1861/07/14 Wake Up Call
Scene Wake Up Call
Characters Charlotte Kitty
Place Doctor's Office
Date July 14, Morning
Scene Theme x

The ruckuss has died down. Adolph, who slept for several hours in one of the cots, has now been seen to and is on his way. But one patient, Charlotte, remains. Kitty stayed with the patient for awhile, however once Dr. Yin returned she retired to the Boarding House. The good Doctor, after all, is only just upstairs if he's needed. In the early morning Kitty arrives again, wearing a blue skirt and an off-white pinstripe blouse, a straw hat pinned to her hair. She removes the pin and the hat, hanging them both up by the door. Then she moves to Charlotte in her cot, perching her rear on the little bit of exposed bed beside her to lean over and check on the woman. "Ms. Wright," Kitty says, by way of trying to gently rouse her.

Unlike the first time, when not even the smelling salts were able to rouse her, the presence of a hand shaking her arm makes her eyes flutter open. From there it's a rather sudden change of states of consciousness. Charlotte goes from asleep to awake, bolting upright with a loud enough inhale that it sounds painful. The bewildered look on her face and the way her hair flicks around wildly with the quick turns of her chin show that it may have been the rest of the night and the next morning for everyone else, but it's been mere seconds for her. Seconds since she saw the horrors laid out before her. The fact that she's in a bed and still obviously in town, if the woman sitting on the edge has anything to say about it, clues her into the fact that nothing truly adverse has happened to her. But just thinking about herself makes her awash with shame and a hand bolts out, gripping to the nurse's arm with no small amount of tension. "The Sister? Is she alright? The last thin' I saw was…," her words falter and there's some obvious reddening in her eyes. "Oh, it was awful."

Kitty leans back at the sudden jarring of Charlotte, so as not to get headbutted. But once the woman is sure of the other's concious state, Kitty takes Charlotte's hand and gives it a pat. "There now," she says soothingly. "Everything is quite alright. The Sister is quite alright. I promise you. Don't think too much on it now, just take some deep breaths, relax, and become comfortable in your surroundings." Her calming smile allows her dimples to show.

Charlotte manages a weak smile in return, but it's not long after that she succumbs to tears. The hand not being held and patted flies up to her mouth to silence any noise that might come of it, but nothing can hide the shake of her shoulders or the saltine droplets that streak down her cheeks. This is the exact opposite of what the nurse told her to do. Her breaths are anything but deep and she's doing anything but relaxing. Comfort isn't even registering with her at the moment. Before it gets too out of hand, she pulls her hand away and sucks in at least one, before using the back of her hand to wipe at her cheeks and eyes. "Thank the Lord," she mutters through a strained voice. "I was so worried for her and for everyone else. Everyone else is okay, aren't they?"

"They are," Kitty says, allowing Charlotte to take back her hand and cry if she needs. There's no judgement here, and indeed this sort of thing might have been expected. The nurse rises, going to the bar at the far end of the wall and collecting a clean rag from a basket. It's offered over to Charlotte and then Kitty sits down again on the little corner of cot available. "Mister Schneider recieved a small wound, but I was already able to fix him up and send him home. I had to replace some of the Sister's stitching, but other than that … there is no further cause for alarm. It was a frightening moment, but it is passed now, and in the light of day you can see and I can promise you that all is well."

The look she shoots the nurse is full of gratitude wen the clean rag is offered to her. Charlotte sets about wiping her eyes dry, sniffling as she struggles to get things under control. She has far more things to be thankful about than not, and there's no sense in dwelling on memories she'd rather not have. Her chin snaps up quickly, though, at the mention of Mister Schenider. "Adolph? Oh, mercy." It's clear she doesn't mean the nun. "Thank goodness." The tears, however, aren't over. Just as she seems to get ahold of herself, her lower lip starts its quivering again. "It's all my fault, ma'am. The Sister asked me to fetch her another shotgun and I just couldn't. I was so scared." The emphasis on the last word is the point her strained voice breaks, and both her hands lift to hide her face with the handkerchief.

"There's no fault in things like this save for the ones who commited the act," Kitty says, perhaps a bit forcefully for the saddened woman. The nurse blushes, and sighs. "Forgive me, I do not mean to sound harsh. My Daddy, he was … quite adament about things like that. It was his opinion that women like to take the blame for things that they did not do. He didn't say why, but that's no matter. The only person who is ever at fault for anything in this world is the person who commited the act. In this case, those Injuns risked their own lives to come in, and Sister Mercy risked her own in response. You ain't responsible for their actions or their decisions."

