1861/07/18 Presenting our new.... sheriff!
Scene Presenting our new Sheriff
Characters Finn Charlotte Mercy Kitty Yin
Place Outside the Marshall's office
Date Afternoon
Scene Theme <Song>

The afternoon sun beats down upon the wind swept streets. A tall man makes his way along the dusty lane. Finn is sans duster given the heat of the day, a shiny tin star gleams upon the man's chest, just over his heart. He has a rifle sheath slung to his shoulder, and a pistol on his hip. It might be easy enough to spot a new commer to town, at the moment he seems to be having a look about.

Moving at a brisk pace that one might associate with someone in a hurry, the movement of her lips and the slightly frazzled look of hair that's been pulled up in a bun suggest something else, perhaps. The heat in her cheeks certainly suggests she's been out in the sun for at least a little while. But it's the murmuring of her lips and the way her brows are knitted that suggest her gait is likely more from some sense of annoyance. "I ain't runnin' from anythin'," she's muttering to herself as she comes around the corner, within range of the man who is well armed. Her eyes alight on the presence of the guns and she comes to a sudden halt, sucking in a breath that is audible. Widened eyes suggest a moment of fear enraptures her, before that same gaze settles on the metal pinned to his chest. Charlotte exhales shakily, hand raised to her chest as if to stop her heart from bursting right from it. "My, you gave me a fright."

The tall scruffy looking man tips his hat, "I'm sorry aboot tha darlin" Finn offers a slight grin, "I aint used ta bein out an aboot unheeled" he looks back toward the rifle on his shoulder, "I am Fionn Burke, the new Sheriff." reaching into his pocket he takes out a cigar, "if it aint too bold…what yer hurry?" he glances over Charlotte's shoulder, "Are ya well?" he asks.

Trying to rest, even through a siesta time when the heat would kill a grown man, the shotgun sister wakes up and frowns.. guilt is a powerful thing, so she gets up, rights herselt and makes sure her double barrel shotgun is secure before heading out of the church, and heading twoards where she knows Charlotte went, the tall nun moving at a brisk pace, and spotting charlotte and the scruffy man, and not seeing the sherrif badge, she moves faster, so now there is a tall rough looking nun heading twoards the irishman…

Charlotte's head tilts, with any sense of fear evaporating off her face in favor of expressing intrigue. Either way, she straightens, perhaps at being called 'darling', or perhaps because of who he's introduced himself as. Chin lifting just slightly in a sign of assumed dignity, Charlotte provides him with a respectful nod that includes that slightest dip in her knees in greeting. "Charlotte Wright, sir." The twang to her words transforms them differently than most folk around the town, but not nearly as much as his accent does. "No, sir, I'm not in any hurry. I'm just a little.." She exhales, frowning and lightly shaking her head. "I'm fine, thank you. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Burke. Did you just arrive?"

Finn settles his hat back upon his head, "Putting a Mister on me name is like puttin a silk hat on a pig…just seems silly no?" he spots the armed woman hurrying in their direction, "I thought it was the slow time o day" he mutters more to himself then to anyone else, "Is everyone ere aboot always rushin?" he adds, "Miss Charlotte?" although his eyes are now upon the gun nun.

Mercy stops when she gets close and sees the sherrif's medal. "Oh my, a new sherrif… hopefully you fare better." She says but doesnt elaborate. She doest turn to charlotte and blinks a few times. "I want to apologieze.. I shouldent have been as… well, I shouldent have said what I said… It's just been a rough week, and that's no reason for me to act hard headed, I'll add a few prayers tonight and ask for forgiveness. But I hope you can forgive me just the same." She says, softly, she doesnt like to admit when she is wrong… but charlotte is to gentle to have mercy act the way she did.

