherwise pleasant face. "Cats… I see. Well, I'll try to be careful of them. Thank you for the warning."

Mercy frowns. "Cats are much better then rats, and as i said, thease ones are well behaved." She says. "In anycase, I'll be back in a hour, I'll also put a note at the general store stating your arrival, that way people can come for confession."

"As long as they don't get underfoot," Peter answers, still not looking super pleased by the cat thing. Still, takes a deep breath, smiles, and steps into the room, hand outstretched to touch various pieces of furniture she had mentioned. "Thank you, again. I'll just be here."

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