1861/10/21 A Room For Two
Scene A Room For Two
Characters Mick Cooke Maggie
Place South Street/Boarding House
Date October 21st, afternoon.

Wandering down along the street from the south comes Mick, A saddlebag resting over the man's shoulder. One side holding his stanley that looks to have recently been worked over. There is a slight spring to Mick's step as he comes into town, The Irishman's eyes watchful of the street and those upon it despite the smile and near carefree look showing over his features.

Lots of traffic today, for such a small town the streets of Grimwood are fairly bustling recently. People heading up and down the streets, from building to building. Each on their own errand, with their own purpose.. One of the people seems a little more aimless than most, leading a horse, heading South past the Pony Express Office. The man is tall, grizzled and moving slowly, tugging on the reins of his somewhat hesitant beat of burden. "C'mon, y'bastard.." he mutters to the horse, "No rats this end of town to spook ye"

The front door of the boarding house opens. Well, it was more like yanked open. Seems it gets stuck. A young woman with long brown hair stands in the doorway, examining the doorway. "Such a pain in my foot. I tell you." She grumbles. She steps through the threshold and pulls the door closed, having to give it a firm tug to shut fully. "My goodness." With a broom in hand, she then turns to start sweeping at the front porch.

With his own watch of faces it doesn't take long for Mick's gaze to fall upon a familiar face as he makes his way along the road heading further into town from the south. The man's right hand adjusting the saddlebag thrown over his shoulder as he stops watching Cooke as he tries to deal with the horse, The Irishman's lips shifting into an amused smile as he watches the exchange before that flurry of movement from the boarding house draws his attention. Mickey's eyes quickly moving to fall upon Maggie, the woman's way of cursing has the man's brow raising as he laughs to himself starting to move once more.

"Ornery beast.." Cooke continues muttering, focusing mainly on the hesitant horse than where he's putting his feet. He's used to people moving out of his way very fast when they see him coming. Looks like someone didn't get the telegram about that, as he almost collides bodily with a Northbound traveler. "Beggin' yer pardon there sir-" Cooke touches the brim of his hat in apology as he looks up and sees Mick. His apology falters and his face splits into a grin, "Well I'll be a son of a bitch.."

Sweep. Sweepsweepsweep. Sweeeeep. The sound of the broom's bristles can be heard. Maggie pauses to glance out to the street. The ould language makes the woman frown slightly, but she says nothing. Instead, a little bit of dirt gets flicked off the porch and into their direction. "Oh! Pardon me.."

When Cooke near collides with him and offers the apology before the comments about being a son of a bitch Mick just grins giving a soft laugh, "Yeah reckon you just might be." Amusement holding to the man's tone as he steps back looking to the man and then the horse, "Shit, looks like you just might be getting ready to do what I had to do to mine lad." A distinct Irish accent holding to the words from Mick, Then there is dust flying in their direction and another voice. The Irishman's form turning slightly as he looks to the source, His gaze leveling upon Maggie as he shrugs his shoulders. "Nothing worse than what is out on the road lass."

Cooke just grins, shaking his head. "Mickey O'Brien, as I live and breathe.." he splutters a cough at the encroaching dust, "Almost breathe, anyhow" he turns his head to the sweeper and nods, noting the large ring of keys hanging from her person, "No harm, miss" he touches the brim of his hat "I've been covered in worse.." he winks, then turns his attention back to the Irishman. "Thought you were dead, Mickey. Someone told me.." he scratches his head, "Some place down south with a stupid name" Cooke shrugs, "Guess it must've been some other whore-wranglin' Irish they was talking about"

Maggie smiles a little towards Mick. Now, she turns and sweeps in a different direction, sweeping the dirt, leaves, and whatever else in a different direction. There is a pause in her work as the door seems to be struggled with from the other side. Setting the broom to the side, she turns to assist whoever is on the other side. When it opens, it reveals an older woman with a scarf around her head. "Hubert? Hubert!" The older woman calls out. She looks to Maggie, "Have you seen Hubert? He better not be at the saloon with that floozy!"

Mick can't help but chuckle hearing the words from Cooke, "The one and only.." The mention of hearing he had died has the man's head shaking as he grins, "Hell harder to kill the Irish than that, and me even more so. Got tha' luck with me you know there." Mick glances around before asking, "So what you doing in these parts then lad?" Then there is the movement again near the Boarding House drawing the man's attention and gaze, Mick just barely catching the little smile from Maggie as his brow lifts. His focus turning to the older woman in the doorway briefly as his voice lower "Any prospects in these parts?"