"Just seems proper," is what she replies with, slightly baffled by the idea that she would address him as anything else. Locked gazes allows her to notice when his shifts away to look beyond her. It's the prompt of his words that has her turning her chin and looking over her shoulder, spotting a rushing woman with a shotgun in hand. "What in the wo-," Charlotte lets herself trail off, realization dawning on her when the combination of red hair and determined look allows her mind to work out who it is even from the distance there is. Charlotte sighs aloud and turns back to the Sheriff. "That's Sister Mercy, Sheriff." If he hated Mister, then she was going to stick with something potentially less offensive. She's mum, though, as to why the nun might be in such a rush. "She looks after the church since they haven't sent a Priest in to replace the last Father that was here." That's all she has time for before Mercy has arrived. She doesn't ignore the nun, half-turning so that she's facing both the lawman and the Sister. She is, however, quiet and not quite ready to meet the woman's eyes. Until the apology, that is. After the apology, she looks rather bashful. "Of course I forgive you, Sister. I shouldn't have let my tongue wag like it did, but I was concerned for you. You won't do no one much good if you don't heal up, least of all yo—." Charlotte stops herself short of completing another sentence, but this one is cast towards the Sheriff. "Well, you know what I mean."

"A nun?" Finn asks brow raised, "if you'll be forgiving me Sister Mercy, where I hail from, nun's don dress quite tha same as you." he speaks of the shotgun in hand of course. The man clears his throat, "tha church sendin a good father way out here…truth is I haven't confessed me mortal sin's in a long time." he tips his hat to Mercy, it's pleased I am ta meet ya Sister." he looks back to Charlotte "Are you with tha church too Miss Charlotte?"

Mercy blinks at the irish man. "Thats because out here is much more dangerous then where anyone else is from." She says as she lets out a sigh. "I'm conscripted by the church to be a bounty hunter, especally for crimes against the vatican." She says with a nod. She looks ot charlotte and with a single arm gives the girls shoulders a gentle squeeze. "Bless you for caring Dear, it lightens my heart, and I do appreciate it very much." She says before looking at the sherrif. "Well, might as well get to business then, the Navajo are causing problems, and the cheyenne are wanting peace with us, so any marraunding injuns you come across are either navajo, or apache."

"No, Sheriff," Charlotte is quick to clarify. "I'm a schoolteacher. Since we don't have a proper buildin' for it, Sister Mercy has allowed the children and I to use one of the side rooms at the church so that they have a place to learn their lessons other than the heat of a summer day." That would explain her dress, at least, which looks nothing like a nun's habit. "And I'm a baptist." That clarification should answer any other questions dealing with her and the church. "If you feel the need to hear the good word, we have a Pastor here. I'm not sure he can do anythin' about your need for confession, though, Sheriff." Charlotte provides Mercy with a timid, quick smile, understanding that more could be said except she's addressing another matter.

Finn grins a bit, "Well no one is perfect Miss Charlotte, perhaps tha good Sister can bring you 'round to her flock." his tone having the slightest hint of jest. "As too marraunding injuns?" he shrugs, "might be I cin go ave a word with them…I speaking passing good Navajo" he frowns and adds, "I used to scout for Central Rail and Telegragh, my partner was a half breed Navajo."

Mercy frowns. "I'l half cherrokee, and THEASE navajo's are the ones that… 'removed' our former father." She says as she crosses her chest with the cross. "But I'm willing to let that fact simmer at best if they just stay away from our town." She says with a sigh. "Miss Charlotte is a devout baptist, and I beleive entittled to worship how she wishes, helping the children as she does is payment enough."

Hiked eyebrows and a slightly sharp look in his direction are a scathing enough reply to his jest that she turn Catholic. She seems none to amused about the prospect, especially since it seems the response to her open invitation. Either way, she lets the comment slide off like water off a ducks' back. What she isn't prepared for is the way the Sister steps in on her behalf, as is evident in by her surprised look.

Finn sighs, "Forgive me" he says softly, "It was ment as a jest, I am a bad catholic at best, and a heritic on me worst day." Finn looks skyward a moment, "as the almighty hasn't yet struck me with a bolt from 'eaven, and tha savages in the wilderness aint seen fit ta burn me alive, I'm am content to let folks believe as they see fit." he looks to Charlotte, "me jest was in bad taste, but I ment no harm by it."

Mercy looks at the sherrif. "You should show up in chrch then, helps to at please make an attempt.. or if youy feel noistalgic, I can dig up a two by four and wallop you like when you were a young'un in sunday school." She says with a frown. "And just because there is no lighting, doesnt mean the lord doesnt punish you… that's why he has me to drag you by the ear."

