1861/07/09 A Stitch in Faith
Scene A Stitch in Faith
Characters Mercy Kitty
Place Doc's Office
Date 1861/07/09 afternoon
Scene Theme Lone Wanderer

It's no surpise that the Navajo have gotten bolder as the weeks have gone by. They killed the former Padre, and as is her job, the Dhotgun toting, extremely tall Nun, Mercy Graves, got revenge on behalf of the church. That of course, didnt stop a very angry Brave from trying to get her from behind with a tomahawk, burying the weapon into the back of her right shoulder. Without flinching, she easly pulls the weapon from her shoulder, and buries it into the heathen's skull before taking a peice of cloth and tieing off her wound, she wont be able to sew it herself, so she heads to that new physician… hopefully there isn't any blasphemy there. Opening the door, with the cloth around her shoulder starting to show blood, she blinks. "I need to be sewn up." She says in a very calm voice, as if she is asking for a glass of water.

There is one patient in the physician's office just now, a man snoring and grumbling away in one of the cots. The Chinese Doctor isn't here just now, it seems. Indeed at first glance, save for the man who — by the smell it can be assumed — is sleeping off his drink, there's no one here. But then from behind the curtain come a few easy steps and there is Nurse Morton. She wears a striped blue and pink skirt and a crisp white blouse, both of which are covered by a pinned apron. Her own hair is styled simply but sturdily (and even a touch stylishly) atop her head, and she wars no jewelery but a gold cross at her throat. She pauses there, with the curtain drawn back, staring at the bloody giant of a woman. Her brows lift in surprise. "I think that's a very good idea, madame," Kitty manages to respond, her chic southern drawl giving her away as an east-coaster. Then? She moves into action, gesturing for Mercy. "If you can manages a few more steps, back here and atop this table, please." Kitty's motions are uncontious. Her body knows better than her mind what to do next. Gloves. Alcohol. Bandages. Curved needle. Thick thread.

Mercy Blinks and corrects the younger woman. "Sister, not madame." She says, as if the Nun's habit wasnt enough. She does move, with a stoic poise that easly gives truth to the stories told about her, save for the fact she isn;t breaking fire… at this point. Taking a seat she removes the cloth, as well as the top of her dress, showing not only the deep gash at the back of her shoulder, but years of what looks to be a rough life, countless scars dot and mark her body against the suntanned skin. She removes her belt that holds her shotgun, and sets it in her lap, one hand going over the instrument of the lord's anger as if it was a child.

"Sister," Kitty corrects herself, moving swiftly to draw the curtain behind Mercy and make sure that all privacy is maintained. "I'm afraid Doctor Yin isn't in right now, but let's have a look and see what might be done." Kitty moves around behind Mercy as she begins to bare her shoulder, and Kitty's now-gloved hands help slightly just to make sure there's no fabric or loose hair in the way. She dabs at the wound with a cloth to draw the blood away and to allow her to see what's happening there. "Blade?" Kitty asks, sounding surprised. "It's deep," she admits to the woman, manipulating the cut flesh a little to examine it further. "Clean, though." Kitty leans closer, peering into the gash. She doesn't seem to mind the blood one little bit.

Mercy smirks. "Yes, Tomahawk, it's an indian weapon, looks like a hatchet." She says, not flinching as she sit's there. "I wonder, will I see the good doctor in church this sunday?" She inquires, all cut and bleeding, but still enough piety to ask about propper things.

Kitty moves back to the long bar beneath the mirror, picking up a small bottle and a clean cloth. "This will burn quite strongly, I'm afraid, sister. Do steady yourself." And with a few splashes, Kitty begins to clean the wound. Not just with liquid, either. She swipes in there, making sure there's no dirt or blade of grass that managed to weasel it's way in. "And yes, I daresay so long as there are no emergencies, we may close up the shop for services. Though is it you who conducts them, Sister, or our new Pastor? There is only one church, so I … well I'm interested to see if there shall be more than one service."

Mercy frowns. "I do the Catholic service until such a time as we get a -propper- man of the cloth. This new pastor… rumors already have me on edge… it would do the town well to have a propperly trained shepperd for the lambs, rather then a misguided one." She says, of course, the sting of the liquid doesnt show in her voice, probably stronger then the men folk she is, though the venom in her voice as the 'usurper' pastor probably causes her more worry for her congregation then a little pain ever will.

"Well," Kitty says, pausing long enough to focus on getting a particularly deep clean out of the wound, "I should think that will be an interesting conversation between you and Pastor Bishop, when Sunday comes." The nurse steps back then, tossing the rag into a little basket on the table and fetching a new one, as well as the curved needle and thread. "For my own part, and Doctor Yin's as well as far as I know, I am not baptised in the Catholic faith. So I surely do not wish to give offense by my presence at your service." She stands in front of Mercy now with the tools of her trade. "I must ask you to stay very still. Now I offer no offense, but purely from a medical standpoint … would you like a swallow of brandy before we begin? For some it helps to dull the pain of what comes next."

