1861/10/18 A Sister's Visit
Scene A Sister's Visit
Characters Mercy Maggie Patrick
Place Boarding House
Date Oct 18th, Evening
Scene Theme <Song>

The house is filled with good smells. It would seem that it is just past supper time and the sounds of a home iin the evening are abundant. During the day, the house had been thoroughly cleaned. In fact, it is cleaner than it had been in a while. "Be careful with that! It's almost as old as me!" Rose Hill's voice is heard fussing at Maggie. "Of course Auntie." Maggie says in reply as she carries the cleaned china back to it's cabinet. The old woman is following Rose around wherever she goes. "And don't go to thinkin' ya can steal none of my plates! I know how ya young people think. No, no no.. Not like that.." Rose gets in there and arranges the dishes how she likes, leaving a slightly exasperated Maggie just standing there.

a Soft rap on the side of the open kitchen door comes from the very tall Sister Mercy. She does hear the bickering and gives a smile. "Miss Rose, I see your neice has arrived." She says, on on hands is a basket with some tea leaves in it, in the other hand is her leather bound bible. The tall nun comes over with a whoosh of her dress and begins to help out, before gently ushering Rose into the sitting room with an apologetic glance to Maggie. "Come now, let the poor girl work, it's time for you to hear the lord's good word." She says in a tone most would find out of character for the stern sister, of course, this IS the same woman who declared that all whores should quit their profession and join the fold and beg deeply for forgiveness, and that the savages out on the plains should be lucky that she doesnt convert them all with her shotgun, which shockingly, is wrapped up on her hip, looking more like a short cane then a gun.

Maggie turns at the sound of a new voice, looking up to the sister. "Oh. Hello!" Maggie says politely. Rose of course turns around, looks to Mercy and pauses. It is as if she is trying to remember something. "My neice? I havn't seen her in years! I wonder how sheis doing." She walks away from the china cabinet towards Mercy, offering a smile to the sister. "Yes. Let's go hear the word." Rose has grown rather fond of the sister it seems.

Mercy smiles as she settles Rose in and clears her throat. "Let me brew us some tea Miss Rose." She says as she sets her book down and moves back int othe kitchen and to the tea pot. "She looks to Maggie and offers a smile. "Your aunt is a good woman just… stubborn is all, this is a good thing you do here Miss…" She never caught the girls name, but as she talks the tea is set and slowly brewing. "I usualy try and read to your aunt some evenings, though, by the time the tea is brewed she has drifted off to sleep, poor lamb." She says as she looks in on the older woman.

Maggie follows Mercy to assist with getting the tea ready. She gathers some cups and saucers, setting them on a tray. "No, you are doing a good work here. I have not seen her so peaceful since you came in. It's heart warming, really." A soft smile is offered, "I am Maggie, by the way. My father is her much younger brother. She practically raised my father." Glancing back in the direction where Rose is settled, "She was not always this way. She used to be filled with so much life and mischief. It's almost as if she has become lost."

Mercy sighs and nods. "I've seen it before, a mother supirior went through the same thing, when someone gets old their mind just goes, the best we can do is keep them safe, and pray for them." She says with a smile as she reaches over and give's maggies hand a squeeze. "Don't worry, she will have a good place in heaven, she has earned it." She says as she begins to pour the tea. "Tell me, I know it would bother your aunt, but miss maggie, do you know how to shoot?" She asks, a serious look on her face. "This isn't the place your a naive young woman, with the honest men folk working out in the fields, or other jobs, it's best if a woman knows how to protect herself and her home." She would have taught rose, but she is afraid the poor woman might forget that her shotgun isn't a broom.

Maggie shifts slightly and there is a hint of a blush on her face. "I am descent with a pistol. Much to the dismay of my parents." She pulls down a small cup of creamer and a little bowl of sugar cubes to set on the tray. "What I know, I had to teach myself. My father always told me that a true lady leaves warfare to the men. Of course, I was naughty. I was always the type that if told I wasn't supposed to do something.." She clears her throat.

Mercy chuckles. "Out here, everyone should know how to shoot, because it's unforgiving." She says as she turns her back to the door and slides somthing into maggies hand, a small lady's pistol. "Keep it under your dress, where you can easly get to it, and if any man comes at you without permission, you smoke him." She says before taking the tray and her demeanor changes back to the happy nun as she walks into the sitting room.