"No harm taken, Sheriff." Charlotte nods in his direction, showing an understanding between them. "I reckon I'm a little more sensitive than I should be today. It's been a very tense week." She at least provides some reasoning for it, even if not all of it has to do with that. She is, after all, young. Too young, some might say, to be out in a place like Grimwood. "We're all sinners, Sheriff, and we all fall short of His grace. I'd be a hypocrite to be any kinda judge. The offer still stands, if you ever feel the inclination. Go easy on him, Sister. He is new to town, after all. Speaking of which, how are you findin' it, Sheriff?"

"Sister, iffin the almighty sees fit to add more punishments too me" Finn shrugs, "than maybe 'just' aint the best word to describe him." Finn clears his throat, "Thank you kindly Miss Charlotte, I'll mind me manner's in tha future, I have heard baptist preachers before, I ain't been washed since I was a wee babe though, can not see meself doin it in the future…I am sure I'll be meetin your preacher in due time." he looks about "the town is right nice, seems kinda quiet all things considered, think I like it tha way."

"I reckon that'll do just fine, Sheriff. Will help folk know you're man to go to. That they can trust. It's been rather quiet since the other day, when the raid happened. Would that we had you then." She's unable to meet either party's eyes at the mention of such a violent event, but a hand lifts and waves itself lightly side to side. "I like it, myself. I've never been this far west, and it seems like it could be a mighty fan place in the future, when everything gets sorted. I suppose you'll be meetin' Pastor Bishop in no time at all, too. Like the good Sister, he has some history with operatin' in peculiar ways. S'why I invited you, after all. He bid us welcome any and all."

Mercy blinkds and pats charlotte on the back. "Don't worry about the other day, we made it out well enough." She says. "Though, I ruin my old shotgun…" She says to those gathered, that might explain the clean look of her new shotgun.

Finn looks at the shotgun in question, "I am more a rifleman sister, ever seen a Henry Rifle?" he asks, and unslings the rifle sheath from his shoulder, drawing the weapon with what might be described as a bit of reverence. to display the thing.

Coming down along Main Street from the doctor's office is something of a strange sight. Most of Grimwood will likely have seen it once or twice, but for many it still causes heads to turn. It's a short southern belle of a woman walking beside an equaly short Chinaman, dressed as a western gentleman. The former, Kitty Morton, is becoming rather well-known as the stitching nurse around town, and the latter is likely Dr. Yin, for whom the physician's office is named. Kitty walks a polite, respectful distance beside Dr. Yin, wearing a cream and dark rose striped skirt and a cream blouse to match, with a red cameo at her throat. Her dress has puffed sleeves that gather down the arm and end smartly at the elbow. She wears her hair in a braid tossed over her shoulder today and tied at the end with a ribbon. Across her person is a sturdy leather satchel. "At any rate, if you'd be so kind, Dr. Yin," she says, speaking easily to the man at her side. Her accent is sweet southern syrup. "I made an arrangement with Mistah O'connel when he was in for his stitches, he'll have some extra strong alcohol brewed for us to use for cleaning in the office. The kind of stuff you can't drink, mind, not that you'd have a mind to I'm sure. But he said it already made one fellah blind."

Yin tilts his head at the Southern belle as she mentions a man going blind because of alcohol poisioning, his eyes shining with both curiosity and disbelief, "That says something about the dangers of excessive drinking." He mentions, adjusting the bowler hat as he turns back to the street, "But any help like this is most welcomed, we could even use the opportunity to see how he is healing."

Charlotte's nose lightly wrinkles when the Sheriff deems it necessary to draw his rifle from his back. "All these guns," She murmurs to herself, glancing from Mercy to Finn, who are now both holding their weapons in their hands. She doesn't have long to lament, though, as a familiar voice carrying on the air brings Charlotte's chin to turn. Her sights set on a certain Miss Morton and someone she has yet to meet beside her. Or, rather, someone she does not recollect meeting. Her eyes return to her current companions, regardless, and she continues on, trying not to look too much like a mother hen whose feathers have been ruffled by her children's insistance to compare toys. "Maybe with a proper lawman here, now, Sister Mercy can take some much needed rest."

Mercy blinks and looks at the gun. "Nice, but I prefer shotguns, much more versitile." She says, and then blinks at charlotte. "I did rest, I got a good twenty minute nap today." She says before spotting Kitty and the asian doctor. She hopes the doctor has been put on the right path of god, and not a heathen type beleive, there is enough of that wit hthe injuns out in the wilderness.

