Grimwood MUSH

The machine that was used to host Grimwood is officially DOA. I don't have enough spares to build another. Yet. The database is safe, I tested it locally - Though I cannot offer copies of the full DB (Because the +mail system and user emails are stored there) if anyone wants to retrieve their own work (Room/char descs, backgrounds etc) you can contact me on the Discord server below. It was a blast. You were great, I was present - Monster x

I can still be found, and you can maybe find each other:


Welcome to Grimwood, pardner.

Colorado, 1862.

Civil unrest is boiling into civil war. Union and Confederate armies posture and threaten, both Native Americans and Mexican landowners feel the pressure in an increasingly unfriendly area.

The young town of Grimwood endures, founded in a gold rush this burgeoning town now supplies itself from nearby ranches and farms, trade and travelers provided by the railroad at Grimwood Terminus.

But there's always trouble on the frontier, armies are about to clash, there are bandits in the hills, it's almost noon and someone called you yeller.

Keep your hand near your iron, cowboy.


Grimwood is a MUSH (Multi-user shared hallucination) set in early 1860's Colorado. The game is based in and around the young town of Grimwood (founded in 1860) with it's multitude of businesses, houses and nearby farms and ranches.

Don't get lost, there's a Map!

We use the PennMUSH codebase, currently version 1.8.6p1. Installed is Faraday's FS3 system.


You can get to the game by either raw telnet (not recommended) or one of the many and varied MU* clients available. We suggest MUSHclient for Windows, but most installed or java clients should work just fine.

You can find the game at:
Address: (
Port: 4201

Important pages

Rules - Our game rules, be sure to read these!

Characters - A list of Characters on the game.

Logs - Our List of Logs!


Getting Started - The basics of setting up your character.

Map - Find your way around town.

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