"Well I've not been in town too long my own self" replies Cooke, "Got a camp up in the forest so I can easier track and hunt, you know the way I like to, also I been lookin' around the place, made a friend or two, and do you know.." He tilts his hat back a little, "For the arse-end of nowhere, this town is mighty interestin'"

Maggie sighs. "He went into town. He is not with a floozy, Auntie Rose. Why don't you go rest by the fire place?" The older woman looks to the men and then to Maggie. Grumbling, she turns around and heads back inside the house, leaving Maggie to pull the door closed once more.

The reply from Cooke has Mick giving a subtle nod as he looks over the street, "Yeah had seen that, camped just outside town last night and came in for a bit. Not bad if'n ya ask me Cooke." His words spoken softly as he looks back to the man, "Looks like might be some good opportunities too." A hint of mischief showing in his smile as he looks briefly back towards Maggie before he is shifting the saddle bag once more looking to Cooke. "Got my eyes on a thing or two in town."

Cooke fair boggles at the tirade from the older lady on the porch, he doesn't know who Hubert is, but he enjoys a good floozy as much as the next man. Or possibly not, considering the next man is Mick. "We should flap our jaws quiet-like" he says, leaning toward Mick, and putting a hand on the Irishman's shoulder, "Bring your horse to the East edge of town an hour before sunset, and we'll head up to my camp for a proper talk" He leans back again, smiling in the sunshine. "Meanwhile's, I've been meaning to see if there ain't a room free for a clean and tidy fella like me in the boarding house here"

Maggie has turned back to her chores. She has made her way down to the other end of the porch, sweeping that area, out of earshot.

When Cooke moves in close like that bringing his hand to his shoulder Mick tenses briefly but soon relaxes listening to the words from the other man, A subtle nod is given as he grins. "O'course, Be like old times eh?" His brow raising briefly before falling back into place. Then there is mention of finding a room, A chuckle leaves Mick as he nods. "Aye, Me too. Least until I sort out some other business in town be good to have a real room.."

Cooke grins, "Always nice to have a place to call your own, and aside from this place most rooms in town cost extra, on account of havin' an extra occupant added to the fee" He steps up to the boarding house, "Excuse me, miss?" he calls to the young lady industriously sweeping the porch, "There any rooms here free in this establishment?"

Maggie pauses and she glances up to the man who has stepped up onto the porch. She pauses, and ponders a moment. "Well. You any good with a a hammer and a saw? I have some work around here that could be done." She looks past Cooke to Mick before looking back to Cooke, "Your friend staying too?"

Mick moves to follow after Cooke, The Irishman though remains standing in the dirt for the most part, Only one foot raising up to rest on the lower step leading up to the porch as he listens to Cooke broach the subject with the young woman. Mick just grins as he hears her question, "Not good with a hammer but got other uses there lass, And yeah I be looking for a room too." His gaze focusing upon Maggie as he smiles, "Tha' is if y'got the room."

"Building things, and fixin? Not especially, no" admits Cooke The Destroyer, shaking his head, "But I can pay" he pats a small leather bag hanging from his waist that clinks as his hand hits it. "I don't mind a hole or two in a room, It's only use fer me is sleep"

Maggie glances to Mick, "You looking for free space too?" She ponders a bit, rubbing at her chin. "I have a pair of unrented rooms. You boys can share a room. Number six, I suppose. Though, if you don't pull your weight, I may have to ask you to go somewhere else. Food does not come free." She then pauses, "If you pay, it's two a month. It comes with baths and meals. If you don't pay, you have to work for it."

"Well shit lass, I can pay too. So no worries there, Besides got to see about some business over there.." His head dipping towards the gunsmith's shop down the street as he grins before looking back. "And well, Hell if ya got two unrented rooms would just as soon take my own." His words spoken as his shoulders roll back into a shrug. A glance given moments later to Cooke, "No offense there, But y'know privacy when the chance is there be nice." Amusement showing clearly in his tone.

Cooke shakes his head and gives Mick a shove, "Watch yer damn mouth in front of the lady" he growls. He smiles toward Maggie, "Apologies, miss. My friend here never had no proper schoolin. One room would be just fine for the both of us, I only really need a place to keep some items safe whilst I'm in town, change of clothes, shavin' gear.." he looks aside to Mick, "..Irish idiots" Cooke winks "I'll pay us a week up front, now how about that?"

