1861/10/18 Shell Digger
Scene Shell Digger
Characters Charles Hiamovi
Place Kensington Forest
Date Oct 18th midday
Scene Theme <Song>

The day is cool and low-hanging clouds bring a threat of rain. Most Grimwood residents are probably sticking close to town, if they have a choice, but one strange fellow has ventured out in spite of the weather. He wears his greying hair long and his beard bushy, which doesn't really match the tailored suit he's wearing. He also carries a leather bag by a strap over his shoulder, but it hardly seems big enough to gather anything of any importance. Whatever he's out here to do, it takes him along a path toward the ridge, and he's not exactly being quiet about it. Twigs crack and leaves crackle under his feet, and he even hums a cheerful tune as he goes.

Hiamovi watches the man tromp throug hthe forest and decides that this must be the white man that Hena'e told him about, and she was right on most accounts. Moving over a branch, he cups his hands and makes an owl call, before dropping from the branch right in front of the man. "You must be Charles." he says, with only a hint of a nativa accent, this one, even thoug hhe is young, looks to be the natives version of a wonderkind. "Have you any luck finding your fossils?"

The sudden appearance of Hiamovi obviously gives Charles quite a start, as he gives a start and a step back, and his humming is cut off by a little gasp. It takes him a moment to recover, but when he does, it's with a little shaky laugh. "Yes, I am Charles," he answers, and clears his throat a little. "I've only just begun, but the location is promising. I expect you must be… Mr. Goose?"

Hiamovi blinks and tlts his head. "No… Or… I think you confusder her name. Her name is Goose, or hena'e in our language, I am Hiamovi, or, whirldwind in your language." he says with a smile. "You may want to be a little less loud here in the forest, there are wolves." He says as he tilts his head. "But I am glad she can speak english as well as she has." he states with a smile.

Charles raises his eyebrows. "Wolves? Oh my. I suppose I will have to be more careful not to travel alone, in the future. Thank you for the warning." He smiles, with an apologetic tilt, and adds, "There was a tiny bit of a language barrier, but she's a clever young thing. She learns very quickly. And of course, if she wants to learn more, she can join us any time she likes. I suspect she's about my daughter's age and I'm sure they'd get along swimmingly."

Hiamovi smiles and nods. "It's good for her to be exposed to more of your people, the less jumpy she is and more the understads will make our mission easyer." He says as he motions for the man to walk, so he can follow, since his hunting is done for the day. "So, what are you hoping to find here? We don't have ancient structures, and I would advise against digging up a burial ground, the spirits woulden;t be too happy, not to mention our people woulod probably want retribution for such an act." His mental state is to just leave the dead where they are.

Charles continues along his path, and while he does attempt to walk a little more quietly, it's pretty clear he doesn't really have the skill set for it. His nose wrinkles into an expression of startled distaste at Hiamovi's comment. "Oh my… No, I have no desire to dig up /people/! In fact, I should hope that you would warn me off if I should accidentally find myself in one of your burial grounds. I understand you don't mark them the same way that we do…?" He pulls his bag around to dig through it while still walking and talking. "I'm looking for ancient animal remains. Animals that were here long before any people lived here. I'm hoping to find bones, but it's more likely that I'll find shells of aquatic creatures. They're far more common."

Hiamovi blinks and tilts his head. "You actualy make have luck, if it was before people were here, because whhen we hunt an animal we use the whole animal." he says as he continues walking. "You mean like fish?" He asks with a smirk. "Bears like fish, and they have been around a qhile as well, I'd be careful, bears also are protective of their fish."

Charles chuckles a little. "More like crustaceans," he explains. "All of this was an ocean, long ago. Covered in water. But I don't think bears would much care for fossils. They'd break their teeth… Ah! Here we are!" He finds whatever he was looking for in his bag, and pulls out a little rock that has geometric ridges along the top. He holds it out for Hiamovi to examine, if he likes. "That isn't a very well preserved one, but you can still see the pattern of the shell."

Hiamovi stops and blinks as he takes the shell, and his brow knits as he can swear he hasent seen a shell like that before, though he does take a necklace from a pouch, with shells as well, and he compaires Charle's shell to those. "Did you find this one here?" He asks as he continues his look.

Charles grins broadly. "Yes! I found that one yesterday, in fact. Thanks to your sister, of course. That one was in the stream, but I'm hoping there might be some higher quality ones up nearer the ridge. I'm thinking it probably got washed down from up there at some point." He watches Hiamovi examining the fossil, while closing up his bag again. "This whole area is a fantastic location for finding them. Your people have probably even seen them before, and just thought they were regular rocks."

Hiamovi chuckles. "Don't judge us to harshly, though this is curious, as you can see, this one." he holds up Charles' find. " and thease ones, there seams to be a change in the shape of the shell, as if the shells were made to be in a river, as opposed to a vast body of water." he says as he hands the shell back to charles, still a knitted brow as he is thinking. "Curious, but why would the spritis let somthing like that die and not come back, but let thease come to life?" he says before tucking the necklace away. "And she is my adopted sister, no blood relation." He says, making sure that point gets across.

Charles nods a little, smiling brightly as he takes back the fossil and tucks it quickly into the bag. "Yes, exactly. And there are other, stranger things… I will show you, if and when I find them." He continues walking, and addresses the second comment first, with a flippant, "Blood or not, family is family." His gaze goes a little distant and thoughtful, then, as he considers the first question. "Well," he says, finally, "I can't speak to philosophy. But I imagine its simply part of how nature works. I have a daughter, I think I mentioned. Well, she is like me, but…different, in many ways, as well. She shoots better than I do, and finds her way around better, as well. I think that's the way it's supposed to go, don't you? My children will be better than me. When she has children, they will be even better. And so on, forever. So a few hundred generations from now, perhaps my many-times-great-grandchildren won't even resemble me in the slightest. And that's just the way it's supposed to be."

Hiamovi smiles and nods. "That is the hope of all parents I think, that their children are better then them." he says as he stops and ponders for a moment. "Hexovo-men… it means shell-digger in our language, and in our language, that is what we will call you." he says as he takes the shells from his pocket agai and places the necklace around charles' neck. "There, I can;t speak for my father, but your knowledge and nood nature will be a help to us, and perhaps, we can be of help to you as well."

Charles gets one of those smiles that is almost childish in its pure joy, and touches the shell necklace. "Hexovo-men," he echoes, then gives a little laugh. "It's a good name, and I will cherish it. And I would be glad to help you in any way I can. Hena'e already helped me tremendously with her knowledge of the forest, and I would very much like to repay her, somehow." His pronunciation of the names is definitely a bit off, but he's doing his best, at least.

Hiamovi nods and smiles as he watches the man's beaming smile. "I'm glad you like it, and she is a good woma, she knows alot, as as much english as I'm able to teach her, she is comming along well." he says as he turns to look at the forest. "Are other white men as smart an open as you are? Or are you a rare exception?" he asks as he turns back to look at charles.

Charles blinks a few times at that, his brow furrowing. "Well. I don't know that I would call myself an exception…" He hesitates, some of his good cheer dissipating. "I don't know much of your specific tribe, but… If you're anything like others I've met, you'll probably find that our ways are rather strange. Most people are smart enough, but sometimes they are scared." He looks at Hiamovi, debating, but then goes ahead and adds, "I recommend against jumping out of bushes at people, to start with."

Hiamovi nods and looks up at the sky. "I have to return to my cap, it';s south of here, you will probably see the plume of smoke, please, join us there if you want to talk more, and bring your daughter, I'm sure Hena'e will enjoy learning about the white woman's world." He says as he dashes off into the trees, no one is going to track his footsteps.

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