1861/11/17 A Sister's Daughter
Scene A Sister's Daughter
Characters Kira Mercy
Place Grimwood Church
Date Nov 17th Evening
Scene Theme <Song>

The church, after wenesday mass, Mercy is finishing up the sweeping, and a few of the church cats are daring under the pews, since the ratproblem, the church has been free of those little vermen thanks to Mercy's six cats, she calls the Chior. No formal father on hand, so the church gave Mercy their permission to lead services, which she doesnt mind. Once the sweeping is done, the alter is set, and everything is to rights. She moves to look up behind the alter, the Cross of St. Joseph, and the reason she wears a pair of quartz glasses now, due to her eyes not liking the brightness.

Trains. Horrible, bumpy, iron horses that lack the personality of their more living cohorts. There is no denying that the younger redhead definitely prefers the coach, but when traveling cross-country - the train is safer. Like a beacon in the night, the church was not hard to find. Slowly the young woman ambles up to the door before pausing in the threshold to watch the woman at work. Her nose wrinkles with an element of disdain at so many cats, but she takes measure to mind her tongue for the time being. Leaning over quietly to set her valise upon the ground, Kira finally clears her throat with an audible 'ahem' before calling out in a rather calm tone, "Grimwood. Not Boston, but Grimwood. Do you have /any/ idea how difficult you are to find?"

Mercy stops and hearing a young female voice, it could only be three people. She slowly turns and when she gets a look at who it is, standing here on the edge of the fronteer, her face goes pale, not the person she wanted to see her, in this dangerous place. "Kira… why.." She looks absolutely puzzled. Mercy's rough time out here, in a place as close to hell as once can get, with outlaws and natives and protostants, she stops at arms length from her. "You are suposed to be in Louisville, Y.. I gave them money to send you to a propper university… they shouldent.." She looks confused and rattled. "Why are you here?"

"Why are /you/ here?" the younger Graves woman turns the question back on the older version, her brow cocking slightly with curiosity as she clearly avoids answering the questions sought of her. "Boston is chilly this time of year, I understand, but … Grimwood?!?!" Kira makes no motion to make any physical contact with the older woman and instead just sighs, "I would never do well in University."

Mercy blinks and tilts her head. "Why am -I- here? Because the woman they wanted to send here would have been eaten alive… And of course boston is chilly." She says as she looks at her and lets out a long sigh. "Well, at least I can keep an eye on you, but I'm going to wring your father's neck when I get ahold of him." She says as she steps forward and wraps her strong arms around her daughter. "And you would have done perfectly well at university, you are a gifted woman." She says, she did get into scraps with other sisters when they would refer to Kira in a negative way, pious or not, Kira is still, in mercy's mind, the little girl whom she looked over.

"I have not even been in town more than twenty minutes and already you are looking to commit a sin on my behalf," Kira clicks her tongue lightly but does give in to the embrace, "I hope you know I am not going back." She eyes her mother speculatively, "Please don't even try to send me back. I spent all of the money tracking you down and booking passage out here."

Mercy looks at Kira and smirks. "Oh I wouldent dream of it, Left alone who knows what trouble you would get into." Well, if her own trouble is anything to go on, and if said trouble runs in the family, then she knows that Kira will probably be a trouble magnet. "So, you are here, you've found your old worn out mother, what do you plan on doing?" She asks as she releses the hug and looks her over. "Strong, good posture, Clean." She says as she places her hands on her hips, If Kira wanted a mother, she got one, with eighteen years of makeing up to do.

Straightening up as she is evidentally assessed, the younger Graves reaches up to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear, "I'm going to be helping chase down bounties." Kira declares rather definitively as her chin juts out rather stubbornly. Her green eyes turn to reside upon the older woman, "And before you get upset, Mamma, I do know how to shoot. I'm even pretty good at it."

Mercy blinks. "You think work is simply tracking bounties? You may goes a month or two until you can get any type of lead." She says as she crosses her arms over her chest. "Oh can you now? You have a gun? I'd like to see it." She says with a smile. She unholsters her own double barrel, aside from the catholic markings on it, it's a twelve gauge and looks like it could crack a normal man's shoulder, and mercy usualy fires it with a single hand.

"Well, that gives me time to work on my tracking skills," the younger woman beams with that offer of arrogance only youth can provide. Kira hesitates for a moment before removing a decent pistol from a holster hidden by the folds of her skirt, "I only have this for the moment. I had to ship the rifle. They wouldn't let me bring it on the train… I probably could have forced it but people were looking at me funny." There is a degree of reluctance but she does eventually hand her pistol over. While a little older, it is solid US Army issue with the initials 'OJ' burned into the bottom of the handle.