Charlotte's head lifts in response to the surprisingly reproachful tone the nurse uses to explain it all. But it gets through to her. Shocks her like a slap of cold water hitting her in the middle of a hot day. The woman, looking more like the inexperienced girl she is, nods once and sniffles loudly again. There's more sweeps of the cloth brushing over her eyes and her cheeks. The tears are easily removed, but her lids stay puffy and her eyes look a little bloodshot. "Sorry, ma'am." The muted tone of her response hints that she's been properly chastised for her sentiments. Not one to keep bubbling on, she clears her throat and allows her hands to settle in her lap. Now she's doing as she was asked. Now she's taking deep, slow breaths. "I'm sorry, ma'am, I don't think I know your name. The Sister told me the first day I got her, but I'm afraid I've forgotten."

"That's quite alright, there's a lot to remember here," Kitty says, sitting back a little and letting out a little breath. Some tactic worked, it seems, and that's enough to satisfy her for now. "Kitty Morton, ma'am, at your service." Kitty nods her head in Charlotte's direction. "You may have met Dr. Yin, who was here earlier, but I do think he's still asleep upstairs, just now. I came over early to see if you were doing alright. I imagine waking up to see a strange man might also be a bit … discomforting, though he is quite a fine man and a fine doctor besides."

"Charlotte Wright," she introduces herself on her own, even though Kitty had already addressed her by her name when she'd woken up. "No, ma'am, I have not. I do remember the Sister mentionin' him, though." She sniffles again, lightly. It's an affliction that'll likely last just a few more minutes as she truly calms down. "You're the first person I've seen since." Charlotte adjusts in the bed, sitting up a little straighter and then lifting her hand to smooth her hair away from her face and pat it down. It's not quite preening or caring about her beauty. "I hope I don't look too frightful a state."

"You slept the night through. I imagine at some point you likely woke up, and decided it was better to go back to sleeping. Sometimes, when people get in a fright, it's best to get a good night's rest to relax." Kitty smiles then, moving to rise and straighten her own skirt out. "What has brought you to this little town, Ms. Wright?"

"I don't recall if I did, ma'am," Charlotte mentions. She's settled enough that she's breathing normally and seems no worse for the wear. The weight alleviates from the end of the bed and her gaze shifts to Kitty, who is smoothing out her skirt. "I'm the new teacher for the children, ma'am. Oh!" As if reminding herself of who she is, Charlotte throws back the covers and starts to stand. Raising up so quickly makes her sway slightly, necessitating her hand stretching out to brace against the bed. "Oh, I'm goin' to be late. I bet the children are already there, and if the Sister isn't there to greet them, they'll be alone after havin' walked from home."

"Well, I wouldn't recommend teaching today, Ms. Wright," Kitty says. "Unless you're sure that you won't fall into thinking about the events of yesterday again. I imagine many of the children will be talking about it, or asking about it." She shakes her head. "It wouldn't do to fall into a fit again in front of them, particularly on your first day. I'm sure the Sister has it well in hand," the southern belle assures the other woman with that same dimpled smile. "Go home and get some rest, please."

"Oh, yesterday was my first day, ma'am. I appreciate you thinkin' about it, but I really couldn't go sit alone somewhere. I can keep the children's minds on other things, and the last thing they need to be doing is sittin' there thinkin' about it themselves. I'll be alright, ma'am." A peculiar look crosses her face. "The Sister isn't here, ma'am?" She glances around as if to be sure of that very thing, as if looking around before hadn't been a good enough indication.

Kitty pauses, but doesn't bother to look around. She knows who is in her … er… Dr. Yin's shop. "No ma'am. No one here but you and I and Dr. Yin likely up in his rooms." She frowns a touch. "Why do you ask?"

"..I just figured that the Sister and Mister Schneider might still be here because of their wounds, ma'am.." She says it with the kind of tinged disbelief that shows as equally on her face as it does in her voice. "Thank you for helpin' me out, ma'am. I know it's your job and all.." It sounds like Charlotte might be suggesting that's the only reason it's taking place. "But I'm grateful all the same. I'll be on my way, now, to the church."

"Oh, no. As I said before, they were both treated and sent on their way yesterday. Not even serious enough to be held here." Kitty smiles once more at the woman. "Be careful, now. And if you have any diziness or feel faint, please do return to me and we'll see what can't be done."

Charlotte nods, eyes closing and a slight shake of her head following that. She'd forgotten completely that the nurse had already told her they both left. It's a marvel to her that it's the case. And here she was, not rousing until the next day. Heat flushes through her cheeks, and she lightly clears her throat after opening her eyes. "I'll do so, ma'am. Thank you." Smoothing out her own skirt and her hair again, Charlotte adjusts the cuffs of her blouse and heads for the door, peering outside into the morning that's growing bright before opening it and taking a light breath of fresh air. Then she's gone, stepping out into the street.

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