Mercy snakes her head at the offer of brandy. "I'll manage, thanyou Nurse." She says with a soft voice. "Of course, just because you arent baptised, doesn't mean you can't be, and far be it from me to deny anyone god's true word, or the love of The lord Jesus, it's never to late to accent this particular path." She says with a soft smile, and manages to talk through the supossed pain, though she remains relaxed and calm.

"Kitty," the auburned-haired woman says bay way of introduction. "Kitty Morton, Sister. And while it is under somewhat unhappy circumstances, as wounds usually are, it's a pleasure." Such southern syrup, that accent. Kitty moves behind Mercy and stands on a little stool to position herself … not over the taller woman, but perhaps equal to her shoulder, so she can at least begin her business. "While I hope you will forgive me for this, Sister, but I do not think I have any desire to be baptised a papist. It was not my father's way, nor is it mine. But I do wish to be able to attend Sunday services. Just because I'm not a papist doesn't mean I'm not a Godly woman."

Mercy smiles. "That, Ms. Morton, is why we are in America. So long as you follow the lord's good word, I'll be happy to have you." She says with a smile, in a place like this, out on the frontier, any beleif in jesus is better then none, becase at least one has salvation when the time comes. "it is nice to see a propper lady within the town though, the 'barkeep's' Harlots would hardly make a full set of manners out of the lot of them."

In goes the needle, peircing flesh. Then out. Then in the other side, then out. Then a tightening of the stays that will be making up Mercy's shoulder, cinching it all together. Slow and methodical work this, but Kitty knows her business, that much is clear. "Then I should be happy to attend, on Sunday, as I am sure Dr. Yin shall as well." At the mention of the whores, Kitty almost laughs but manages to choke it back. "I'm afraid I've not had the pleasure of meeting Mr. O'Connell's staff, though I have met him once and one of his patrons. I don't think I'd be seen as particularly welcome in his saloon, so I don't intrude."

Mercy chuckles. "Well, If you like, I could have you for tea, since I'm afraid until my shoulder heals up I wont be doing much outside work." Of course, by outside work, she means bounty hunting, which currently is what is keeping the church on it's legs. "You have a steady hand, I'm impressed Miss Morton. usualy out here you find very work, but your's is a welcome hand."

"I should very much enjoy that, Sister," Kitty says, and from the tone of her voice that sounds entirely genuine. "Save for Dr. Yin, who is a proper civilized gentleman I might add, I've not had much in the way of conversation or companionship." Another few pricks while Mercy compliments her, and she might see a slight blush in the nurse's cheeks in the mirror. "You're very kind to say so, Sister. Thank you. I was a nurse for my father since I was old enough to write, so you might say it's in my blood. Far more impressive, however, is your tolerance for pain. This sort of business is usually enough to make someone swoon or vomit, at least. If you might excuse the vulgar term."

Mercy chuckles. "I've always had an easier time with pain, ever since I was a little girl." She says with a smile. "of course, being a curious child in a catholic boarding school, I was no stranger to the paddle, so maybe that helped build a tolerance." She says, she did always like to beat up the boys, because she was just as strong ,and big, as they were.

"Well," Kitty says as she finishes the last anchor stitch, taking some small scissors and snipping above the knot, "if the nuns at your school utilized a paddle to cause equivelant pain to a hatchett on a child, I think I should like to have a word with them." Paddling is one thing. A hatchett is something entirely different. "Let me bandage it up, this will be just a moment. How did this happen, anyway?"

Mercy blinks. "Indian was mad when I brought retribution of god's wrath to his hunting party… Our Padre went missing a few months ago, and that hunting party was the reason." She says, though, she doesnt want to explain where the hatchet currently is at, nor what the poor udertaker is going to say she she says to drop the corpse off on indian land, as a lession. "It's rough out here, expecially when you decide to poke the hornets nest with a stick, as if seams."

And now, rather than blush, Kitty blanches a touch. Surely it can't be the wound, that's all seen to. And now bandaged. She steps back to allow Mercy to cover up, taking off her gloves and putting them in the basket with the dirty cloth. There's a bit of blood on her apron, but otherwise she's still as neat as can be. "And in this case, may I ask if you are the nest, or the stick?"

Mercy stands up and adjusts her dress after slipping it back on, making sure that the cut in said dress only shows the bangageing, and no skin. She then attaches her belt back to her wais,t wit hthe double barrel shotgun within reach. After righting herself she turns to face the much shorter nurse and smiles. "Yes." Being the only answer she gives before heading to the door. "Should there be a bill for services, have it dropped by the church and I will have it delt with in all haste, I hope the rest of you day is a blassed one, also, tell Mr. Murdock when he wakes up that I expect to see him at confession." She says as she points to the drunk, before walking out into the blistering colorado sun.

"Of course, sister. Do take care, however. Firing a weapon like the one you carry would likely tear your stitches, as will reaching above your head or too far below you. NNothing too heavy either." Kitty unpins her apron and sets it aside, opening the curtain so they both may pass through. "Come by every two or three days so that myself or Dr. Yin can give you a fresh bandage, if you please."

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