Mercy turns the pistol in her hands and twirls it abit. "Not good, maybe for protecting yourself, but if you want to catch prey…" She says as she hands the pistol back over. "Come to the back, I have sheppard's pie and coffee." She says as she places a warm arm around Kira's shoulders and leads her out of the church propper, into the back kitchen, which aside from a cross on the wall, feels almost homey. She motions for a chair at the table for Kira to sit, before moving to a cubbord and taking out a long box. "Here, this belonged to our former sherrif, before an outlaw shot him.' She says opening the box to reveal a henry rifle, bolt action. "It's been a whole year and no family of his has come to claim his stuff, so, I guess for a while you can use it until yours arrives." She says as she hands over the rifle. Once that's done, she moves to get two bowls of dinne,r and two hot cups of coffee, setting them on the table before she takes her own seat, and of cours,e prays before her own meal.

Kira nods mutely as she lets the Sister lead her on back, though not before bending down to collect her valise in hand. Upon entering the kitchen, the younger Graves woman looks around - biting her lower lip idly before accepting the offered chair. She sets her small valise down on the ground beside her, "Sheriff? Now that's a job that I reckon must really stink. I cannot imagine most live too long out this way." The arrival of supper is met with a polite bow of her head in gratitude. The younger woman is just about to dig right in, her belly rumbling slightly, when the prayer gives her a momentary pause. Taking a deep breath, Kira closes her eyes over her food and moves her lips silently as if to offer her own tribute - though whether it is an actual prayer or simple nonsense is anyone's guess. That said, she declares a resounding 'Amen' and begins to dig on into the food.

Mercy smiles when she takes note of Kira at least giving it a try, she did hear about her trouble with her ible studies, but decideds that she shouldent press the matter just yet. Mercy eventualy finishes and sips her coffee. "Time to work om your tracking eh? Aside from fighting and shooting, what other things can you do dear?" She says as she rests back in her chair. "Also, I guess you'll be staying with me tonight." Since there are only two rooms in the church, and Mercy doesnt let anyone, even herself, into the preist's chamber, Her and her daughter will have to hare a bed, not that it bothers the sister any, maybe she can sing Kira to sleep, she muses in her head.

Shoveling the food in almost as fast as she can, Kira shrugs a little, "I can read and write. I'm decent with the piano and some other stuff." She pauses for a moment to wipe her mouth with a napkin before reaching for her cup of coffee, "I sing kinda, but not so well as I play piano. I know most of the stuff I should rightly know." No sooner are the words out of her mouth than she is again stuffing her face with more potatos. Clearly, the girl has not had a real substantial meal in a while.

Mercy nods and waists for Kira to finish her dinne,r once that's done she smiles. "Well, I may know of a place or two where we can get you a job, not only that, but.. they are high traffic, you can keep an eye on people better that way." She says with a smile as she leads Kira to her own room, not ojne you would expect out of a sister, as there is a vanity table, and another table where Mercy works on her guns. The bed is a twin sized one, and the room, given how small it is, is immaculate, perfectly clean and not a spec of dust anywhere. Removing her nun's cap, she unpins her hair to let it cascade down her back all the way to her thighs. Motioning to a partition. "I'm up early in the morning, and sleeping on a train is impossible, I suggest you take the morning to get aquainted with the town." She says with a smile as she changes into her night wear and moves to the bed to say her nightly prayers.

Belly full and innard warmed from the coffee, Kira follows her her mother back to the room. She does her best to stifle a yawn but fails miserably and merely nods, "A job would be nice. I could use a job." The younger woman echoes her mother's words with another yawn, "Yes, exploring would be best." That said, she settles her things off in a corner before uncoiling her bun and making quick work of fastening a single messy braid. She's just about to jump into bed when she takes note of her mother kneeling in prayer. Biting her lip for a moment, the younger Graves falls to her knees and again manages to move her lips silently in motion. Whatever type of prayer it is, it sure must be record-breaking on the short scale because it lasted scarcely more than a moment before she climbs into the bed, "Night Mother."

Mercy finishes. "Amen." And moves into bed too, blowing out the candle to cause the room to darken before pulling the covers over herself and kira, her strong arm draping over her daughter as she listens to the sound of her not so little girl fall asleep.

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