"Maybe so Sister, but this will drop an Elk at a hundred yards, then take two of his brother to the great beyond before they know they been shot." noting Charlotte's look he does sheath the weapon and reslings it to his back, and then there are two more, Finn tips his hat to the odd pair, "afternoon" he offers them. It might be noted Finn is wearing a shiny tin star on his chest.

"It surely does. Somethin' I never saw much of in Charleston, not to that extent anyway. We had one fellah, son of one of the port tax collectors, who was brought in a few times for being too much in his drink. But nothing like that." Kitty shakes her head in disbelief. "Anyway, I was hoping you might be willing to go into Mr. O'connel's to get it. Not quite … a place for me." Kitty turns her head then to the group, eyes falling particularly to Charlotte, and she grins. "Come, Dr. Yin. I'll introduce you to some of the good townsfolk, nearly all of whom've already utilized your fine establishment." A few steps bring her closer to the group, and hopefully Dr. Yin with her. The first one to speak to her, though, is the stranger. "Oh," Kitty says, apologetically. "Forgive me, sir …. sheriff, ought I say? I just meant to come over and say hello, I didn't realize we had a new face here. But let me first introduce to everyone … Dr. Yin." She gestures to the Chinaman who she hopes is nearby. "My … employer, the doctor at the physician's office."

Yin nods at Kitty's words, "Certainly, it should be no problem, besides I might ask if he has any different types of wine around here, I haven't seen my favourite since I've came off the boat, but the man seems to have a good collection." He says, turning and smiling to the new faces as he tips his hat in a polite fashion, "Glad to meet all of you," The asian says in a soft, slow voice, "I hope the time you had to use my establishment was pleasant enough."

Seemingly not content with showing off to one another, the debate starts on which is better than which, leading Charlotte to an exasperated expression and a placement of both of her hands in front of her, fingers laced together. She's caught between a rock and a hard place, having no common ground in the conversation but unable to dismiss herself from it, either. That all changes, however, when Finn addresses Miss Morton, allowing Charlotte to turn towards the Belle and her erstwhile companion. "Miss Morton," Charlotte nods and dips lightly at the knee, in a gesture that the woman will no doubt recognize as one that Charlotte had picked up from her. "Mister Yin." She doesn't so much butcher his name as it gets tumbled around on her southern tongue. "Allow me to introduce Sheriff Finn Burke," Charlotte makes a small gesture in his direction. To Yin, she continues. "I was there just recently, Mister Yin, and it was as pleasant as could be."

Finn raises a brow as Yin is introduced as the town Doctor, but the new Sheriff is quick to banish the look, "Well Almighty willin I'll have no need o yer services any time soon Doctor." he inclines his head to Kitty, "Miss Morton?" he asks, his accent marks him as irish, his demeanor seems very working class.

Kitty looks impressed at Charlotte's delicate little bob, and returns the gesture in kind. "Ms. Wright," she says by way of greeting, but it's clear from her tone the woman is closer to friend than aquaitence. "The town's new schoolteacher," she says, looking over her shoulder toward Dr. Yin, by way of explination. "And this is Sister Mercy, the Catholic sister managing the church until the … well I assume it's archdiosese, isn't it? Until they send a new priest." Then, at last, does she turn to Finn when he speaks her name, and she blushes a touch at her manners. "Oh yessir, forgive me. Was so excited to get Dr. Yin to meetin' everyone. Miss Kitty Morton, yes Sheriff. I'm Dr. Yin's nurse. I must say, having another lawman here is quite a relief, I think, to all of us. I'm sure I've seen more bloodshed in my month as a Grimwood resident than I ever have in my life." And she sounds rather bewildered about that.

Yin seems pleased enough with the way his name is pronounced by Charlotte as he's probably used to that accent by now, "I feel delighted to know so, it's a challenge to set up certain business so far away from urban centres as some might have noticed already, but we've been able to keep our little establishment well stock and ready for the populace." He comments, turning with a nod to meet the lawman as he has to deal with just another new accent, "Well, let's hope the Lord keeps it that way, sir, but if you or any of the lads need some kind of treatment, don't be shy to send them in."