Maggie pauses and looks between the men. The broom is set aside and she smooths out the apron of her skirt. "Very well. Why don't you boys come inside and I will show you the rooms." She smiles faintly. She turns towards the door and shoulder butts it to get it open. There is a slightly embarrassed look, "I was hoping you were good with a hammer." She winks before stepping inside, holding the door open for the men. "You are both in luck. I have only two rooms left." She can't help but to laugh at the men's antics. "There are some here that may be sensitive to the use of profanity, including my elderly aunt. I ask that you keep the profanity outside and in the privacy of your rooms." There is a pause, "Now.. are you renting one or both rooms?"

As she ushers them in and Cooke makes the mention of one room only Mick just shrugs his shoulders when Maggie asks the questions as they enter the boarding house chuckling softly as he answers. "Just the one it be looking like lass, And will keep tha' in mind about the language. Not much minding it where I come from ya see.." His head giving a small shake as he grins looking to the woman before glancing over the place. After a moment he nudges Cooke, "Ya best still be taking care o' Spencer like I showed ya."

Cooke looks about himself as he enters the building proper, floorboards creaking beneath his feet. "Well isn't this welcomin.." he says, smiling, "Meals included, you said?" he addresses Maggie. "Guess I might not be sleepin' here too often, but may show up for breakfast.. How about it, Mickey?"

Maggie closes the door behind them and then looks to the men. "This is your home. It is also home to several others. I just ask we all be nice and such. Anyways, breakfast is a little after sun rise and supper is at sunset. It comes with the rent. There is also a bath service once a week and I will be happy to do your laundry once a week as well. It is a pretty nice offer!" She smiles. "Come on upstairs." As she moves along, she pulls a large set of keys from her waist, flipping through them to find the right one.

Cooke's question gains a nod in answer before one is voiced, "Aye sounds good to me there lad, Besides be good to have a good breakfast each morning." The words spoken even as he moves to follow after the woman listening to her as they go. As they head upstairs Mick speaks up once more, "So tell me lass, Ya from the town then? Or just here visiting the family?"

Cooke unholsters his rifle on the way up the stairs to stop the butt catching on the ceiling and walls. At the top he offers it out to Mick, "Clean as a whistle" he says, as Maggie plays with keys, "Fires true every time"

Maggie looks back to Mick and smiles, "This place actually belongs to my Aunt. My father is her much younger brother. He received a letter that she was not doing so well. Here I am! I am here to stay." She pulls a key from the keyring and then offers it to Mick. "I only have one spare key." She says softly. "No-one will bother you in your room." She offers a bit of a smile. "Go ahead! Check it out!"

Mick pushes open the door giving a nod hearing the words from Maggie, "Ah I see, well where ya from then lass? If'ya don't mind me askin tha' is." His head turning to glance back towards the woman. After a moment he looks to Cooke, "Well lad what ya think? I figure this work pretty da.. er well."

Cooke nods his approval, "Oh very nice, furniture and all.. Remember that place down in Frankstown, Mickey? Didn't even have four walls, let alone a bed" He smiles, then moves over to the table and counts out some money from the leather bag. "Two weeks ahead is what I said, and that is what you'll get" the coins are very shiny, as if they've been recently scrubbed.

Maggie smiles at the near slip. "Ohio. Near the great lake Eerie." She offers a smile. "My father owns the General Store there. I do miss it there, but I plan on making a home here." She looks to the coins and takes them, tucking them away into a tiny little coin purse in her waistline. "Thank you gentlemen. I won't keep you here. I will head downstairs. Supper is about ready to be served." She dips her head politely and excused herself from the men's room. It wouldn't be too proper to linger. People might talk!

Mickey just chuckles hearing the words from Cooke as he nods, "Hell still got nightmares about tha' one Cooke." His head giving a small shake as he grins moving to look over the small separated rooms before looking back to the man. "Figure this place might not be bad for a spell." Then the woman is leaving and Mick gives her a small wave.

Cooke smiles, "I think this place will do us just fine for a spell, for whatever we might need" He moves to stand closer to Mick, "We should still meet up later to go out of town, though. I could poke ma finger through these walls and the lady said there's a bunch of people living here. We'll go where there's no ears, there's a thing or two about this town I think you might find interestin' to know" Cooke winks.

Mick nods as he watches Cooke poke the wall chuckling, "Aye, Besides always good to stretch the legs and take a bit o' a ride.. Not to mention need to make sure ya been taking care o' that rifle proper like." A small smile showing on Mick's lips as he looks to the man.

Grinning, Cooke steps back and gives a mock bow, "I'll take my leave until later, need to visit the store before we meet up later. Enjoy your supper, Mickey" Cooke steps to the door, departing.

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