Maggie looks down to the gun, turning it over in her hand. She checks out to see if it is loaded, looking like she knows how to use a pistol. There is a nod and she tucks the gun under the waistline of her skirt. She was about to ask more questions, however the sister is headed off into the living room. Maggie stays quiet and just moves over to tend the fire. "Mercy! You are such an angel. I wish all young women were as sweet as you." The older woman greets Mercy when she arrives. Leaning forward, she reaches for her tea cup with aged, slightly trembling hands. "It's getting cold. The winter is coming early this year."

Mercy smiles as she takes a seat and places her bible on her lap. "Well, there is a nice young tailor that could have a few more blankets made for you and your boarders, He gave to the church last night, so the lord smiles upan him muchly." She says before openng her bible, there are many book marks in there, but one was from where she was reading to Rose last. "Tell me Miss Rose, do you remember where we left off?"

Rose simply leans back in her chair, sipping her hot tea. It helps warm her and soothe the achy bones. "Can we read Psalms?" That seems to be her favorite book. She requests it a lot. "I don't remember where we left off." Meanwhile, Maggie finishes stoking the fire, before moving to sit down in another seat, waiting to listen to the reading.

Mercy smirks. "Why, that's right where we left off Miss Rose." She says as she begins to read, the conviction and passion in her voice convey her love of the lord, and the love for his written word. She almost looses her self as she reads, her voice ringing like church bells, throughout the house, maybe it was a half hour, or a hour, maybe two, but once she is done reading, she closes the book and looks up, a glowing smile on her face.

The reading of the word soothes Rose. In fact, the older woman has drifted to sleep as a child being read a fine story. There is such peace on her features. Maggie speaks softly, "I will pray the Lord bless you for the kindness you show to her. I just hope that she will soon realize that I really am her neice and not some stranger trying to take over her home."

Mercy sighs and closes the book and looks to Maggie. "She is a lamb, and deserves Kindness. When the town was first esablished, she was here, with her husbund, who died. it was one of the first funerals we had within the town, and since then, I've come to read to her, I think that's when the dimentia started." She says as she looks to maggie. "She will come around, if not, she will probably insist you join the church." She says as she stands up to streach, before poruing another cup of tea. "I usualy sweep up before I leave, but you look to have done a nice job." She says as she takes her seat once more.

And somewhat breaking the gentle soothing atmosphere are the heavy bootfalls of Patrick. Idly rubbing at his chest, the big, burly figure looms in the door a little before stepping in. He glances about, nodding to the lady-hens, eyes scanning the room a bit more, "There any food left?"

Maggie pushes herself to stand, smoothing out the apron on her skirt, "Thank you. I worked quite a bit today to tidy the place up." She makes her way towards Rose and kneels beside her, "Auntie. Auntie, it's Maggie. Let me help you to bed." She pauses as Patrick enters the place. "There is. I have some stew and bread. If you give me a moment, I would be happy to fetch you a bowl. Please, come have a seat." She gestures to the couch near the fire that she has just vacated. Rose begins to stir and nods, allowing Maggie to help her up.

Mercy smiles at the two other woman, before turning to patrick, giving him a once over. it's clear what she is, the nun's habit clearly giving her away. "Ah, the farrier." She says as she stands, and looks down at him from her six foot five inches of height. "How goes business?" She asks, she does strike an imposing figure, and her tone, soft as it is, clearly carries authority.

Patrick finds the offered seat and sits, nodding to Mercy. "Ahhh, busy busy…. getting to know all the various horses and their little… quirks." he chuckles, "Luckily, a good load of oats and hay is enough to keep them happy. Some of them were in a pretty sorry state, luckily none are lame." he adds, stretching out. "Toby seems to be getting along with them all quite well."

Maggie smiles as the two begin to speak and she dissapears upstairs with the older woman. She is gone for a few minutes before she returns and dissapears into the kitchen.

Mercy smiles and nods. "I might bring the church's horse around, if you are willing to have a gander at her?" She says as she looks to maggie and smiles. Lowering her voice just to patrick can hear. "The girl is having a rough time with her aunt, a please and thenkyou will go along way Mr. Patrick, and the lord will smile upan you for it." She says, not in a mean or stern way, but… some advice.

Patrick nods to Mercy, "Of course, s'what I do afterall." he says, glancing at Maggie as she ambles past. "I've heard, but she seems like a strong girl." he says once Maggie's out of earshot.. or at least he hopes. And not to break up the party, in trots Toby. The little tabby feline wanders in through the door, meandering his way over towards where Patrick sits, settling down to sit himself on the floor, peering over at Mercy quizzically.

