1861/11/17 Proposal
Scene Proposal
Characters Rob Maggie
Place Boarding House
Date Nov 17th Evening
Scene Theme <Song>

The Boarding House is looking more festive. There are hand made wreathes out of leaves, pincones, and acorns that are around the home. Red candles have been placed around the home. There is even a little wooden carving of a turkey that has been placed on the mantle. Spiced cider can be smelled as it wafts through the house, a fall time delight. A couple of people are sitting in the living area and Maggie is amongst them. There is pleasant conversation and laughter.

Rob walks in and hangs his hat and coat up. he walks int othe sitting area and places his arms on the back of maggies Chair. "Good evening Y'all!" he says with a smile as he leands down and whispers somthing to magggie. "I need to talk to you, got a question I need to ask." Before he rights himself and looks at those gathered. "Hope y'all are having a wonderful evening."

Maggie jumps a little as there are suddenly arms around her. Then she laughs when she realizes who it is. She turns her face up to look to Rob. "Sure! What is on your mind?" She takes a moment to set down her cup of cider before rising up to turn and look to him.

Rob smiles at those gathered. "Be just a minutes Friends.' He says as he walks her into the kitchen, that happy addditude changing to a dead seriousness as he pulls out one of the kitchen chairs. "Maggie, I need you to take a seat.. I ah… have a very serious question to ask you.' he says as he rolls up his sleeves and looks up at the ceiling, not nervious, but he makes the air in the kitchen feel heavy.

Maggie looks to the chair and then to Rob and then the chair. In stunned, nervous silence, she moves to sit down in the chair. Her bright gaze seems slightly clouded with worry, entirely unsure what is going on. "Go ahead. Ask me.." She replies softly.

Rob looks down at her and closes his eyes. and before she knows it, he takes a kneel, and places one of his hands on one of hers, while the other is holding a gold ring with a three karat diamond on it. "Maggie Hill, will you marry me?" he asks with a nervious smile, probably the only time he can remember feeling nervious.

Maggie blinks at Rob. She is so shocked that it creates a long pause. Her eyes stare at the ring, then look to him, then the ring. "I.. I.." She stammers out. A little sob sort of sound comes from her. Fortunately, it is not a sob of despair, but of happiness. "Yes… Yes Rob, I will marry you" Trembling fingers extend forward to allow him to slip the ring on.

Rob lets out the longest exhale, the nerviousness and stress of asking the question draining from his face as it;s replaced with pure delight, he slips the ring on, getting her finger size perfect, and them he scoops her up by the waist and spins her around, letting out a loud 'YEEEEE HAAAAW!" He sets her on her feet and looks at her wit hthe widest grin. "You have just made me the happyest man in the world Maggie, I love you." he says as he leans in for a kiss, a deep full kiss as his hands rest on her hips.

Maggie laughs as the room seems to spin around when she is lifted and swirled. Once her feet are planted on the ground again, she looks to him, "I love you too." She steps closer to him, pressing softly as their lips meet with his. The kiss lingers a bit longer than what anyone would call apropriate. However, at the moment she does not care. Finally, she pulls back and whispers, "I can't wait to live the rest of my life with you."

Rob smiles and nods. "Me too, I want you to be happy, and seeing you happy, makes me happy, I want our life to be filled with happiness and laughter." he says as he turns to see three of the townsfolk lookin in, all with goofy grins on their face. "Hey hey, private show.' he says as he closes the kitchen door with a foot and turns back to Maggie. "They say it takes a special woman to make a man want to settle down, and maggie, you are the most special woman I have ever met."

Maggie laughs whole heartedly as he chastises the onlookers and closes the door on them. "Rob, they just want to share in our joy! It brought them joy too!" She seems as if she is positively glowing. "Everyone is going to be talking about it now. You think those three are going to stay quiet? People love a good gossip." She winks at him. "And this is some of the best gossip ever."
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Rob smirks. "Yeah but.. I don't want them to see me all sappy, that's only fer you love." he says as he wipes away a tear, twice in less then twenty four hours, he is turning soft, oh well. "I'll let you, Miss Rose, and That sister y'all are fond of decide the wedding arrangmenets, whenever you want." he says as he kisses her again. "I'm the luckiest man ever, and I think I'm going to be for the rest of my life."

Maggie beams. "YOU are lucky? Oh no no no.. It is me that is lucky!" She teases him. "Oh man, this is .. wow. It doesn't even feel real. I was thinking I was going to be an Old Maid.." She blinks owlishly. "Wow.."

Rob chuckles. "I would never let that happen, but nah, you wouldent be an old maid, I'm sure alot of fellers would have tried at yer heart, only now, they gotta deal with me, because this old dog don;t share." He says with a wink, he really isnt that only, only in his early thirties, though he acts, and looks alot younger.

Maggie smiles. "Well, I hope you would protect my honor!" She says in happy tones. "She is so bouncy now, full of nervous, yet happy energy. "Oh.. so much to do.. I.." She begins to ramble, stammering about various things. Realizing what she is doing, she pauses and just takes in a breath. "When do we ant to get wed?"

Rob blinks and looks at her, so nervious and full of energy, he smiles. "Darlin' calm down, we can have it whenever you want, you're the boss for things like that." he says with a smile as his deep texan drawl comes out like smooth whisky. "Just, not at Daveys." he says with a joking smile, the little inside joke still there.

Maggie suddenly cringes obviously, looking at Rob with a huge ammount of disgust. Her nose crinkles up and she nearly chokes. "Oh.. why.. why would you even say that. Gross." She shivers slightly. "No, not Davey's. Let's be traditional and go to the church." She smiles. Her smile falters a little, "I will need to hire someone before we can wed. I will need to have the place tended to while we squirrel away somewhere."

Rob blinks and tilts his head. "Like a Porter?" he asks, but he's mindful that she is from the north, so he wont say slave, he thinks the propper term for a free slave who works is porter, a better name then he would say when maggie isn't around.

Maggie shrugs lightly. "A porter would be nice." She says softly. "But really anyone to watch the place. It doesn't have to be a porter. But, part of the employment will be free room and board with a little extra spending money. I don't know. I was thinking five dollars a month. That's good considering they wouldn't have to pay for food or home."

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