The smile she offers to Kitty in return only cements that pleasantries as merely that: one courtesy afforded to another in the gathered group. As the youngest of them all, Charlotte is content to lapse into silence, with introductions and niceties flying every which way in the pursuit of everyone becoming acquainted with one another. She's quick to throw in with Kitty, however. "Oh, very much relieved. Most menfolk 'round here, well.." Most are prospectors or drunkards or self-made vigilantes. She doesn't say that, however. "They have different callings. The Lord has truly blessed us with the presence of a man of the peace." Anyone who knows Charlotte would know that is especially a source of relief for her, given a helplessness that's borne out of youth and inexperience.

Finn shifts the rifle on his shoulder settling it into a more comfotable position, "I need to see about some furniture, got a grand fine office at the end o the street, bars on tha windows, fine heavy bolt on the door, but no bed fer a man to take his ease on…be sleepin in my bedroll for the time being…at least I won't have ta worry aboot wakin up with oot me hair." he laughs, "Marshal Dallas told me I could decorate as I see fit, saddly ne'er had much of an eye for tha."

"I don't know quite how much the town can offer as far as decor, Sheriff," Kitty says with an easy chuckle. "But furniture, there's a woodworker down the street who can provide. He has quite a bit ready made, as well as taking commissions. It's thanks to him Dr. Yin's office is so well done up as it is, though we did have to order the desk as I recall," Kitty says, looking once at Yin as if to confirm this is the case. "But I do hope you all will be so kind as to excuse me. I meant to run to the boarding house, to fetch a book of anatomy to keep at the office, and I'd best be quick about it. We have some bandages boiling, just now."

Yin turns back to Kitty as he seems to remember something, "Oh, by all means, I think I might left some equipment by the counter, would you please scald them for me?" He asks, voice still set at that usual polite tone, before turning back to the sheriff, "Is it an all brick building? So far, I think this town hasn't seen much strong winds, but I fear for the other forces of nature."

"Do you need help with anything at the office, Miss Morton? I've got some time now that I took care of everything I needed at the church." Charlotte is as quick with the question as she was to express her agreement, glancing to Kitty out of all those gathered. On the topic of pretty much anything other than schoolwork or chores, be it guns or such things as medicine, she's worthless. Her posture might be relaxed, but Kitty might recognize that subtle hint laced into the question.

Finn sets the cigar he had taken from his pocket earlier to his lips, a polite nod to all. "It was my pleasure ta meet you all, you good folks have a pleasent day…I need ta have a walk aboot to get a look at this fin town. If you will excuse me?"

"Of course, Dr. Yin," Kitty says quickly, easily, and automatically. He's the doctor, she's the nurse! She then turns to Finn and lowers herself into that same little bob of respect and salutations. "As I said, Sheriff, we're quite pleased to have you. I daresay we'll all be seeing you around the town in the coming days and weeks. And I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask any one of us." With that, Kitty turns to Charlotte, taking a few steps toward her. "Now I think I'll take you up on your very kind offer, Ms. Wright. I could use the extra hands at the office." She moves to link arms with the other woman, to start to walk off down the street.

Yin waves to the departing women, looking down the street towards the saloon, "I might as well get the donation from Mr. O'Connel already." He suggests, thin lips forming a smile once again as he turns to the sheriff, "It was a pleasure meeting you, sir, hope you have a fine and peaceful day." The Chinaman adds, before moving away.

There's a light, almost airy laugh from her in the face of how polite and proper Kitty sounds about the ordeal. "Certainly, Miss Morton." Half-expecting it, Charlotte's arm adjusts itself just enough that it can be taken with ease. When Kitty starts off, Charlotte is following, and quickly saying her goodbyes, as if she'd forgotten in the first place. "It's been a pleasure, Sheriff Burke! Mister Yin! Good day, Sister!" Then she's turned forward, looking a mighty odd sight in her plain, cotton dress when compared to the more finely adorned Kitty. The conversation seems to flow with ease, though, as they set off. "I'll admit, I'm mighty interested in seein' what it is you do. School lets out so early and the only other tasks I have are sweepin' up there. I'd be happy to swing by the office to help any time you need it, like I help the Sister at the church.." Her voice continues on but the words become indistinguishable as they get out of range.

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