Maggie finally returns with a tray. There is hot stew, a hunk of bread, and a little plate with some butter on it. "I wasn't sure what you would like to drink, sir. Would you like tea or coffee?" The tray is sat down on the table in front of the couch. She pauses as she looks to the feline. "Oh! Who is this?" She smiles at the kitty. "I think a bowl of cream should be in order!"

Mercy says quickly before maggie returns within earshot. "That doesnt escuse manners." She says before clearing her throat and looking at the cat as well. "Ah, I have six of them at the church, they are good for keeping the rats away." it's also know that the mass of cats running about the town chasing down the rats are her doing, though, she has began to round them up as the rat population is quickly dwindleing.

Patrick smiles as Maggie brings the food. "Ahhh thank you. Tea is fine, if you have it…. seems most in this town drink coffee.." he muses, grinning down at Toby. "Ahh yes." he says, winking to Maggie, "He does like to be spoiled." he says before looking over to Mercy, "Toby's more there to help the horses relax… and to keep the mice out of the hay." he says with a chuckle, reaching to take some of the bread to dip into the stew, munching. "Mmmmmm, very tasty…. sure beats beans and bacon for every meal."

Maggie glances to Mercy, "I heard rumor that all these rats seem to be centralized around Davy's Saloon. Did I get the name right? I am not sure. I was tempted to go take a look around inside, but it really is not a proper place for women to go." Glances to Patrick, beaming a smile. "I will bring you some tea. We just so happened to brew some fresh tea right before you arrived. Just one moment."

Mercy smiles and nods before turning to look at Maggie. "So Miss maggie, any news from out east?" She asks with a smile as she leans back, her long frame almost to long for the high back chair she sits in.

Patrick continues to munch on his food, devouring the delicious plate rapidly. Shoeing horses all day drives up the ole appetite. "Haven't been inside Davy's… ever.. really." he says, taking a wee bit of meat and holding it down for Toby to devour with those long chops of his.

Maggie departs for but a moment, bringing back a cup of hot tea. It is set down on the table where cream nd sugar have already been placed for tea the women had indulged in prior. "News from the East? Well. I don't know. Where I am from, nothing ever seemed to happen. Hmm." She ponders a moment, "I wonder if I can send a letter to my Pa to send us copies of news papers. He runs a General Store back home. I am sure he could do it when he makes his weekly orders." Glancing back to Patrick, "Well, these rats are coming from somewhere. It might be worth looking into!"

Mercy frowns. "it's good that you dont go in ther,e that is a den of evil, and a hive of villiany." She says with a distaste in her mouth. "The whole plaace should be demolished, and that Ogre run out of town, along with those loose women who work for him."

Patrick takes the tea with a smile, "Thanks." he says, forgoing the milk and sugar, drinking it plain.. as god intended it! "Well if there are rats involved, it needs fixing.. and a proper owner who won't let that sort of thing happen…. bad for the whole town." he mutters, glancing at Mercy with a bit of a chuckle. He looks to Maggie once more, "A General store you say? Been looking for a fresh source for a few things… not too sure if our own general store is up and running yet."

Maggie blinks at that. "Oh my. Is it really that terrible? I thought Mister Silverton may have just been saying things because he owns the rival saloon." There is a shrug towards Patrick. "I have only been in town a few days. I have not made the trip to the General Store yet. It's near overdue."

Mercy blinks. "Mr. Silverton runs a respecable establishment, and I can atest that what he says is true." She says with a smile as she looks to Patrick. "We have a general store, run by Adolph, a good young man." She says with a nod as she leans back and lets out a sigh.

Patrick nods, "I've only been here a week or two myself so.. still learning who is who." he says, "I'm sure in time we'll all get to know each other….. still haven't been out to the ranches but i'm sure they'll be by to get their horses seen to."

Maggie glances back and forth. "I beg your forgiveness. It has been a long day. Please, stay as long as you wish. You can leave the dishes here, I will retrieve them in the morning. I must check in on my aunt and then head to bed myself."

Mercy nods and stands up. "I have to head back to the church." She says as she turns and gives maggie a warm hug. "Remember, it's a good thing you are doing here, and dont forget your nightly prayers." She says before she nods to patrick and moves to walk out of the boarding house, the omminous sound of a double barrel shotgun being loaded as she walks, apparently, she feels that even the shotgun nun isnt safe at night in thease parts.

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